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Examples of busy day in a sentence, how to use it. 25 examples: He has had a very busy day. - I have a rather busy day today Sweetie, a beautiful day to you, I just want to tell you how much I love you, I know that you are very busy so please take good care of yourself and have some snacks. I love you and God Bless. Love, your supportive girlfriend (your name or nickname). Hello love (his nickname), don't forget to have a snack and don't skip lunch or dinner They feel like sharing the happenings of their day, so you should definitely give it a hear. Listen to them, make them feel wanted, say some comforting words if they're sad, tell them not to worry and relax. If they're angry about something then let them vent their anger. Don't unnecessarily steer the conversation elsewhere I had quite a busy day today. J'ai eu une journée plutôt chargée aujourd'hui. 今日はずいぶん忙しかった。. Hoy tuve un día bastante ocupado. Bugün oldukça meşgul bir gün geçirdim

A day is hectic because we make it look like that. If you are having a busy day just sit for a minute, take a pen and paper and jot down the pending work. Work on the basis of priority and mark those finished work. Remember that the day will come. If you're ever stuck on what to text when your boyfriend is having a bad day, just tweak one of these ideas and remind your partner that you're there for them. Just like your loved one, you. After you listen to the details of their terrible day, a hug, and a reminder that tomorrow's a new day might be all they need. Unless they ask for advice, refrain from giving it. 3. That stinks!. Validation goes a very long way when someone had a bad day at work. Let them get it all out and then offer some empathy 1. I'm having a productive day. If you're worried your co-workers or boss will assume you need more to do if you don't talk about your heavy workload, go for this response. You're still implying you have a lot going on, but you're demonstrating that you're handling it

7 Things To Say Instead of 'Hi, I Hope You're Well' Somehow, too many emails start with an odd health wish. This isn't healthy Maybe a way to stop being busy is to realize we already have enough — enough furniture, enough clothes, enough activities. 3. Rich. See #1 and #2. 4. Engaged. When you're busy with work, be engaged with your work. When you're busy with your kids, engage with your kids. What often makes us feel busy is simply the sense that we should be.

This is why you don't want to just say I've been busy, but specify and explain what you've been busy doing (and even better, why). From there, they can ask clarifying questions for more details, ask for your advice on strategies and approaches, share stories and compare your experience with theirs, and more Stop the busy work and give yourself nourishing time to simply be. There is more to life than increasing its speed. - Mohandas K. Gandhi. How present were you for the last fifteen minutes of your life? Are you here, or are you worrying about the past or racing to finish yet another task? [hr] If you win the rat race, you're still a. That way she knows you love her, you're thinking of her, and you respect her busy time at work. If you think you'll send too many all at once, just rewind a bit, and set up a reminder on your phone, at a different time every day. That way you can make sure she's not disturbed, and that you're not sending too many messages Finish With: How You Manage a Healthy Work-Life Balance. You might think it's impressive to brag about your multitasking skills or ability to knock out 20 items on your to-do list. However, there are only so many hours in a day and you probably won't complete every single thing you set out to do

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  1. Instead of resorting to the same old How was your day? try asking questions that inspire more meaningful and enjoyable end-of-day conversations with your loved ones. Here are some ideas to help you celebrate and support the people you share your home and life with
  2. The time you land with a busy person is valuable, so use it to ask the highest leverage questions you possibly can. 4. Make Your Pitch Something to Which They Can Say Yes or No. If the question you have for a busy person regards whether or not they want to work with you on something, make your pitch as clear as possible
  3. You're the perfect person to go to when I need help. 33. Every time I go to text you, I smile. 34. Having a bad day but I know all I need to make it better is a hug from you. 35. I hope you know how much I adore you. 36. Just thinking about your smile :) 37. I had a great time with you yesterday and I love you. 38. <3. 39. I think all my.
  4. See messages like these cause him to know that he needs to reply, but is too busy to do it so in response you may not get anything or you may get a short message which will cause you to be upset at his response. Messages such as these are acceptable: 1. Just saying that I love you and hope you have a good day

