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ADGA fees? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 2 of 2 Posts. M. mtmom75 · Registered. Joined May 19, 2011 · 647 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · May 18, 2012. This is probably a dumb question.. Breed Organization areas are available for a fee of $25 for one table and no chairs. This fee is available for breed club displays only. (Breed clubs planning to sell items add $50 for a total of $75 and receive one table and one chair. American Dairy Goat Association - ADGA. Mailing Address: PO Box 865 Spindale, NC 28160. Physical Address: 161 W Main St Spindale, NC 2816 2. BASIC ENTRY FEES: All entries must be made online through the Blue Ribbon Fair program. Full, detailed entry instructions will be published on the National Show website, the National Show Facebook page and in an email from ADGA. No entries will be accepted without sufficient fees to cover all items requested

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  1. For the ADGA office address or questions related to transfer see the Contact Form. For fees see Rates & Services . Within 7 to 10 days of receipt of the properly completed Certificate of Transfer in the ADGA office, a new Certificate of Registry will be issued and mailed to the one who submitted the Certificate of Transfer unless otherwise noted
  2. istration fee. No membership fee required. We're looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday, April 24th — the 2021 ADGA opening day
  3. Fees. A lot of people claim that DHIR milk testing is cost prohibitive. We feel the fees are reasonable for the wealth of data we receive from the testing. We test through Dairy One, and this is what our annual fee schedule looks like for 12 does on test. ADGA herd registration - $50 annuall

29,236 Posts. #3 · Sep 9, 2013. First you need to become a member and pay membership fees. Its recommended you get a herd name at that time too so your kids can be registered with a herd name. Otherwise as stated above the goats will have the word THE in front of their name and no designation of being from your herd Hi Danielle — There is no entry fee charged by ADGA. The facility charges a $10/day parking fee which will need to be paid by spectators. Reply. Susan Ehrhardt says: July 21, 2021 at 9:49 am Rush fee is 100% of the registration fee and will apply if registration certificate is requested to be return postmarked from ADGA 14 days or less from the sender's postmark date. Rush fees must be checked if desired Standard Rush Fee *. $ 5.00 per animal. * Added to applicable reg. fees. There is a 3 business-day guarantee, not including mail time, or problematic registrations. *. Same-Day Rush Fee **. $25.00 per animal. ** Added to applicable registration fees. Paperwork MUST be in ABGA office by 1:00pm CST Vendor Spaces and Fees Commercial Vendor: Area available at $100 for a 6 foot long X 30 inch wide table. This space includes one table and two chairs. Additional tables are available at $75 each

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  1. Blue Ribbon Fair Entry for 2021 ADGA National Show PLEASE BE AWARE, ONCE YOU HAVE CHECKED OUT AND SUBMITTED YOUR ENTRIES YOU CANNOT GO BACK IN AND MAKE ANY CHANGES. SUBMITTED ENTRIES WILL BE CONSIDERED Fees listed as miscellaneous are Pen Fees.indicate how many pens total you will need ($25.00 each
  2. ADGA Sale Committee as per the following formula: A consignment fee of $40.00 is required for up to a $500.00 hold price. A consignment fee of 10% of the hold price is required for a hold price, which exceeds $500.00. The consignment fee is credited to ADGA's 15% commission. All ADGA consignment fees will total 15% of the sellin
  3. I couldn't believe ADGA made me pay to transfer the animal from myself to myself because I had originally registered her as a nonmember. I had assumed that if I paid the extra fee for nonmember registration, then later when I asked for a membership, they would use the same number and I would pay the yearly fee and lower registration fees....
  4. DNA typing is $30 per kid. Beginning in 2023, ADGA will require all bucks born after Jan 1, 2023 to be DNA typed before any progeny can be registered
  5. The ADGA Annual Convention serves as both the yearly convention for the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA) and the ADGA Annual Meeting. It is held each October and is open to both ADGA Members and non-members. The convention is very applicable to anyone interested in the dairy goat industry and dairy goat products
  6. Hello, I want more information about the ADGA annual convention. Inscription, fees and further info that could be helpful for me to travel next november to Arizona, from Costa Rica. Thank you so much. Reply. David Abbott says: April 27, 2021 at 2:42 pm
  7. Not 100% sure of the fees, but I don't think you get the reduced fee because the person you bought from is an adga member. But, essentially yes you fill out the transfer information on the registration papers and mail to adga with the fee (whatever the correct amount) and they send you new papers with your name

