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Alternanthera White Carpet is sometimes called Snowbush although, like other Alternantheras, this variety likes the heat. The small oval leaves are olive green with a white margin. This alternanthera has a compact growth habit and will spread along the ground. It makes a great border plant or grow it in a mixed planter for the contrast of. Incredible Indian cultivar famous for fooling plant show judges who cannot believe this is cousin to the Calico/ Parrot tribe! The most successful way to introduce a patch of white in your terrarium, your fairy garden, or tropical trough. Much used in moss topiary as this quilted carpet stays close to the surface This video shows how to propagate Alternanthera Ficoidea 'White Carpet' using the stem cutting method. This plant is also known as Brazilian Snowflower, Braz.. Common Name: Joseph's coat, Brazilian Snow, Snow Carpet, Brazilian Snow Carpet Alternanthera Ficoidea White is a low-growing ornamental shrub that is native to Central and South America. The leaves have distinct ruffles that enhance the beautiful white and green colors. The white patterns are random, and each leaf wil Alternantheria 'White Carpet' has white variegation and a wider leaf shape. Mature height: 4-6. It is a lovely garden compliment to colorful tropical house plants or more subdued bedding plants.Joseph's Coat is a low-growing trop. The colorful foliage of St. Joseph's Coat is especially eye catching. Alternantheria 'White Carpet' has white.

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Alternanthera ficoidea 'White Carpet', Alternanthera ficoidea, Alternanthera ficoidea 'snowball', snowball, white carpet, Alternanthera Tropical perennials grown for their colorful foliage. This form has small puckered leaves splashed liberally with white. Stays low like a groundcover to 10. Great in containers. Full sun or part shade Alternanthera ficoidea 'Brazilian Snow', Alternanthera ficoidea 'Snow Carpet' Common Name: Brazilian Snow Flower, Brazilian Snowflower, 白苋草 Leaves silvery-green with irregular white margins, bumpy and puckered in appearance. Flowers creamy-greenish, inconspicuous, produced at leaf axils in head-like clusters with papery sepals.Grown. Alternantheria 'White Carpet' has white variegation and a wider leaf shape. Mature height: 4-6. Joseph's Coat is a low-growing tropical perennial valued for its bushy habit and glossy, colorful leaves

Alternanthera Facoidea Joseph's Coat Bettzickiana Ficus Ficusoidea White Carpet Brazilian Snow Amaranthaceae Indoors Parrot Parrots Parrot's Parrots' Leaf Leaves Tenella Copper-leaf Copper Calico Joyweed Ficoidea Facoida Ficoida var. Var. Gomphrena ficoïdes Ficoïdes Ficus Idea Fic Ide Alternanthera dentata is a tropical perennial typically grown as an annual, known for its colorful foliage that ranges from burgundy to purple. Genus name comes from the Latin words alternans meaning alternating and anthera meaning anther. Alternate anthers in the genus are barren. Specific epithet means toothed for the toothed leaves

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Joseph's coat plants (Alternanthera spp.) are popular for their colorful foliage that includes several shades of burgundy, red, orange, yellow and lime green.Some species have single-or bi-colored leaves, while others have the entire rainbow of color in a single plant. These frost-tender perennials are grown as annuals and range in size from 2-inch dwarfs to 12-inch mounds of foliage Alternanthera ficoidea White Carpet. Stock Number: 41926. Very congested flattened buns of lovely tiny puckered leaves brightly margined bold white. Incredible Indian cultivar famous for fooling plant show judges who cannot believe this is cousin to the Calico/ Parrot tribe! The most successful way to introduce a patch of white in your. Krokot berbunga (Alternanthera ficoidea White Carpet) Rp 13.500 Menyesuaikan gaya rumah dengan jenis tanaman yang nantinya akan dijadikan komponen taman merupakan modal utama dari terciptanya visual yang harmonis dan manis bagi hunian, Tanaman ini akan sangat mudah padu dengan berbagai komponen rumah yang dapat menciptakan nuansa yang asri A. ficoidea 'Red Threads' is a slender-leaved perennial selection that doesn't wander, forming a textured carpet in shades of deep burgundy. A single plant makes a mound about 8 inches tall and 14 inches wide. It blooms on and off all year, but you may never notice. The small, pale flower buttons are held in the leaf axils, where they are nearly indistinguishable from the foliage unless.

