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What is a National Stock Number and what is it used for? The 13-digit unique code is assigned to an item of supply that is repeatedly stocked, stored and issued throughout the federal supply system. It's assigned at the request of the military services, certain federal or civilian agencies and foreign friendly countries What is a National Stock Number (NSN)? A National Stock Number (also known as a NATO Stock Number) is simply the official label applied to an item of supply that is repeatedly procured, stocked, stored, issued, and used throughout the federal supply system. It is a unique item identifying series of numbers A National Stock Number is the official label applied to an item of supply that is repeatedly procured, stocked, stored, issued and used throughout the Federal Supply System. No two are the same. Whether they label ballpoint pens, combat boots or spare parts, National Stock Numbers have become the axis of federal supply NGA Reference Number to National Stock Number Cross Reference . The NRN/NSN Cross Reference is updated daily. Stock numbers can be validated using (CAC Required). DLA Logistics Information Service WEBFLIS Defense Logistics Agency Bearings United States company NSN. Part Number. Description. NSN: 6530-00-000-0070. Part Number: M0-007 cup medicine cup NSN: 6540-00-001-0995. Part Number: P0-058 lens compound ophthalmic lens NSN: 6540-00-001-0996. Part Number: P0-059 len

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Search for aerospace, land, and marine communications equipment and components parts What is a National Stock Number Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) August 16, 2019 · The 13-digit unique code is assigned to an item of supply that is repeatedly stocked, stored and issued throughout the federal supply system What is an NSN number? An NSN number, also known as National Stock Number or NATO Stock Number, is a 13 digit numeric code for identifying standardized material items. They are recognized by all NATO Countries and the US Department of Defense. Most commonly used for Procurement, Stocking, Locating, and Monitoring items DLA Fast FAQs is video series to help you learn about DLA procedures and processes. In this episode, you can learn about National Stock Numbers—what they are.. National Stock Number extract includes the current listing of National Stock Numbers (NSNs) , NSN item name and descriptions, and current selling price of each product listed in GSA Advantage and managed by GSA. Each NSN is listed with the vendors description of the item. Some descriptions exceed the standard length and are truncated

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  1. DLA-91-P00060 Lf Cost to Establish and Maintain a National Stock Number OPERATIONS RESEARCH AND ECONOMIC ANALYSIS OFFICE DTIC fdELECTEfl FEB 2O91 DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE DEFENSE LOGISTICS AGENCY 1990__,_-'--, 91 2 13 05
  2. The program is also an effective tool in controlling National Stock Number (NSN) proliferation between the military services and the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). This interactive GIRDER (iGIRDER) application provides government contractors, manufacturers, vendors and suppliers the ability to review and/or update product information used by.
  3. FSG Catalog. ISO Group has comprehensive parts databases, including an up-to-date National Stock Number NSN Database, that can be searched by NSN, NSN Part Number, NIIN and many other combinations of information such as NSN Part or NSN Part Number. Search our NSN Look up by National Stock Number (NSN) (for example: 2530-00-088-9531, or 00-088.
  4. DEFENSE LOGISTICS AGENCY AMERICA'S COMBAT LOGISTICS SUPPORT AGENCY National Stock Number (NSN): Your Key to Unlock Sales 2011 DLA Industry Conference June 27th to June 30th Breakout Session John Naperkoski DLA Logistics Information Servic
  5. DOING BUSINESS WITH THE DEFENSE LOGISTICS AGENCY (DLA) Submitting Your Quote . The Contracting Process and . DIBBS (DLA Internet Bid Board System) Culture evaluation shall cite the National Stock Number (NSN) of the exact product and, as identified in this provision, include the applicable level of technical data on the alternate and exac
  6. The Government uses National Stock Number's (NSN) which contain sub-groups that identify the Federal Supply Groups (FSG) , Federal Supply Classes (FSC), Nato Country Code, National Item Identification Number NIIN) and the serial number of the product. The National Stock Number is a 13-digit number. Example: 6240-00-027-2059