2021 Annual Convention Schedule. This is preliminary schedule for the 2021 Annual Convention in Tucson, Arizona. Date & Times. Event (* Indicates Fees) Sunday, November 7. Set up Spotlight Sale tent. Monday, November 8 Entry fee is $110/player all-in, which includes golf + cart, all of the optional tournament pots and skins, and a $5 ADGA event fee. To register, email golf@ADGAgolf.com or call ADGA Director Tim Davis at (330) 608-2096. Entry deadline is Thurs, May 21 at 10p. DEFENDING CHAMPIONS: Jay Hollifield, Jon Clark, Ken Keller and Noah Frase (-19

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  1. The Wisconsin State Fair Open Division dairy goat show is a sanctioned official show of the American Dairy Goat Association, Shirley Mackenzie, Association Manager, PO Box 865, Spindale, North Carolina 28160. ADGA official show rules apply. Special awards offered, and recognition of animals exhibited shall be in accordance wit
  2. Samples submitted for DNA analysis shall become the property of the contract laboratory upon receipt and may be used for general research purposes. I/we agree to indemnify and hold ADGA harmless against any losses, costs or damages, including attorney fees arising from the results of the performed tests by submitting this request
  3. Re-Registration Policy AGS registers only animals of proven pure pedigree. AGS recognizes registration certificates of ADGA and CGS for re-registration purposes, furthermore, AGS recognizes only multi breed dairy goat registries excluding privately owned multi breed registries
  4. will require you to completely fill out a NDGA New Animal Registration form for each of the goats you are trying to register and make copies of their ADGA/AGS registration papers. Send all forms to NDGA along with the appropriate fee/s. *ADGA does not include the number of kids born and AGS does not put the date of sale
  5. The buyer is responsible for the sale price of the goat as well as all ADGA fees. If applicable, the buyer is also responsible for the cost associated with any additional boarding fees, health certificates and shipping/delivery charges

Allegany County Fair ADGA Show Rules Entries must be postmarked no later than one week before the start of fair mailed (inclusive of entry fees) to the fair office PO Box 96 Angelica, NY 14709 or dropped off. Pre-entry fee: $2 per class <<< (please note entry fee is per class not per doe 2021 MDGA fees are: $3.50 transfer fee, $7.00 doeling registration and $7.00 buckling registration. All animals must be paid in full before leaving the farm - including the ADGA or MDGA registration and transfer fees. If you prefer to pay the day of pick up, please pay by cash or PayPal. Any PayPal fees are the responsibility of the buyer

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An 18-hole individual stroke play event contested at scratch, in Championship and Senior Divisions (players ages 50+). Entry fee is $110/player all-in, which includes golf + cart, all of the optional tournament pots and skins, and a $5 ADGA event fee. To register, email golf@ADGAgolf.com or call ADGA Director Tim Davis at (330) 608-2096 Fees - Fees include entry into all three rings Postmarked/received by April 25, 2021 - $18.00 per entry Email - Paypal entries received by April 30, 2021 - $18.00 per entry Day of show entries - $28 per entry (except by approval of show committee For general questions about the show, contact show chair James McDaniel at 515-249-7799 or mfd5712@gmail.com. For questions about your entry, contact show secretary Deb Konen at 515-313-5998 or konenskids@yahoo.com. For technical issues regarding the entry form or paying fees, contact Guinevere McIntyre at 641-325-1585 or jasperfarm@live.com