Network busy number busy No signal massage not sent‚ Thats what well see on 1st day of Eid So Happy Eid Day‚ before the rush start. U May Be Busy, U May Be Engaged; U May Be Busy, U May Be Engaged With Lots Of Works. Bt U Hav 1440 Mins Per Day. Atleast For 1 min Think That A Sweet Friend Of Ur 's Is Waiting 4Ur SMS. Missing Some examples from the web: Dec 17, 2012 That must have been a busy day for you with meetings, also! I love these photos and the video all about the Today Show and you were It must have been a busy day for you . Yeah, I need a coffee, he grunted, waddling over to the coffee machine

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1. Intentionally Full Can being busy mean that your life is rich and varied and you chose to have it that way? A lot of the things we complain about being busy with are things we intentionally and joyfully chose to bring into our lives -- the houses we clean, the clothes we launder, the children we cheer on at soccer games. Sometimes we need to reevaluate how we spend our time, and sometimes. 3. She Is Truly Busy . A girl may say that she is busy because she truly is busy. Just because you went out on a date doesn't mean she has to explain everything she does in her life to you. She may be busy because of family matters, or she got promoted at work and the new position is leaving her overwhelmed with the responsibilities Little man you've had a busy day . . . Johnny won your marbles, tell you what we'll do, Dad will get you new ones right away, Better go to sleep now, Little man you've had a busy day . . . You've been playin' soldier, the battle has been won, The enemy is out of sight, Come along there soldier, put away your gun, The war is over for tonight . . Little Man, You've Had a Busy Day or Little Man (You've Had a Busy Day) is a modern classical vocal music song, with music by Mabel Wayne, and words by Al Hoffman and Maurice Sigler. It has been recorded by multiple artists form various musical genres. The tune is written about a lullaby both in theme and mood

If you don't want lame answers, you can't ask lame questions. Here are some tried and true different questions to ask your spouse at the end of the day besides, How was your day? This is the last post from our rituals and routines month Learning how to text a guy to keep him interested means you'll need to pay attention to patterns and tempos. Be observant and you'll soon see that he texts you at the same time (ish) every day. Surprise him by beating him to it some days. 7. Have a Purpose with Each Text Convo

I know you're having a rough day, but tomorrow will be better. Whenever I have a bad day I just remember who my girlfriend is and it gives me hope. I love you and I'll be here for you no matter what. Today might be rough, but every day has something new to offer. Keep your chin up darling What to say when someone says they're too busy to see you There are times in life when everyone experiences hectic periods when they are too busy to have much of a social life. Sometimes work, family or school has to be the top priority, but if someone is constantly too busy to see you, they may be making excuses not to spend time with you I am really hoping you have a magnificent day at work today! See ya. 27. Hi my dear. I trust that you are having a great day at work right? I just thought I should let you know that despite how busy my day has been, I still do think of you. And I hope you are thinking of me as well. Have a great day love. See you soon. 28. Hello my dear It makes you sound more on top of things than just a vague, panicked, I'm so busy!. 4. I've got a lot to do, but I'm excited for the results.. This reply makes it difficult for whoever just asked you how you were doing not to get caught up in your energetic attitude I simply say something like, I know how busy you are. I hope you don't mind but wanted to resend & put at the top of your inbox and then I repeat my call to action

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  1. 'It' refers to the (four-day) period that has been mentioned previously in such conversations (an example of which you should have included). 'Busy' is a transferred epithet, like 'proud' in 'It was a proud day for John's parents' and 'quiet' in 'She had a quiet pint at the local'. - Edwin Ashworth Sep 19 '16 at 13:4
  2. 02. Read this and thought of you! Hope you're having a good day! Sending your partner a link to something that made you think of them is a sweet way to say, I think about you a lot when you're.
  3. 19 Busy Idioms And Phrases (Meaning & Examples) 1. To Be As Busy As A Beaver (Building A Dam) Meaning: to be very busy, hardworking; Use In A Sentence: Jamie was as busy as a beaver preparing for her wedding. 2. To have a lot on one's plate. Meaning: to have many things to do, generally within the same period of time
  4. ded of you and your love. You are my world
  5. 130 Flirty Texts to Send a Guy You Like. 1. Hey, stranger. Stop being a stranger. 2. Morning, you! Hope you're having a good day! 3. What would you say if I asked you to come over right now
  6. Once you've figured out what the interviewer is looking for, match your qualifications to the job and emphasize those skills that are most valuable to the employer. For example, if you're applying for a job as graphic designer on a busy design team, come to the interview with anecdotes about how you handle multiple deadlines, tasks, and.
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If you are fairly friendly you can be less formal. Assuming you include the e-mail you are referring to in some way, you might say: Have you had a chance to look at this yet? This informally conveys the sense that you know how busy they are. For a more formal version you would probably want to write it as a full e-mail You'll know when he's in a busy season, or when his schedule's a little freer. And you can use this information to better calibrate your relationship. 2. Show your man respect. Your man wants to know that you, his woman, thinks he can handle it-no matter what it is. Obviously, this applies to his work 8. You had a quarrel with your colleague or classmates. 9. You had a deadline and you had to work very hard for the whole day. That was mentally as well as physically stressful. 10. You had to finish a task and hand over it to the teacher/ client but you and your team members could not quite finish it. 11

