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In this tutorial I show you how to backup your disc based games to your hard drive using Aurora on your JTAG or RGH Xbox 360.Download Aurora: http://phoenix... Burning the DVD. In order to burn the DVD/CD to a disc for safe keeping, you will have to use DVD Decrypter. 1. Insert a blank DVD / CD into the DVD burner of your PC. It's important that you use the right disc for the type of game that you are copying. If you copy a game which is a DVD, you need to put it on a DVD and the same for a CD. 2 FSD is short for Freestyle dash. A, imo, better dashboard then Aurora but tastes differ. What you need to do is either set a scanpath to the folder you dumped your games in or log into the 360 via FTP and copy the dumped games to the folder that has the other games in it

what's your Primary use of copy to DVD contents to Pendrive , do you want to run the game from the USB or Just keep a Backup of it , in case your dvd gets damaged ? 1. if you want to Just copy the file to pen drive , Just select the files and Copy.. Copying Xbox 360 Games To Hard Drive. In order to learn how to copy Xbox 360 games for free, all you need is a DVD burner and a software that allows you to burn games. The process of burning Xbox 360 games on the DVD does not take much effort at all Gman1255. 1 year ago. It should do it automatically. Make sure you have game folders listed as something like DVD1 and DVD2. For example, how I have Dead Space 2: I have Xbox 360 Games/Dead Space 2/DVD1 and Xbox 360 Games/Dead Space 2/DVD2. 2

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There are two ways to copy Xbox 360 games, namely: (1) to your Xbox console, and (2) to a separate hard drive that you own. Somewhere in between the first and second step, you can also make copies to a separate CD or DVD. They are actually very easy procedures ones you get the hang of them. In fact, after you've made your first copy, you won't be having much trouble copying any of the other. Copying your Xbox 360 DVDs to an ISO file on your computer allows you to replace the disc if your original DVD becomes scratched. Run Game-Cloner and select on the main interface and click on the 'Copy a game disc to a blank disc' button.; Insert your source game disc and define the target burner. Click 'Start' and it will begin reading the disc The fundamental of copying Xbox 360 games are simple, you just need to install the game copy software on your PC and generate an ISO image file store inside computer hard drive. Then, you can use computer's DVD burner to burn the image file into a new blank DVD. If you want software that fits all the above criteria then recommended Xbox Game.

Dear All, I'm about to get an Xbox 360 RGH, but want to upgrade to a newer hdd, I'm used on og xbox, when we had a hexen dvd inserted the HDD and it would automatically format, but what about xbox 360 rgh, does aurora, or other similar dashboard format new hdd All in all, Xbox 360 is a game console not a primary DVD player, if you want to watch movies on Xbox 360 sometimes, you can follow the methods mentioned above to play DVD on Xbox 360. In addition, TuneFab DVD Ripper is a excellent way to transfer the DVD into other formats for your easy watching 1. Plug the USB Flash Drive to the Xbox 360 console. 2. On the console, go to My Xbox, and then select System Settings. 3. Select Memory. 4. Select the storage device that contains the content you want to copy, move, or delete. 5. Select the type of content that you want to copy, move, or delete. 6. Select the item that you want to copy, move.

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8/10 - Download Aurora DVD Copy Free. Aurora DVD Copy is a program to easily create backups of your DVDs. Download Aurora DVD Copy and extract the contents of a DVD to store it on your PC. Aurora DVD Copy allows you to easily copy all the data from a DVD to your hard drive. Thus, you'll be able.. 360 and Xbox 1 games can be stored on your hard drive. The easiest way is putting your disc into your 360 and run the CopyDVD function from inside FSD. If you have a 360 or Xbox 1 game ISO file, you can extract it and place the files on your hard drive. CopyDVD With game in DVD drive, Press Y -> Copy DVD -> USB or HDD -> Name

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Hướng dẫn sử dụng Aurora trên Xbox 360 JTag. 1. Đang chơi game muốn thoát ra màn hình chính . Bấm phím Guide , chọn Freestyle Home , chọn yes . (Phím guide ) 2. Add Games để game xuất hiện ở màn hình chính . - Bấm Start chọn Content Scanning , Chỉ đến đường dẫn của thư mục chứa games. Once this process is complete, remove the original game disc and insert a blank DVD in the drive. It is advisable to use a dual layer blank DVD. After the blank DVD is inserted, the game copying application will burn an image of the game on it. When the burning process is complete, you will have a copy of the original Xbox 360 game