Growth Form: Forms a dense mat of creeping stems. Foliage: Medium green, glossy leaves are heart-shaped with a wrinkled leaf texture. Stems: The stem forms roots at the nodes Alternanthera Plant Care & Growing Guide. 1. Light Requirement. While it is best to grow these plants under bright direct sunlight, they can also be grown in partial shade. If you are growing this plant outside, you should choose a spot that receives direct light. If you are growing it inside a greenhouse, choose a spot by a window that gets. Species Characteristics. Family: Amaranthaceae Habit: Smooth, hollow stems sprawl onto water's surface and up onto banks. Stems have nodes from which other stems and roots grow. Leaves: simple leaves are opposite and elliptic with have smooth margins. Flowers: distinctive white, papery flowers.What appears to be one flower is actually a cluster of several flowers that grows on a stalk that can. KOKEDAMA Alternanthera ficoidea White Carpet Rp 30.000 Jika anda sudah mengenal dengan istilah kokedama, maka anda tidak asing lagi dengan kokedama Alternanthera, yang mana KOKEDAMA merupakan salah satu metode menanam tanaman tanpa menggunakan pot, sebab tanamannya telah terbalut penuh dengan media tanam, yang dampak baiknya tanaman akan sangat.

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Alternanthera White Carpet. $9.99 Quick shop. Aeschynanthus radicans $11.99 Regular price. Quantity. Add to Cart Aeschynanthus radicans. $11.99 Sold Out Glechoma hederacea 'Variegata' $9.99 Sold Out Pelargonium 'Orange' $14.99 Sold Out Pelargonium 'Attar of Roses' (Scented Geranium). Alternanthera Reineckii Mini is a delicate dwarf variant of the stem plant, Alternanthera Reineckii. It is a demanding low-growing aquatic plant that displays colorful hues on its leaves. The slow growth of this red miniature acquatic plant makes it unique as compact foreground plants are to small tanks, with its bushes setting an accent to the. Alternanthera wilts fairly easily if it gets too dry, but quickly recovers when you water it. Outdoors, grow alternanthera in sun or shade. Just like as a houseplant, alternanthera has better color in the garden or container gardens when it gets more light. Water regularly to keep the plant from wilting Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Alternanthera, Calico Plant, Joseph's Coat, Parrot Leaf (Alternanthera ficoidea) 'Snow Carpet' supplied by member gardeners in the Pl..

The gorgeous Viola MAGNIFI SCENT® Collection has been bred for beauty and fragrance. Blooms are medium to large, 1.5″ in diameter. Vigorous compact rounded habit, 4-9″ x 6-9″. Viola x hybrida MAGNIFI SCENT® 'Blue Sails' has frilled blooms in elegant crisp white tones with bold striking delft blue edges, and is ideal for patio pots and containers, garden borders and mass landscape. Outsidepride Alternanthera Purple Knight Plant Flower Seeds - 40 Seeds. 1.0 out of 5 stars 1. $9.99 $ 9. 99. FREE Shipping. White Carpet St. Joseph's Coat Plant - Alternanthera ficoidea - 2.5 Pot. $5.99 $ 5. 99. $7.59 shipping. Alternanthera Purple Prince 100 Seeds. $29.37 $ 29. 37. $6.95 shipping Alternanthera 'Purple Knight' MC0468. RM 19.00 Add to cart. Add to wishlist. Quick View; Alamanda Kuning Bunga Besar. RM 19.00. Availability: In stock. Alamanda Kuning Bunga Besar MC0258. RM 20.00 Read more. Add to wishlist. Alternanthera White Carpet. Alternanthera ficoidea W2 IMG 4185.jpg 798 × 600; 180 KB. Alternanthera ficoidea-1-market-yercaud-salem-India.JPG. Alternanthera ficoidea-2-market-yercaud-salem-India.JPG. Alternanthera ficoides Beauvois.jpg. Alternanthera ficoldea 'White Carpet' 1.jp Home > Alternanthera. Taylor Greenhouses offers an ever-expanding variety of healthy, interesting, pest-free plants. A genus of perennial tropical flowering plants. Alternanthera Bronze. $5.50. Alternanthera Burgundy. $5.50. Alternanthera Dwarf species. $5.50