Entry fee is $110/player all-in, which includes golf + cart, all of the optional tournament pots and skins, and a $5 ADGA event fee. To register, email golf@ADGAgolf.com or call ADGA Director Tim Davis at (330) 608-2096. Entries close Thurs, Apr 22 at 10p COVID-19. Phase 5 Hoosier Hysteria - ADGA Goat Show. ADGA Senior, Junior Doe. Entries and payment must be completed ONLINE at phase5goatshow.com by 11:59 pm on May 12, entry fees will double for later entries. Junior Does Saturday, May 15 & Senior Does Sunday, May 16, 2021 All entries must be American Goat Society Purebreds, Canadian Goat Society, or ADGA Purebreds, Americans, Recorded Grade and Experimentals. These Rules have been submitted to ADGA with sanctions. ENTRY FEES: Entries post marked by Saturday, June 19, 2021 will be $7.00 per animal, per ring 406 Posts. Discussion Starter · #1 · Apr 30, 2010. I was just wondering how long after you send in registration papers should you expect them. I know with registering horses it takes about 4 to 6 weeks, but couldn't find any info on how long it takes to get ADGA papers. I googled and looked at previous posts here, but couldn't find anything Entry fee is $110/player all-in, which includes golf + cart, all of the optional tournament pots and skins, and a $5 ADGA event fee. To register, email golf@ADGAgolf.com or call ADGA Director Tim Davis at (330) 608-2096. Entry deadline is Thurs, June 15 at 10p

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To be a AGS member is $20 and then your reg. fees are $4.50 for does or $7 for bucks. If you just register and don't join as, as may be better for you, it's $10/doe and $14/buck for registering. Then when you get your AGS certificates, copy them and keep the copy for yourself, send the original certificate and an ADGA application into ADGA If you enroll in Linear Appraisal and DHIA at the same time (paperwork submitted together to ADGA) then there is a $5 discount on the DHIA Annual test fee (the fee is $45 for 1-5 does, $50 for 6-25 does, and $75 for 26 or more does through ADGA). I hope this makes sense ADGA Academic Scholarships. Currently there are 15 academic scholarships available. Evelyn J. Cassette Memorial Scholarship - $1,500 (1 available) Jim Morrison Scholarship - $1,000 (1 available) Jim Morrison Scholarship - $750 (12 available) Helen Staver Foundation Scholarship - $500 (1 available: Courtesy of Donald and Carol Baker. entry fee, per class (including groups). 3. One entry fee will be charged per group when entered in a group class. 4. ADGA rules shall govern. This show is sanctioned by the American Dairy Goat Association. 5. The show order is subject to change based on show staff discretion. 6. Senior and Junior shows are separately sanctioned 7 2021 Logan Show. Cache County Fairgrounds450 S 500 W. Logan, Utah 84321. June 4-5, 2021. This is a Three-ring show with Junior, Senior Does and Bucks sanctioned separately by the. American Dairy Goat Association. ADGA rules shall govern. Show Chairperson: Cindi Garlick 2164 N Frontage RD Centerville, Utah 84014

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Registration will be verified with ADGA based on the registration numbers listed for your nominees. Then complete the PayPal processing shown below, entering the number of each type of nominee. Before submitting your payment, be sure to view your cart to verify that the fees charged match those calculated on the Excel Nomination Form Sanctioned singles - same deal as this winter: handicap for payouts. $8 for ADGA or MSDGA members, $11 for non-members. $5.50 of entry goes to payouts, $1 to ace pot, $1 to club, $0.50 to PDGA. Pay me via Venmo (at)Joseph-Caissie or Paypal (Friends and Family so neither of us get charged a fee), email is jacaissie (at) gmail.com. League will rotate through at least four courses: Alcantra.