For links and help, see the menu to the left. If further assistance is necessary, please contact the DLA Customer Interaction Center (CIC). DSN: 661-7766. Comm: 1-269-961-7766. Toll Free: 1-877-352-2255. Email: dlacontactcenter@dla.mil. Return to Top National Stock Numbers (NSN/NIIN) Explained with Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) History. If you want to learn about National Stock Numbers or NIINs or NSNs,. In 1974, the FSN was replaced with the National Stock Number (NSN) by simply adding two digits to the 11-Digit Code in positions 5 and 6 to signify the country of origin of the Numeric Code. In the instance of the USA, this code was 00. This enabled NATO Members to adopt the coding system while maintaining track of the NSNs created by that member The WebFLIS service from the Federal Logistics Information Service (FLIS) of the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) of the US Department of Defense (DOD) is an online search system for several public segments of the USA Federal Logistics Database for codified supplies that are represented by a permanent National Stock Number (NSN)

equipment and supplies managed by DLA. Each item is indexed alphabetically by name and numerically by National Stock Number (NSN) and National Fire Equipment System (NFES) number. Specification References The specifications cited in catalog descriptions may undergo a series of revisions (indicated b national stock number items that were managed by DLA and, as of May 2001, about 1.4 million of those national stock number items were potentially inactive. Results. The July 2002 DORRA draft cost study did not accurately identify the cost for maintaining inactive national stock number items in the DLA supply system. Fo

is an effective tool in controlling National Stock Number (NSN) proliferation between the military services and the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) This interactive GIRDER (iGIRDER) application: provides government contractors, manufacturers, vendors, and suppliers the ability to review and/or update product information used by Federal and Civil. WebFLIS or FLIS data is the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) searchable database on supply items for all branches of the military and government. WebFLIS includes detailed information such as the National Stock Number or NSN of an item, the item's name, manufacture and supplier. ISO Group provides WebFLIS Search by: With ISO Group search you can.

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Do you know what a National Stock Number (NSN) is? It's a part number for a Department of Defense item that they buy a lot of. To understand it, let's starts with a solicitation, and let's look at two examples to help explain it. First, the army buys a rifle As such, we classify our inventory of over 2 billion parts by part number, part type, manufacturer, FSG, and NSN. NSN, or National Stock Number, is the 13-digit serial number that the US Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) assigns to each item that is procured, stocked, and issued through the federal supply chain

DLA Logistics Information Service, National Stock Number (NSN): Your Key to Unlock Sales, Mr. John Naperkoski; Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF) Electronic Commerce & Wide Area Workflow Overview; DLA and GSA Session DLA & Small Business Overview, Ms. Amy Sajd The National Stock Number (also known as a NATO Stock Number) is a thirteen digit code used to identify every standardized material items of supply that is recognized by the United States Department of Defense along with all NATO countries. Shortened as NSN, any part that is listed with this number is classified as stock listed. Logistics Information Service provides National Stock Number (NSN) assignments and item descriptions for items of supply that are manufactured in the United States. DLA Logistics Information Service is also the custodian for a number of catag tools used throughou RFID-IV National Stock Numbers (NSNs) Description : Model/Number: CLIN: NSN: License Plate Door Mounted Container Transponder with Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Label : ST-626-030-NSN : 0006AD. 6350-01-633-7731. Sensor Transponder (256K memory) with magnetic bracket and DLA label

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National Stock Numbers are assigned based on the end use of the item and cover everything from large, complex items like a weapon or truck to tiny individual components. As of 2005, there were about 14 million active and inactive NSNs in the FLIS. Some examples of actual NSNs: M-998A1 HMMWV. 2320-01-371-9577 GSA Global Supply® 2021 Supply Catalog. GSA Global Supply is pleased to present its 2021 Supply Catalog.It contains more than 7,900 items including office supplies (with many toner choices), tools, an expanded furniture selection, and much more National Stock Number Glenair Part-Number. Enter a complete (or partial) National Stock Number (NSN) to find the Glenair equivalent part-number. For example, enter 5935-00-001-3125 and click Enter Order online at GSA Global Supply™ or GSA Advantage! ®. Both sites function 24/7, enable users to place orders from anywhere in the world, and offer electronic equivalents of traditional requisition forms DD 1348 or SF 344. Phone in orders 800-488-3111 between 9:00pm Sundays to 9:30 pm Fridays ET National stock number catalog for DLA & troop support. The ONLY product that removes toxic heavy metals from skin and surfaces. Protects workers and the environment from hazardous dust during brake jobs. Mobile storage solution for military and industrial

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SESOLINC systems and support products are commercially available. Many SESOLINC products can also be ordered by National Stock Number (NSN) through the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) ordering and supply system. SESOLINC products are likewise available via our General Services Administration (GSA) Schedules Contract A thirteen-digit stock number consisting of a four-digit federal supply classification and a nine-digit national item identification number. This is an official site of the Defense Security Cooperation Agency. Accessibility/Section 508 External Link Disclaime The contracting activity is the Defense Logistics Agency, Aviation, Richmond, Virginia (Contract number SPE4AX-21-D-9407). Aviation Supply Chain Management Under the new hardware and abrasives contract, Noble will provide supply chain management to support the Defense Logistics Agency's worldwide customers with the National Stock Numbers (NSNs.