Pegaga Kampung disediakan di dalam polibeg bersaiz 8×8 atau kurang. Ketinggian tidak melebihi 1.5 kaki. Belilah Dengan Yakin, Kami Mempunyai Bertahun Pengalaman Mengepos Anak Benih Menggunakan Kurier. Sila Lihat Rating Kami Posted by BookerC1 (Mackinaw, IL - Zone 5a) on Oct 22, 2015 1:00 PM. I saw this striking plant in a hanging pot with the opening at the bottom, so the narrow, blade-like leaves came cascading out of the bottom of the pot

Alternanthera ficoidea plant Dinesh Valke CC-BY-SA 2.0 Alternanthera ficoidea flower and stem Dinesh Valke CC-BY-SA 2.0 Red leaves KM CC BY 2.0 'Creme de Menthe' David J. Stang CC BY-SA 4.0 'Red Carpet' Jim, the Photographer CC BY 2.0 Variegated leaves David J. Stang CC BY-SA 4.0 Form Dinesh Valke CC-BY-SA 2. Menyesuaikan gaya rumah dengan jenis tanaman yang nantinya akan dijadikan komponen taman merupakan modal utama dari terciptanya visual yang harmonis dan manis bagi hunian, Tanaman ini akan sangat mudah padu dengan berbagai komponen rumah yang dapat menciptakan nuansa yang asri. Tanaman ini memiliki nama ilmiah Alternanthera ficoidea White Carpet. Tanaman ini dapat ditanam didalam wadah pot. Alternanthera 'Green 'n Gold', a native of the West Indies and Brazil, is a compact and tidy evergreen ground cover. It has thin, richlycoloured green and gold leaves and is mainly cultivated for the colourful appearance of these leaves throughout the seasons, although it does flower in winter, in white to creamy clusters surrounded by small protective bracts

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White Carpet St. Joseph's Coat Plant - Alternanthera ficoidea - 2.5 Pot. MSRP: $11.99 $5.99. Sale. Add to Cart. Deep Red Miniature Blooming Anthurium - 3 Pot. MSRP: $14.99 $9.99. Sale. Add to Cart. Bonnie Curly Spider Plant - Easy to grow Clean Air Plant - 4 Mini HB. MSRP: $17. We are your one stop Online Garden Shop, full fledged Online Plant Nursery, selling compost, soil, fertilizer, baja, insecticide, fungicide, pesticide, plants, fruit.

Algerian Ivy - Hedera Canariensis - Green with White Leaves 0. Allamanda Cathartica - Brown Bud 0. Aloe - Peglerae 2. Aloe Mitriformis - Levis Alternanthera - Hoja del Loro - Little Ruby 1. Alternanthera - Purple Knight 1. Alternanthera - Red Carpet 4. Alyssum - Clear Crystal Purple Shades 2. Alyssum - Clear Crystal. Joseph's Coat (Alternanthera) is grown in most regions throughout the U.S. as an annual. It can be grown as a perennial in U.S. Department of Agriculture Hardiness Zones 10 and 11, too. Small varieties are known to grow in mounds and to spread outward as a fast growing ground cover. Larger varieties grow taller and can be used as a hedge Alternanthera. Trailing Iceplant. Creeping Jenny. Daisy. Gardenia. Rose. Saxifrage. Variegated Lilyturf. Euonymus. Fern. Holly. Sedge Grass . Spider Plant Variegated Liriope Plant with Grass-Like Green and Creamy White Leaves (70) Model# 12905. FLOWERWOOD Asiatic Jasmine 3 1/4 in. Pots (54-Pack) - Live Groundcover Plant (29) Model# 5225LP.