The Iowa Dairy Goat Association Spring Classic is a 4-ring doe and 4-ring buck show held at the Jasper County Fairgrounds in Colfax, IA, just off of I-80. On the first day, showmanship follows the senior doe show, followed by the junior doe show. All four buck rings follow the junior doe show Well I called ADGA - Thanks for the suggestion ksalvagno! Do I need to be member to register a goat? NO - but it makes sense to because the cost to register is less if you are a member. Do I need to have a Heard Name to resigster a goat? NO - As a member, it costs $15 to request a heard name that stays as long as you are a member A stamped duplicate is valid for 30 days from the ADGA office date stamped on it. 9. Acceptance of an ADGA stamped duplicate application for registration dated on or after February 18, 2021 will be permitted for any age animal in lieu of a certificate of registration/ recordation until September 15, 2021. 10 These Rules have been submitted to ADGA with sanctions. ENTRY FEES: Entries post marked by Wednesday, June 23, 2021 will be $7.00 per animal, per ring. Entries post marked after Wednesday, June 23, 2021 will be charged $10.00 per animal, per ring. ALL ENTRIES will close at 11:59 PM (PST), Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Sponsored by: Eastern New York Goat Club, Inc. Combined Junior & Senior Doe Show - 2 Rings. Junior Doe Show - 2 Rings. Pre-entries are strongly encouraged so we can start the show on time! Entry fee must accompany entries. Entries must be postmarked by May 10th or they will be considered late and charged the late entry fee AGS's non-member fees are cheaper than ADGA's *member* fees. But honestly I think ADGA's stance on NAIS probably has alot to do why some people would refuse to transfer their papers. I know some people that will not let ADGA have their name. We can think what we think of that, but I think it is noteworthy

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  1. The fee you left with ADGA last year will cover this years application. If you DID NOT apply last year but want to participate in LA this year you will need to submit the application and the $45 fee. Remember April 15th is the hard date so get your application in within the next fews days
  2. entry fees must be paid online when entries are submitted unless prior arrangements have been made. NO REFUNDS. Refunds will be given to all received entries if the show is canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions. Registration and Recordation Certificates: 1. Only goats registered with ADGA, AGS, or CGS are eligible to compete
  3. Tattoo registration is free of charge with the registration of a herd name. The Society no longer registers tattoos without the registration of a herd name (BOD 2004) To reserve a herd name, one applies to the AGS office in writing, submits the appropriate fee, provides first and second choices of name, in case the first choice is already taken
  4. ation Form. Transfer Application Rev 2014. ABGA Checklist Coversheet 2019
  5. ADGA One Day Milking Competition . June 4-5, 2015 . Tester: Ruth Weaver 515 WR Clark Rd, Pittsboro, NC 27312 . Held in conjunction with the SAP/PDGA Spring Show, Cleveland County Fairgrounds, 1751 E. Marion St., Shelby, NC 28152. Cost is $12/doe Pen fees are $6 for a 5x5 pen. Please note the number of pens needed on the entry. Arrival Time

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Naming your dairy goat something offensive is a big no-no. Offensive names is not only against ADGA policy, but it is highly disrespectful towards the breeder of the goat. The breeder's herd name will stick with that goat forever and the lineage will be documented eternally Table 1 - ADGA & AGS Performance Designations. Milk Production Awards (* M, *D, *B, & *S)Since Nigerian Dwarf goats are dairy animals, a good place to start understanding the pedigrees are with the *M (ADGA) or *D (AGS) designations. These identify that a doe has participated in a milk production performance program and has successfully passed the required production levels