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Time management and prioritising is a topic that you are often asked about at an interview for a graduate job: giving the best possible answer to the interview question can flummox some candidates. Read our example answer and learn what the interviewers really want to hear. Our tips will give you the best opportunity to improve your interview skills and techniques Better go to sleep now, little man, you've had a busy day. Johnny won your marbles, tell you what we'll do. Dad'll get you new ones, right away. Better go to sleep now, little man, you've had a busy day. You've been playing soldier, the battle has been won. The enemy is out of sight. Come along there soldier, put away your gun So what about this: Come up (instead of saying that you have been so busy) with a plan. (Think of the mammoth theory) - We LOVE men with plans. You could suggest to do some cool cultural or sportive or whatever thing, maybe you say you have tickets for something and would love to go with her. I think you make yourself more interesting like this

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When your partner starts complaining, don't say, 'Oh, you think your day was bad, listen to what I had to deal with!' It doesn't help anything. Stress endurance is not a competition If you had a breakup and he said he needs time to get over you. You stay busy and have your own life. It's a good way to make him miss you and want you back. 14. Try new things with him. It's time to tick off a few things from your bucket list. Ask him whether he has tried those things. If not, you've got him exactly where you want him to be Devote your time and attention to your boyfriend the minute he gets back home from a long work day. Greet him at the door with a kiss and give him a glass of wine to help him unwind. Pour hot water in your tub so you can take a bath together. Sprinkle rose petals in the tub and let them float, or pour relaxing bubble bath and create a rich lather If you have someone in your life who you think would make a good friend, but aren't sure, skip to Step #2. If you have someone in your life who you would like to get closer to, but aren't sure how, skip to Step #3. If you want to make it official with a friend you have, skip to Step #4 The longer you wait to set up a date the more likely she is to flake. After approaching a girl, each day that passes she'll lose more of the feeling she had when you talked to her. If you wait too long, she'll become busy simply because she doesn't feel enough interest to meet anymore. How do you text a woman? Keep it simpl

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During a job interview, it's likely you will be asked how well you work under pressure. Giving a good response may increase your chances of being hired. This is your opportunity to show you are likely to perform well even under difficult circumstances. In this article, we explain why employers ask this question and how you can best answer it Sometimes you can get a clear head by just writing down everything you need to do, putting it in a list of importance. 1 being the most important and 10 being the least. This is quite simplistic advice, obviously and you're probably thinking (Duh Natalie I obviously know how to do that). Ok cool, well I get it Busy Morning seeing my Absolutely Fabulous Clients (Little reveal tomorrow ) & completely forgot to say hi! ‍♀️ So, hi! If you keep an eye on my page, you may know that when I'm feeling a little down or had a busy day infront of the laptop or cooped up inside, I try to get out to my garden and it ALWAYS makes me feel better

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For instance, if you want them to eat healthy foods, eat healthy foods. If you don't want them to pick up bad habits, like smoking, don't smoke. If you don't want them to be violent, be peaceful. If you wish to raise a trustworthy child, keep your word. [1] If you want to teach your child how to communicate, speak kindly and listen with. When work is flying at you, you know you have to execute at a fast and furious pace. Deadlines loom, you're busy and engaged, and, sometimes, just barely keeping up 5. Include Breaks. Every day, I schedule an hour-long lunch break and several 10 to 15-minute breaks to meditate or go for a walk. It might seem counterproductive to plan out time in your day when you're not working, but remember that nobody has endless capacity to work at full steam, constantly