Step 1: Run DVDFab DVD Ripper, select the Xbox 360 profile you want. Run DVDFab, choose Ripper option. Click the profile icon on the left panel then a profile library will pop up. Navigate to Device, to Microsoft to select the Xbox 360 profile you prefer Step 1 Free download, install and launch the Xbox 360 video recorder app on your computer. Choose Video Recorder for Xbox game video recording.. Step 2 In the Display section, you can switch from Full or Custom to set the Xbox recording region. It is also supported to record gameplay video with Xbox 360 window. Just select the edge of the display screen with red dotted line directly

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Steps on how to play a DVD on Xbox one by installing a Blu-ray player app: Step 1: Take the desired DVD disc that you want to play and insert it into the gaming console. The Microsoft Store will automatically start downloading the relevant app. You can also click the tile that looks like the disc icon on the dashboard 1. Plug the USB Flash Drive to the Xbox 360 console. 2. On the console, go to My Xbox, and then select System Settings. 3. Select Memory. 4. Select the storage device that contains the content you want to copy, move, or delete

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I use CloneCD to burn my xbox360 iso/.dvd files - but lately everytime I try to burn one it says the Verbatim DVD is not large enough (its DVD+R DL 8.5gb disks) and that I will have to either try to Overburn the image, or select a larger media to burn it onto Download the latest Aurora build from XboxUnity.net and extract the files into a new folder named Aurora. Copy this folder to your Xbox 360's hard drive. Launch the Aurora.xex to start the dashboard, or set it as your default dashboard using DashLaunch Explore our free collection of games and ROMs for Xbox 360 (X360 ROMs).Enjoy your favorite Xbox 360 games on any device: Windows, Mac, Android or iOS - the largest collection of games and X360 Emulators!We recommend you take a look at the greatest games for Xbox 360: BioShock 2: Minerva's Den, Far Cry 3, Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Practically, you only need the dvd for transferring to HDD, so making it external seems logical. I already tried a 2TB drive and was able to transfer everything on my 250GB drive on it using FATXplorer. It went fine with the following exceptions: - I cannot see the drive in the official xbox dashboard (expected Rayman Legends Scanned Xbox 360 Cover. 5095. forza motorsport 3 dvd cover xbox360. 3544. Fallout 3 XBOX360 UT. 2614. XBOX 360 MAX PAYNE 3 POYZENART. 2447. BioShock DVD NTSC f1

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Only the DVD region that matches your Xbox One or Xbox 360 can you play DVDs on the Xbox consoles. The truth is that not all DVD discs are designed for all regions, or for your Xbox device. Unless you convert the disc to the Xbox One/360 supported format, or you will fail to play specific DVDs that are sold in the different region as your Xbox Game-Cloner 2 is the smart game copy software to copy PS3 games, PS2 games, Xbox 360 games, Wii games and PC games. Besides the game disc copy, it can also make ISO files and copy the ISO file from the hard disk to a blank disc. Game-Cloner 2 can also recognize the .dvd files on the hard disk under the Xbox 360 copy mode 10.9K Download. 5 Alternatives. Disks. Review. Alternatives. Download. Xbox 360 ISO Extract is a small utility to extract the contents of an Xbox 360 ISO file, then uses FTP protocol to upload it. Works with modded devices this utility is a GUI for Exiso that works from the command-line. Advertisement

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DVDFab DVD Ripper is a fabulous ripper you can use to convert DVD to Xbox 360 for it provides two optimized Xbox 360 profiles for you to do the conversion job effortlessly. Step 1: Load the source. Run DVDFab 10, go to Ripper module and load the source. Step 2: Choose the Xbox 360 profil There is a right way and a wrong way to copy Xbox 360 games. The wrong way is to attempt to make a copy using your traditional DVD burning software. It simply won't happen. Those older copying applications cannot bypass the Xbox game's copy protection scheme In this how-to video, you will learn how to burn game ISO's for the Xbox 360. It is important that it is only legal to back up the games that you already own. You will need the Image Burn program. Open it and click Write Image File to Disk. Next, click browse for file and look for the .DVD file. Go to tools and settings. Click the Write tab and go to sectors and make sure the number is 1913760 Xbox 360 Game Covers (522 Covers) > Newest Covers. Ratatouille (NTSC/) Added: Jun 28, 2021. High School Musical 3: Senior Year Dance (NTSC/) Added: Jun 28, 2021. Fable Anniversary (NTSC) Added: Jun 24, 2021. Anarchy Reigns (NTSC Sadly, the Xbox 360 chooses to ignore .TS files when present on a DVD-R disc or any other direct method for playback. If you have a TS file with H264/AVC video with AC3 audio (will work with MP3 also) then this page can help you to take the H264 stream and place it into the MP4 container so it will be recognized by the Xbox 360 console