ADGA Youth, Spindale, NC. 1,887 likes · 2 talking about this · 20 were here. Events, activities, and opportunities for the younger dairy goat lovers 784 Posts. Discussion Starter · #1 · Dec 27, 2011. I joined ADGA & recieved an envelope & packet today. They already assigned me my tattoo (gave me my 4th choice, go figure) & now I need to choose a herd name. Looked for the answer in the guidebook, but no luck. In a herd name can it contain punctuation AMERICAN DAIRY GOAT ASSOCIATION (ADGA) SANCTIONED SHOW Barn Superintendent: Christina Lindner 541-826-3498, wilowood@yahoo.com MAIL ALL ENTRIES AND FEES FOR THIS SHOW TO: GAIL SWANSON P.O. Box 2269, White City, OR 97503 (541) 842-0858 rgbswanson@yahoo.com Show Time: Friday, August 13th 9:00 am Judge: Dan Greene 1

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forms along with registration fees to the Pasco County Fair Youth Dairy Goat Show Committee, 11005 SR 471 Webster, FL 33597. 2. Entry Fees: There will be a $10.00 (non-refundable) exhibitor fee and a $6.00 (non-refundable) registration fee PER ANIMAL to be submitted with entry form. Make all checks out to the Pasco County Fair Youth Dairy Goat. 8 UNRECORDED AFTER ADGA SHOW 28 UNRECORDED AFTER ADGA SHOW REGULATIONS: 1. USE SEPARATE ENTRY FORMS for Show One and Show Two. 2. Write Show Number on entry form. 3. Unrecorded to follow ADGA show. 4. Only dairy goats allowed. 5. No horned goats allowed. Scurs are acceptable. SHOW 1 SHOWMANSHIP CLASSES ENTRY FEE: $

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The American Goat Society, Inc. was founded in 1935. In 1937, AGS merged with the International Dairy Goat Record Association, which had been established in 1925: so some of the pedigree records of AGS go back more than 80 years. The American Goat Society has a long history of pioneering. It was the first organization to register purebred goats. Junior Doe Show. Also you will only pay entry fees for your Junior Does in the separately sanctioned Junior Doe Show. A registration paper must accompany all animals upon arrival; or a stamped ADGA duplicate application for registration will be accepted. 4. These are ADGA sanctioned shows and thus are open to all exhibitors American Dairy Goat Association . Double Sanctioned Dairy Goat Show . Junior and Senior Shows are Separately Sanctioned . Directors in Charge: Ron Holdeman # 419-490-8205, Steve Aeschliman # 419-335-8474 . Entry blanks may be secured from and entries sent to Fulton County Fair, April Kuckuck Secretary, 8514 St Rt 108, Wauseon, OH 43567PH: 419 League cost is $8 if you are a member of ADGA or MSDGA, and $11 if you are not. Still worthwhile to join up! There's a half summer worth of doubles, 10 weeks of this league, and probably a fall singles league on weekends, once tournaments end for the season. $5.50 of each entry goes to the payouts, $0.50 goes to the PDGA, $1 to the ace pot, and.

Entry form for our ADGA sanctioned show to be held May 21-23, 2021 in Winston-Salem, NC. For show rules and updates, please see PDGAGoats.com or Piedmont Dairy Goat Association on Facebook The American Dairy Goat Association or ADGA is a United States not-for-profit corporation dedicated to dairy goats.Its purpose is to promote the dairy goat industry, by providing and circulating sound information about goats and goats' milk; maintaining and publishing herd books and production records of milk goats; and issuing certificates of registration and recordation; improving and.

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re- registered based on ADGA papers, then the AGS office must have a photo copy of this animal's purebred certificate. 9. It is not necessary that a person be a member of this Society in order to have goats registered. The applicant is required to furnish the information, signatures and appropriate fee necessary for the completion of the. May 31 at 8:07 PM ·. Public. Full Story. Spring Fling Dairy Goat Show - Troy, PA. I know show season is in full swing and we're all super busy but Don't forget to send your entries in! Early entry price closes on June 10th. . We have lots of great prizes, great facilities, I have camping forms available from the fairgrounds if anyone. ADGA RULES & REGULATIONS. 1. Name The subscription fees shall be payable annually on the date of the annual general meeting or at a time the committee determines. 5.2.4 Any member whose subscription is outstanding for more than three months after the due date for payment shall cease to be a member of the association,.