5 Reference Number Category Code (RNCC_2910) Secondary Reference. Any additional number, other than a primary number (codes 1,2,3,4) informative reference (code 6) or vendor item drawing reference (code 7) assigned to an item of production or supply by a commercial or Government organization, which represents the same item of production or supply to which the National Stock Number (NSN) was. LogiQuest Lite is a product of Terabase Corporation and is not affiliated with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). It provides essential information about supply items including the National Stock Number (NSN), the item name, manufacturers and suppliers including part numbers

5. DEFICIENT ITEM NATIONAL STOCK NUMBER (NSN) - The National Stock Number consists of the€four digit Federal Supply Classification (FSC) and nine digit National Item Identification Number (NIIN).€ The FSC€identifies the general stock classification (9999 is MISCELLANEOUS ITEM). The FSC can be found in the Indexes Catag Handbook H2. Each SAR package is submitted for a single National Stock Number. A SAR Package must contain the follow eight major components or it will be deemed incomplete and rejected: 1. Cover Letter explaining the offor's intention of becoming an alternative source of supply for a particular item. Due to DLA less stringent requirements, additional.

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Ensures that all DLA-managed national stock numbered repair parts currently used to support each of these weapon system end items, as well as associated essentiality codes (ECs) and all other required data, are properly included an The DLA, the Defense Logistics Agency was in use from 1978 to 1993. The DLA dating system, substituted DLA for DSA; for example: DLA-100-805 would indicate an item made in May of 1980. The Federal Stock Number was officially replaced by the National Stock Number (NSN) beginning on September 30, 1974. [ Home Page ] [ Information ]. DLA $3,000,000 solicitation for flyer's undershirts. Heat Resistant Flyer's undershirt 8415-00-485-6680. DLA Troop Support has issued a solicitation for a large number of flyer's undergarments. The contract will have one base year and four option years for a maximum of five years duration

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General Supply Specialist, 08/2016 to Current Company Name - City, State. Salary: $53,427.00 Annual. Hours per week: 40. Supervisor: Oleg Arutyunov 717-770-8438. Investigate and Research Navy Stock in Transit (SIT) discrepancies at a DLA Distribution site ��. Redirect. This is the Restricted DLA Logistics Information Service site home page

1033-Program Information. Page Content. DLA WV Inventory List. All Inventories have been posted and are up to date on the following link: DLA Disposition Services - Electronic Reading Room. The following link is a list of all agencies that have a current agreement on file with the State of WV 1033 Program Office: Copy of LEAS (1).pdf The primary application of the FSC code number is in the National Stock Number (NSN). The NSN for an item of supply consists of the applicable four-digit FSC code number plus the nine-digit National Item Identification Number (NIIN). The Federal Supply Classification Catag Handbook, H2, presents the classification structure o All responses under this Sources Sought Notice must be emailed to Amber.Brister@dla.mil. If there is an open solicitation for a national stock number for which you want to submit a Source Approval Request (SAR) package, please submit it directly to the buyer noted on the solicitation A National Stock Number is simply the official label applied to an item of supply that is repeatedly procured, stocked, stored, issued, and used throughout the federal supply system. The use of NSN's facilitates the standardization of item names, supply language, characteristics and management data, and aids in reducing duplicate items in the. with what results; and (2) the extent to which the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) followed applicable DOD procedures in assigning and subsequently canceling national stock numbers to MILITEC-1. In addition, we are providing in enclosure I a timeline on the efforts to test and evaluate, and assign and cancel, NSNs for MILITEC-1

The NSN is a unique 13-digit number that specifically identifies an item. The. national stock number, you might say, is where we put a handle on a specific item of. supply, The NSN is divided into two parts (figure 2-1). The first part, consisting of the. first four digits, is the Federal supply classification (FSC) code FEDERAL STOCK CLASS (FSC) The Federal Stock Class (FSC) consists of the first 4 digits of the National Stock Number. It is used to identify a particular class of items. For example, 5306 is the FSC for Bolts. Use the pulldown menu to find a Federal Stock Class or enter the first digit of the FSC to move faster within the pulldown menu Defense Logistics Agency Meritorious Civilian Service Award medal in case with lapel pin decoration set. Nice DLA set. National Stock Number NSN 8455010602860 Government orders and credit cards accepted. Call Randy at 812-294-317