How to Rip and Convert DVD to Xbox 360: Step 1 > Run DVDFab 12 and choose the Ripper module. How to Rip and Convert DVD to Xbox 360: Step 2 > Insert the DVD into your optical drive, and DVDFab will load the content on the DVD automatically. You can also load the source manually by clicking the + button After the firmware writing is complete, click the Outro / ATA Reset to exit vendor mode on your DVD drive. This will keep your Xbox 360 from getting banned immediately from Xbox Live. The DVD Key entry in the Drive Properties section should read Verified Xbox 360 Modding Tutorials. Find the most current and updated Xbox 360 modding Tutorials in this section. 1. 2 This post will describe how to add a game to your XBox 360. Open ISO2God and click on settings. At settings setup Iso2god as described at the following picture and click on Save Changes : On main form of Iso2god Click on Add ISO button and add the iso file that includes your game. On main form of Iso2god click on Convert button

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  1. My Christmas gift this year was an HD-DVD Player for the Xbox360. It's US$199, but it comes with an HD-DVD copy of King Kong as well as the larger-sized XBox 360 Remote Control, which is nice. The drive also is a USB Hub adding two USB ports to make up for the one in the back it takes away from your Xbox. Here's the worst part about HD-DVD
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  3. Spare Part DVD ROM Disc Drive for Xbox 360 Slim Lite-On DG-16D5S. by LeHang. 3.6 out of 5 stars 10. Xbox 360. $19.99 $ 19. 99. Get it as soon as Wed, Jul 21. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Only 20 left in stock - order soon. 250GB 250G Internal HDD Hard Drive Disk Disc for Xbox 360 S Slim Games
  4. Want free Xbox 360 games? Well, join the club. But you can actually do something about it and download and burn Xbox 360 games with a few programs and a little knowhow. If you want the keys to the Xbox kingdom, just watch this video tutorial that shows you how to burn Xbox 360 games perfectly every time. This only works for the Windows Vista OS and works more smoothly if you have a great DVD.
  5. Here we would like to share you with the concept of xbox 360 from Wikipedia: Xbox 360 is actually the second video game console developed by and produced for Microsoft and the successor to the Xbox. When it comes to its supported formats, Xbox 360 generally supports videos in Windows Media Video (WMV) format, H.264 and MPEG-4 media are also.
  6. I will presume you have some basic knowlage of how your homebrew enabled 360 works, it is beyond the scope of this tutorial to explain how to get FreeStyle Dash on your Xbox 360. You could copy it from a USB hard drive using XEX Menu though just to point you in the right direction

Microsoft Xbox 360 20GB Console White (Renewed) by Amazon Renewed. 3.6 out of 5 stars. 188. Xbox 360. $213.99. $213. . 99 Talk about Xbox 360 Homebrew and other hacking. List threads: All: Homebrew app (3) Homebrew game (1) Page 1 of 66. Urgent help needed with Aurora on an RGH Xbox 360 needed please... bluefox9er, Feb 27, 2021. Replies: 19 Views: 2,167. Fastest way to transfer games from PC to internal HDD? ThaKarra, Apr 30, 2021... 2. Replies: 23 Views. Xbox 360 has strict requirements for the input formats and only WMV, AVI, H.264 and MPEG-4 are supported. In other words, it's impossible to directly play MKV on Xbox 360. Alternatively, you have to convert MKV to supported formats and play on Xbox 360. Conclusion. Based on the guide above, you should understand how to play any MKV file on Xbox.