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Though it would be a big job and he had a busy day ahead, he did as she asked. liberating thing to say, 'OK, but love can win, I care about you, and I can respect you, and I can do better. Grief around Father's Day, a day when we normally come together to celebrate our dads and the role they had in our life, can be hard when they are gone and even harder this year, given the COVID-19 pandemic, said Dan Reidenberg, a mental health expert and executive director of Suicide Awareness Voices of Education

We have had such a busy week at the Sanctuary. On Monday we re-opened and had our lovely Patron, Fran Edwards BEM visit with a friend. We have had three visits from a brave young girl with her.. Excellent question. To me, I have been busy all day today implies that you're either still busy now, or are just done. If I was busy from 9-5, I would say I have been busy all day at any time from 9-5, and then a little after 5, but definitely not at 8 Hold me closer tiny dancer, count the headlights on the highway. Lay me down in sheets of linen, you had a busy day today. Votes: 3. Elton John. Helpful Not Helpful. The saddest things we fail at are fun things we never get to do, so in your busy day be sure to plan fun things too. Votes: 3. Wes Fesler

Sorry I had a busy day! See a translation Report copyright infringement; Answers When you disagree with an answer. The owner of it will not be notified. Only the user who asked this question will see who disagreed with this answer. OK. How do you say this in English (US)? 何か冷たい飲み物ありますか You want to be sure your kids know you are available to them. If you are busy or preoccupied every time they want to talk to you, then you will likely get the same response from them when you reach out about their day. They will be too busy or preoccupied to truly engage in a conversation with you

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  1. If you just remembered an email you snoozed last week (or last month!), try not to fret. Here are some email templates you can use to help you say sorry for the late response. Explain you're busy. Show you care. Delivering bad news. Apologize in advance. Don't apologize
  2. to be as busy as a beaver/bee. If you are as busy as a beaver/bee, it means you are very busy, hardworking, and active. I always remember my mother being busy as a bee around the holidays.. Martina is busy as a beaver with all of her volunteer assignments.. This beaver looks more suspicious than busy, but you get the idea
  3. 19 I know you'll have a fantastic night with me tonight, but do me a favor and have a good day, too.. This one is very flirty, and it will help your partner feel better knowing that they have something to look forward to at the end of the day. 20 Enjoy your time-off from me!
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  1. Jul 13 2006 12:51:15. anonymous. +0. I had a fantastic time. I can't remember the last time I had so much fun. This was a fabulous experience - just so much fun. More fun than a barrel of monkeys. (I have no idea where that expression comes from. It could easily be used as sarcasm, so you may not want to write it, and if you say it, make sure.
  2. ding her that you are the awesome guy she met and you're making her laugh when you say I'm OK, thanks
  3. 31. Hey love, I know you're pretty busy at work, I just want to say hi and I hope you get through this day with a smile on your face. I love you. 32. My love, hope you're okay. If you need anything or anyone, please let me know and I'll be right there. I love you, and you know that. 33. Good day, my love
  4. You had better provide several options from which they can select an alternate day and time. Since you are the one who needs to apologize, stay open to counter-proposals and give your recipient the possibility to adjust the schedule. Step 4 End the email with apology and appreciatio

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01 I hope this email finds you well.. It means pretty much the same thing. It is simple and to the point; this means there's no chance that it will be taken the wrong way by the client. 02 I hope you're having a productive day.. It is good to say this when your client works in a professional setting as well Let's say you slept the healthy eight hour night. That leaves you with 960 minutes in a day. You have time off for the summer, so you're not working. I text: Let's find time to hang out. She gave you her number, she starting texting you, she was wanting to hang out with you. But I think that you might be misinterpreting the source of the problem. You seem to think the problem is that she's busy, but I have a feeling that she 1) realized that you wanted to go on a date, when she wanted to be friends and/or 2) felt like you are. Ideas for when you're hanging out with friends on Valentine's Day. JGI/Jamie Grill/Getty Images. I once heard someone say that when a person tells you they are too busy to spend time with you, what they are really saying is that their priority isn't on you right now