Points. 134. Location. NW Alabama. You can register with ADGA without joining, but your herd name will be The rather than your farm name. To register a does over 30 months old are $13 for a member and $23 for nonmember. A buck over 24 months old is $28 for member and $53 for nonmembers Joined Nov 28, 2011. ·. 238 Posts. #11 · Jan 11, 2014. They'll send you a currently owned list and a couple other papers, you send back the currently owned list and the animal fees then. It is good to know dates that you sold any goats so when the currently owned list comes you can put down the right dates next to the goats if the people.

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An ADGA-registered buck shall be entitled to a +B (ST) designation without application or fee if: (1) He has three *M daughters from three different dams. At least two of the dams must be registered or recorded with ADGA, or. (Algedi Farm DJ Encore) - Like a Star 1*M, Drops of Love 2*M, 2018/2019 doe kids 2. I thought it would be expensive to enroll. For a herd of up to 5 milking Does to be enrolled in ADGA's DHIR program there is an annual $45 flat fee. There are no per doe fees on top of that. 3. I thought the lab fees would be expensive. NOPE! There are no enrollment fees through Langston's DHI lab You would then send the $$ for fees to the original breeder somehow. They may ask to see pictures of the goats/tattoos, and/or have the original paperwork returned to them. Again, a phone call to ADGA is your best bet in most cases and they usually are very helpful. Personally, I'd start with getting ahold of the breeder and coordinate that way The ADGA Group, and other Inc, logos, product and service names are trademarks owned and licenced to the ADGA Group, or its affiliates (the Marks). Without the prior written permission of the ADGA Group or its appropriate affiliates, you agree not to display or use in any manner, the Marks ADGA rules shall govern.! 6. The original registration certificate is required for all animals six months of age or older and must be shown to the Show Secretary before the start of the show. The original registration certificate or duplicate application stamped by the ADGA office is required for all animals under six months of age, and this.

Official registration application for the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA). All registration fees are the buyer's responsibility. Pet/unregistered animals will not receive registration, only a bill of sale. Wethers will not be registered and therefore will not receive registration paperwork, only a bill of sale An ADGA registered buck shall be entitled to an automatic +B (AR) designation without application or fee if: He has three Advanced Registry daughters from three different dams. At least two of the dams must be registered or recorded with ADGA or; He has two Advanced Registry sons that are Advanced Registry Sires

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Owner Sampled Goat Herd Fees. Single Owner Sampler Herd: $30 base fee 1-10 goats $35 base fee 11-20 goats $1 for each additional goat over 20 Includes component sample analysis (fat, protein, and somatic cell count), computer services, all reports, processing, postage, and handlin ADGA National Show is the showcase event for dairy goat breeds.. American Dairy Goat Association National Show is a premier trade show in the country related to dairy goat industry. This national event is set to start on 25 June 2022, Saturday in Harrisburg, PA, United States, and organized by American Dairy Goat Association Little Legs Ranch is a family owned microranch located in Colorado, where we breed for perfection in our ADGA Nigerian Dwarf Goats, sell pasture raised eggs, and create custom pieces of farm essentials I would have to include a breeding memo and all that (I own my bucks and they are already registered under my membership ID with ADGA). They said that in order to register her kids, I had to transfer her to my membership ID first, before the breeding date. So I paid the transfer fee and switched it, but that is beyond ridiculous An ADGA-registered buck shall be entitled to an automatic *B designation without application or fee if: (1) His dam is either an Advanced Registry doe that has qualified on both milk and butterfat requirements, or