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  1. The HD DVD drive was bundled for a limited time with an Xbox 360 Universal Media Remote, as well as an HD DVD copy of Peter Jackson's King Kong. The drive plays HD DVD movies, although all Xbox 360 games will remain on the DVD format. Microsoft had no plans to include an internal HD DVD player in future Xbox 360 designs
  2. Passo 1: Insira o disco Blu-ray na unidade. Insira o Blu-ray ou DVD na unidade Blu-ray de seu Xbox One e, em seguida, você será redirecionado para a Microsoft Store automaticamente para baixar o aplicativo relevante. Caso contrário, clique no ícone do disco no painel. Passo 2: Instale o aplicativo Blu-ray Player
  3. Xbox Image Browser This tool allows you to view the content of an Xbox 360 Iso image. What I use this tool for is extracting the files from the iso then putting them on my xbox instead of the iso. Xbox 360 iso's are zeroed out to 7 gb or so no matter how big the game is. A game with 1gb of files could be wasting 6gb of space
  4. I am trying to burn an Xbox 360 game to a DL disc and have tried to follow some of the guides that talk about burning .iso files to dual layer discs but I am not getting the same results as the guides say I should. I have the following files for the game I want to back up: .dvd file - 1Kb.iso file - 7,651,848 Kb. System Info file - 1Kb.sfv file.
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  6. Pasar Juegos De Dvd A Disco Duro Xbox 360 Rgh Aurora. Countries With Aurora Borealis. Td Bank In Aurora Ontario. Td Canada Trust Branch And Atm 14845 Yonge Street Aurora On. How To Exit Aurora. Pasar Juegos A Xbox 360 Por Usb Rgh Aurora. Aurora Telenovela Episode 2. Aurora Telenovela Episode 2
  7. Run Game-Cloner and select on the main interface and click on the Copy a game disc to a blank disc button. Insert your source game disc and define the target burner. Click Start and it will begin reading the disc. After the reading is completed, please insert a blank DVD+R DL and then it will begin burning. Completed! Note: Burning Xbox 360.

Well, a game ripped by xbc I basically rgh ready, I have an rgh running aurora, I have downloaded the disc to God script, however it doesn't give you a folder to copy to a HDD, whereas xbc does..I want to be able to plug in a drive to a newly rgh console, install aurora, them dump games direct to it already extracted in correct format, them all I need to do is dump the folders into game. How to Copy Xbox 360 Games for Free. Scratched DVDs have always been a major problem for Xbox 360 owners. For those of you who would like to make a backup copy of your prized (and may I add very expensive) Xbox 360 game DVD, but don't know how, this guide should come in handy Using unique sports copying software, a PC with DVD power, and a double-layer DVD is the best way to duplicate and rip to the Xbox 360. Ripping your Xbox 360 games for your tough power is a clean task if you use a right Game Copy Software. With this software, you can, without problems, Copy your Xbox 360 video games without the mod If you have a CD or DVD writer and a CD or a DVD to write information on your PC, all you need is the program that lets your PC read information on the CDs of these gaming console games, installed in your PC. If you have managed to get all this done, then your PC and you are ready to copy Xbox 360 games and make unlimited copies of your.

Transfer content from the USB stick to the second XBox 360, On a computer copy the file name.txt and the folder content back to the USB stick (overwrite existing files), Plug the USB stick back in the first XBox 360 and transfer the files back. Now you have your game(s), and whatever other data you copied on both XBox 360's Step 1. Open the dvd file for your game with note pad copy the layerbrake *nubers* only. Step 2. Open dvd decrypter hit tools- settings then iso write mode and paste the layer brake numbers in here. Step 3. Now open your iso file and click burn when it is finished test. GOOD LUCK!!!!!! Burn XBox and XBox360 game images with this utility. XBoxBurner is a straightforward software application designed for creating Xbox and Xbox 360 images. It supports the ISO, IMG and CDR formats. The problem with replacing your Xbox DVD Drive is that all DVD Drives are locked to their respective motherboards. This is done using a secret key that only that motherboard and that DVD Drive have. If you use another Xbox DVD Drive in your Xbox it will still read disks but will deliberately recognise Games as DVD Movies instead

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Unity; RealModScene {{ item.caption }} Unable to retrieve menu items. Please try again later.. Not working try formatting using Gui Format32. If this doesn't work place xenon.elf. on root of internal hdd, and place the mplayer folder on the root of a usb (ntfs, fat) then launch. - Sometimes when mounting more than 1 USB, it will not find all of them. Just restart XMPlayer until it does. Playing video Once downloaded and extracted load xdvdmulleter up highlight view iso and click next. 3. load the iso from dvd drive or file (most likely file if you dl) once loaded click next. 4. at the bottom of the window you will see a box of options like stealth, video, other and so on click on other then select make .dvd file Changing the Region of Xbox 360 Game. Once the Xbox 360 is modified, you can either change the region of the game or turn your Xbox region free. The video below explains how to change the region of the game by uploading it your computer and burning it in the necessary region using the free 360 Flash Dump Tool. Video Loading XEXMenu is a file manager / FTP server / dashboard for the Xbox 360, it can launch for XEX Homebrew, Games, Apps and Emulators from a USB drive, Internal hard drive or even a DVD. . XEXMenu has two different versions, which can be incredibly useful for different situations. The ISO version of XEX Menu is useful for people with new Jtag or RGH.