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National Stock Number Lookup. National Stock Numbers are used to catalog items that are purchased by the U.S. Military. Stock numbers are thirteen digits, with the first four (4) digits being the Federal Supply Class (FSC). The remaining nine (9) digits being the National Item Identification Number (NIIN) Product. We are a national stock number parts supplier of various Aircraft, Military, Locomotive, and Maritime parts and components. We carry aeronautical standard and mil-spec fasteners, aircraft and vehicle engine components, MRO supplies, and OEM / government excess surplus. Send us your requirements using our pricing and availability form National Stock Number. A national stock number (NSN) is a 13-digit number assigned by the Defense Logistics Services Center (DLSC) to identify an item of material in the supply distribution system of the United States. It consists of a four-digit FSC and a nine-digit national item identification number (NIIN) Therefore, the National Stock Number contains subgroups that identify the Federal Supply Group (FSG) on positions 1-2, the Federal Supply Class (FSC) on positions 1-4, the NATO Country Code on positions 5-6, the National Item Identification Number (NIIN) on positions 5-13, and finally, the serial number of the product on positions 7-13

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An FSC Search is conducted with the full 4-digit FSCG number. A Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code is a five-digit alpha numeric identifier which is assigned to suppliers of various Governmental agencies. The Preventive Maintenance Monthly is series of United States Army technical bulletins published since June 1951 as a monthly. defense logistics agency the nation's combat logistics support agency warfighter first doing business with dla. warfighter first 2 • national stock number • federal supply class • solicitation number • purchase request • nomenclature • approved part number • approved cage code

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Existing National Stock Number Listing for Solid Body Padlocks Government Products National Stock Number (NSN) Spec Number (CID) Equivalent Commercial Model Number (for reference only) Set Size Master Keys Grand Master Keys Keys Per Set KS Keying Chain Ordering Model Number List Price (Each/Set) 5340-00-422-1612 N/A ABKB Blank (Keys) N/A N ABKB. Selected National Stock Numbers (NSNs) will require additional permissions to access the associated technical data. In the event a vendor cannot access the technical data for a NSN in DLA cFolders, the vendor must submit a onetime request to jcpvalidation@dla.mil for technical data access consideration national stock number (NSN)—a unique item identifier applied to an item of supply. When Tobyhanna purchases a part outside of the DLA supply system, Tobyhanna officials can notify the DLA of that purchase through a demand history adjustment. The demand history adjustment enables the DLA to consider that purchase in planning for future. Defense Logistics Agency Items Supporting Obsolete Army Weapon Systems Executive Summary Introduction. The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Defense Inactive Item Program provides for the systematic elimination of inactive, or obsolete, national stock number (NSN) items from the DLA supply system. Obsolete NSNs that are not deleted fro

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After approving our kit design in 2006, the U.S. Army assigned the Field Sanitation Kit a National Stock Number in 2009 and transferred stocking and procurement authority to DLA in 2010. Prior to 2012 when DLA awarded this 5-year contract, TSSi delivered approximately 3,000 of the kits in fulfillment of numerous individual DoD solicitations National Stock Number (NSN) Assignment Text Only . Dla.mil DA: 11 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 61. National Stock Number (NSN) Assignment Text Only Brochure A National Stock Number is the off¬icial label applied to each item recurrently used, bought, stocked, or distributed by the Department of Defense (DOD); When a NSN is assigned to an item, data is assembled to describe that item and numerically by National Stock Number (NSN) and National Fire Equipment System (NFES) number. Your suggestions for improving this catalog are invited at all times. Items will be deleted or added as needed, provided they meet the criteria established by DLA, USFS and BLM. Questions or comments should be directed tothe DLA WFPP email address a National Stock Number 3020016742357: Material Control Code H: Special Material Identification Code P8: Shelf-Life Code 0: Shelf-Life Action Code 00: Nomenclature CARRIER ASSEMBLY,PG: Vendor's (Seller's) Part Number 80249 8496108-3

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National Stock Number 1680015854773: Material Control Code H: Special Material Identification Code P8: Shelf-Life Code 0: Shelf-Life Action Code 00: Nomenclature MODULE ASSY - WEAPO: Returnable Container No. 8145012622983: Vendor's (Seller's) Part Number 63760 115E1118G NSN Catalog. The NSN Catalog allows you to narrow down into the different Federal Supply Classes (FSC). The first column is the FSC Base number of an NSN. The second column is the number of items that are categorized under the FSC Base. And the last column is the title of the category for each of the FSC's. FSC In the absence of a National Stock Number (NSN) or in cases where an NSN does not require TPS, shipper may add TPS based on the customer's request with valid, written justification of (DTR) Part II, Chapter 204, Paragraph H, and Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Directive (DLAD) 4145.41, Chapters 4.11 through 4.14. Each Service shall contact.