complete details. Only American Dairy Goat Association, American Goat Society and Ca-nadian Goat Society registered, recorded or applied-for animals may be shown in an offi-cial American Dairy Goat Association show. Entry fee is $6 per animal per ring (discounted to $20 per animal to show in all four rings) if received by May 25 Once the round is complete, the round must be logged on this page by the player who is recording the score. ***Note: You cannot take a tag from someone outside your division.*** ADGA MA1 Velociraptors Tag League schedule, scores and discussion board. ADGA MA1 Velociraptors Tag League is a disc golf league in the North Augusta, South Carolina area Wyoming Dairy Goat Association. June 18 at 11:28 AM ·. It's time to prepare for the Wyoming State Fair ADGA sanctioned show! When: August 14-15, 2021. Where: Wyoming State Fairgrounds (Douglas, WY PEN FEES WILL BE COLLECTED AT THE SHOW RULES 1. These are Official ADGA shows, sanctioned separately for Jr. Does and Sr. Does. ADGA rules shall govern. 2. Base date for computing age of animals is July 31, 2021. 3. The original registration certificate is required for all does over six month Goats For Sale - Spotted Dairy Air. I am planning a trip to North Carolina the first week in August, and can deliver along my route for a small fee. For Sale. ADGA American Nubian Buck. $400. DOB 4/22/21. For Sale. ADGA Purebred Nubian Doe

ADGA registration of all animals six months of age or older is required, kids under six months of age may be shown with a ADGA stamped duplicate copy within 30 days of the received stamped date. 10. Open doe show, ADGA Rules will govern. Show order is subject to change to ensure the show runs in a timely manner. 11 KingsBarn Toggenburgs. May 24 ·. 6 buck kids 1 5 0 each unregistered. Born February-March. 1 yearling buck. 1 5 0 unregistered. All are purebred Toggenburgs and can be ADGA registered for a fee. River Falls WI. See More 2019 ADGA National Show Reserve Best Udder: 2019, another great year! T. and airline shipping fees (we prefer Alaska Airlines, but also ship on American or Delta airlines with costs ranging $325-$500 depending on kennel & content's weight) must be paid in full before shipping. We reserve the option to purchase 20 units of semen for the cost. Mini Lamanchas, ND crosses and Sheep for sale!Sheep is a 1 year old Gotland fiber wether (fixed) sheep. $150 OBO OR possible trade. 4 2 & 4 week old bummer lambs. Eating well on the bottle and started on hay and grain. Can go now possibly for $60 each to an experienced bottle fee Adga Nigerian Dwarfs & Nubians - $300 (Willcox, az New owners will need to send in the paperwork to ADGA and pay the applicable fees to register and/or transfer kids into their names. 6. What do registered goats cost? Registered pricing is typically $350-$550 each, depending on the breeding and if any discounts apply. The range in price is based on several factors

Registration and Transfer Facts. The ADCA has regulations in place that protect owners, breeders, buyers, and sellers of ADCA registered Dexters. These regulation and transfer essentials help insure correct and timely registration and transfer of Dexters in our database. You must be a member of the ADCA with your membership fee paid Bitterroot Dairy Goat Association 5th Annual ADGA Show! June 19, 2021 in Hamilton, MT ! Show check-in begins at 6 AM! Please make check payable to:! Bitterroot Dairy Goat Association P. O. Box 902 Corvallis, MT 59828! Phone: 406-214-0484 email: bitterrootdairygoatassociation@gmail.com N750 WOEST-HOEVE DEFYING GRAVITY ADGA N1699208. N750 - Pedigree Link. Gravity is a buck I dreamed of owning before his mother even won Reserve National Champion in 2014. As soon as I saw SGCH Iron-Owl Flying Dragon 2*M EX92 (EEEE) as a young doe in the UCN, I contacted her owner and asked to get a son Entry Fees: $9 per goat, per ring. Entry - Deadline Sunday, May 9, 2021. No late entries, no exceptions. Herd Fees: $45 will be waived if you bring a helper to fill one of the many jobs on the day of the show. We are asking each exhibitor/herd to bring a helper for the show day. If you don't have a helper to bring you can pay the herd fee of.