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  1. Sepals are 2-3 mm long, white or purplish, glossy with a green base, glabrous or with a few long hairs, and a strong midrib. The fruits are indehiscent, a small, flattened, obcordate or obovate utricle, 2-2.5 mm long, enclosing the seed. Seeds are dark-brown to black, disc-shaped and shiny, about 0.8-1 mm in diameter
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  3. Alternanthera (Alternanthera ficoidea) is a colorful, easy-to-grow plant with long, pointy leaves and a compact growing habit. Alternanthera is well suited to borders, because the foliage can set off flowers with white, yellow, or pink blooms, depending on the variety

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Common name: Alternanthera 'Snow on the Mountain', Snow queen etc Botanical name: Alternanthera ficoidea Native: West Indies Life cycle habit: Annual/perennial. Plant type: shrub.. Pests and Diseases: Caterpillars and Snails. Alternanthera Snow Queen is a slow growing shrub with unusual variegated white leaves and it can take both sun and shade.This plant is quiet well branched with. Joseph's coat needs a lot of water to stay happy. Give it at least an inch per week. Soggy soil can kill Joseph's coat, and drought can too. Keep soil moisture consistent to help you to avoid any problems. Let the first inch of the soil dry out before watering to avoid overwatering 10 Church Street, P.O. Box 97, Stewart, OH 45778-0097 plants@glasshouseworks.com Tel:740-662-2142 Fax:740-662-2020 Look at Our Ma Dwarf Baby Tears Care: Carpet, Growth Rate, Temperature, Co2 & Lighting. Dwarf baby tears (known as Hemianthus Callitrichoides or ' HC Cuba') are by far the most elegant carpeting plant in my opinion. Given the right care and the right conditions, this plant will thrive and slowly cover any exposed substrate in your aquarium. Tank Requirements

Alternanthera True Yellow, a small perennial plant having thick chartreuse-yellow, cupped to crinkled shaped leaves and small white-colored flowers, is a tropical plant that is widely used for mass plantings, border edging, and in hanging baskets from $6.99 $12.99. Anubias Nana - Loose Rhizome. Quick View. Sale. Anubias Nana - Loose Rhizome. 40 reviews 1 question. from $29.99 $69.99. Anubias Nana - Tissue Culture Cup. Quick View Model #76077. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 2.5-Qt Echinacea Cone Flower Perennial Plant 3-Pack. Model #4112. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 2. 2.5-Qt Rudbeckia Black Eyed Susan Perennial Plant 3-Pack Alternanthera ficoidea is a low-growing plant that typically grows on erect to procumbent stems to 6-12 tall. It is native from Mexico to Argentina. Species plants have elliptic to broad ovate green leaves (to 1 long). However it is the brightly colored cultivars that have become the popular garden plants, featuring green leaves blotched. Features: Alternanthera ficoidea, belonging to the genus Alternanthera which consists of about 80 herbaceous plant species, is a fast-growing tropical herb with height between 15-60 cm (0.5-2 ft) or more and an equal spread. It is low-growing, usually with a compact and carpeting habit. It has slender, weak and moderately branched stems that.

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Plates after Turpin and Pretre. Other names used for this plant include Sessile Joyweed, Red Carpet Weed, Red Sessile Joyweed, or Dwarf Copperleaf. Thanks. The purple-leafed variety has the botanical name of Alternanthera versicolour, but the green variety is called Alternanthera sessilis, so you may see references to purple A. sessilis of the member-only content library. Alternanthera ficoidea 'Red Threads' is most commonly used as a ground cover where it will form a thick, low growing bush. Krokot kriminil daun merah (Alternanthera ficoidea red) Rp 10.000 Quick view Krokot epah daun merah (alternanthera dentata) Rp 10.000 Quick view Krokot berbunga (Alternanthera ficoidea White Carpet) Rp 15.000 Quick view Rp Click on any. Exotic Angel plants are bursting with personality. Fun and stylish, these houseplants bring home décor to life with lasting quality and endless variety—all lovingly raised by the Costa Farms Family. Transform your home into an oasis with different Exotic Angel plants from around the world This low-growing plant forms mounds of slender, colorful leaves. Leaves are a mix of maroon, pink, green, yellow, and orange. Small, off-white flowers bloom atop its stems, but they're insignificant compared to the showy leaves. A nice combination plant for other foliage plants. Fully rooted in a