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When you say, I know you are busy, you are saying that the other things the person does all day that make him or her busy are justified, but your reason for contributing to the person's. You had a connection with a really cute girl. But you say that and oh my, does he put me in my place and says he is super busy and he is not going to keep repeating that to me. Who is that busy, you can't find time in the day to have a back and forth cyber chat? We all get breaks, watch tv, sit down at night If you push these to a later period, you're at risk of being too busy as the day runs on. Prioritizing based on urgency also alleviates some of the stress when approaching a tight deadline or high pressure workload demands. Check to see if there are any high-priority dependencies that rely on you finishing up a piece of work now Keep doing this until you see your relationship improve. If it doesn't, then you've got your red-hot signal to kick him and move on to a man that really wants you and is willing to show you every day. Pointer Four - Show Him A Few Bedroom Moves. You want to make him wonder where the heck you learned the new moves in the bedroom

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When you are given an introduction to a Very Busy Person — a founder, an investor, an executive, a professor, etc. — you are expected not to waste their time. When you send an email asking to meet for coffee or get on the phone, they perceive at least a few costs: Finding time that works for both parties If I had a time machine I would go back in time to look for you and shield you from all the pain every other man has caused you. I promise to forever treat you like the princess you are. To the one I look forward to spending the rest of my life with, I wish you a good night, the sweetest of sweet dreams, and enough joy for you to wake up to Tim-This advice is great any time you contact an executive or busy person. For my day job I regularly call on executives. I find them to be the most pleasant and enjoyable part of my week, but that is because I keep it short and stay focused on the agenda. I always have an invitation to return. They always return my calls Even better, attach a note from your coach, employer or doctor who can attest to why you need an extension. Subject: Extension on _____. Dear Professor _____, I hope all is well. I have been extremely busy and stressed with assignments in other classes and with _____ (sports practice, on-campus job, other commitment, health condition, etc.) For eg: I would like to send Mr. X an update on this one today. OR Mr. X enquired about it today OR Mr. X needs it tomorrow for a meeting) Hope you had a good weekend. I had sent you an email on.

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What Not to Say No: Even if you don't have this experience, there's still a way to sell your skills. Talk about the importance of customer service, your ability to handle a busy work environment, your comfort learning new technology, and so on. Don't disqualify yourself: If you do not have the experience, that's OK! As you can see, there are. bus·y (bĭz′ē) adj. bus·i·er, bus·i·est 1. Engaged in activity, as work; occupied. See Synonyms at active. 2. Characterized by or sustaining much activity: a busy morning; a busy street. 3. Being a busybody; meddlesome; prying. 4. Being in use, as a telephone line. 5. Cluttered with detail to the point of being distracting: a busy design. tr.v. #20. What to Say When You're Too Busy to Respond Right Away. We all have lives to live, and as business owners (or busy customer service reps), we can't always answer our customers right away. Sometimes, we're stuck elsewhere putting out a fire (Steve tried to cook in the company kitchen again)

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Make Her Miss You: Here's the Key! First things first! I don't want you to think that this is the end of it. If you think that this is the end of it then you have set yourself up to lose already. Mindset is everything in attraction and in life. If you dwell in the mindset that this is the end, you will attract this with your energy and this. After a busy few shifts recently, we want to say a big thank you to Poppy for leaving some treats for Wyre Team 5 on our van yesterday - and it turned out to be her birthday! Happy Birthday for yesterday Poppy, we hope you had a great day! # birthdaytreats # WyreT5. Timeline Photos · Jun 25 · View Full Size. 2 people like this. 22 Shares. Sue. If she texts you in the morning, say something like this later on that night: I've had such a busy day! I hope your day was great as well. I'm going to head to bed as I have a long day tomorrow. I'll talk to you soon and goodnight. Then text her again in the morning so she sees you are present but still have a life of your own

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German Translation of busy | The official Collins English-German Dictionary online. Over 100,000 German translations of English words and phrases You see them go to work and come home. Even if they work from home or at home, they're pretty busy all day. They run a lot of errands and drive you places you want and need to go. Don't forget they fix dinner and do the family laundry. Plus, they remind you to do your homework and your chores. And are even out of bed before you even though. If you enjoyed the time together, say so. Preferably say the same thing you said at the end of the date, as long as you were telling the truth back then. And make another date. A 'second helping' has always been the socially correct way to express approval. If you didn't enjoy yourself, think it over *one* day, call and say thanks but no. Understanding Men - Realize Dating is a Glorified Sorting Process. The idea is to realize that dating is not the same as being in a relationship. From the first 4 - 8 dates, you are still in dating mode. Until you know you have a standing date on Saturday night (depending on schedules), you are NOT in a relationship