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contractors, but not assigned national stock numbers. We also recommend that the Defense Logistics Agency modify the existing demilitarization training program within DoD to provide clear instruction to plant clearance officers for the identification and control of munitions list items in the possession of Defense contractors Combat Weapon Racks are TACOM certified and available through NSN National Stock Number program with NSNs for weapon racks. 800-699-1191 High Density Weapon Racks are now available through the DLA NSN program. Racks can be ordered through supply channels and loaded with weapons without having to be field certified by a physical security. That will increase the 35 vendor catalogs, 350 specific DLA national stock number contracts and the products in DLA's supply warehouses on the site, he said. As for marketing, O'Brien said.

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NSN 6525-01-522-0947 remote control,handheld,x-ray un pricing and availability, cross reference parts, and webflis data Buying Party (Purchaser) DLA MARITIME - MECHANICSBURG: DoD Identification: Department of Defense Activity Address Code (DODAAC) SPRMM1: Address 1: DLR PROCUREMENT OPS DLA-ZI: Address 2: P. O. BOX 2020, 5450 CARLISLE PIKE National Stock Number 5945410029918: Material Control Code H: Shelf-Life Code 0: Shelf-Life Action Code 00: Nomenclature. National Technical Report Library. Publication Date: 1990: Page Count: 0: Abstract: Part 1 of the Master Cross Reference List is a Master List of Logistics Reference Numbers cross referenced to their applicable National Stock Number(s) in the Federal Catalog System Acquiring the equipment through the National Stock Number system; Requesting the development of an ad hoc contract with a vendor or manufacturer; Leveraging an existing contract with a vendor approved by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) The Government Purchase Card (GPC) program issues credit cards to purchase items, within a set scope National Stock number : 5330-01-193-2413 Plain Seal. Available Quantity: 252: Available Conditions: NE NS AR: Classification: Packing and Gasket Materials - FSC 5330: Schedule B: 3926904500: Stock Check Date: 07/15/2021: Part-Number.info Quality System. ISO 9001:2015 + AS9120B Certifed Defense Logistics Agency ; Freedom of Information

DI-SESS-81714 Scroll down to access document images. Overview. Title: Provisioning Screening Data. Scope: The provisioning screening data is used to identify existing National Stock Numbers (NSNs) for an end item against the Defense Logistics Services Center data files, validate currency of an NSN, and aid in maximum use of known assets. Status KANSAS CITY, Mo., April 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Far UV Technologies, Inc. announced that its Disinfection Lighting products were granted National Stock Numbers (NSNs) by the US Defense Logistics. Government Contracting. Government Contracts are a tremendous financial opportunity for small businesses. The Federal Government require that a percentage of the contracted procurements be set aside for Small Businesses. In FY 2019, total US government spending for defense (including military defense, veterans affairs, and foreign policy) is. Search by anything including item name, NAICS, FSC, National Stock Number (NSN), NICN, APL, Part Number and more. INTELLIGENT SEARCH Our Search Anything feature intelligently traverses over 1 Billion records of Government data, to determine the best answers to your questions

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Unique Identifier (UI): A character string, number, or sequence of bits assigned to a discrete entity or its associated attribute which serves to uniquely distinguish it from other like and unlike entities.Each unique identifier has only one occurrence within its defined scope of use. (Ref: DOD Directive 8320.03) Unique identification (UID): A system of establishing globally unique and. NSN - National Stock Number. A unique identification number assigned by DLA to a given item. It consists of the 4 digit FSC code (DRN 3990) and the 9 digit NIIN code (DRN 4000). For NIINs not starting with 00 or 01, the NSN is assigned by one of the National Codification. Bureaus (NCB) of the various NATO nations National Stock Number 6615015825365: Material Control Code H: Special Material Identification Code YR: Shelf-Life Code 0: Shelf-Life Action Code 00: Manufacturer's Part Number 449-005-100-105: Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code 97499: Nomenclature COMPUTER,FLIGHT CON: Returnable Container No. 814501262298