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Purple Knight Alternanthera's attractive pointy leaves emerge olive green in spring, turning deep purple in color the rest of the year. Excellent grown in containers or mixed borders and beds. reward gardeners with their interesting foliage. Kept at 70-75° F., germination is in 3-14 days. Plant Purple Prince with bold flowers like zinnias and petunias, or mass to create a gorgeous small-scale. Alternanthera Reineckii 'Mini' aka ARM has vibrant pink, red leaves. The plant has a compact form of growth and they often seen in Dutch-style aquascape planted aquarium design. The high light intensity and the addition of CO2 improve the plant's growth and overall appearance. Sold as a small, bare-root plant. Pictures are not the actual plants you will receive, but a sample representation 2021 Annuals | We Grow Dreams. Please view our updated list of what we will be growing this year! Each list is sorted by the container that we plant them and sell them in. Items that are BOLD and Purple in color are new to We Grow Dreams this year Contact Lucas Greenhouses 1049 Whig Lane Monroeville, NJ 08343 Phone: (856) 881-0234 Fax: (856) 881-2502 sales@lucasgreenhouses.co Rooted Plugs Available For Shipment. Download Availability in Excel Format. Rooted Plugs. Fern Emerald Queen Australian Sword Fern. Fern Macho Fern. Fern True Boston Massii. Heliotropium Arborescens Atlanta. Heliotropium Arborescens Poseidon. Ageratum

Check out our selection of healthy, vividly colored aquarium plants. From Ludwigia Super Red and other red stem plants like Alternanthera to different styles of Bucephalandra, we're bound to have a red aquarium plant to fit your planted tank. You'll also find all the variegated plants here such as Anubias Nana Pinto, Variegated Bucephalandra. Oct 23, 2017 - The first compact Alternanthera from seed! Ruby to burgundy foliageThis attractive heat loving foliage plant creates a unique carpet of color! Great for garden beds, landscapes, and a great addition to mixed containers. SHIPPING Seed Untreated 25 Seeds: We have under 5 packages of this size but we have more in the war

الباحثة مها شحاده | خبيرة بناء الشخصية وفق أبحاث الدماغ. Show navigation. الرئيسية; مها شحاده; الدورات التدريبي Alternanthera Red Carpet 980.4800.021 Alternanthera True Yellow 980.4800.021 Angelonia Angelos Bicolor 980.5500.021 Angelonia Angelos Blue 980.5500.021 Angelonia Angelos Lavender Pink 980.5500.021 Angelonia Angelos Trailing Blue 980.5500.021 Angelonia Angelos Trailing Pink 980.5500.021 Angelonia Angelos Trailing White 980.5500.02 Alternanthera Amaranth, fuchsia, spike Amaranth, gold, spike Amaranth, Autumn's Touch Amaranth, Coral Fountain Ammi, Dara Ammi, Green Mist Ammobium Apple of Peru Aster, Calico, white/mauve Aster, white Astilbe, foliage Atriplex, copper Baptisia, foliage Calendula Celosia, burgundy Celosia, Celway Terracotta Persian Carpet Zinnia, purple.

Black Olive East Nursery. E-mail: info@blackoliveeastnursery.net Website: www.blackoliveeastnursery.net Phone: 954-985-2541 Fax: 954-985-9913. 3539 Griffin Road Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312. Hours: M-F 8am-5pm. Sat 8am-1pm White Carpet St. Joseph's Coat Plant - Alternanthera ficoidea - 2.5 Pot. MSRP: $11.99 $5.99. Sale. Add to Cart. Biblical Purple Prince St. Joseph's Coat Plant - Alternanthera - 2.5 Pot. MSRP: $9.99 $4.99. Sale. Add to Cart. Leopard Plant - Silver Squill - Scilla violacea - 2.5 Pot - Easy Houseplant. Keep trimmed some so that more fresh foliage branches out for color. Have seen it in North Florida waist high. Max would be 2-3' high and 2-3' wide (less in cooler night areas). Plant as a single specimen or a tall edging plant ie dont plant in front of short plants. Flowers are evident in short days but are small and insignificant white balls Alternanthera make excellent fillers for container displays due to their compact growth. Space four inches apart for a carpet effect and pinch back occasionally to keep plants bushy. Pot plants and bring indoors as a house plant for winter. Interesting Facts: Alternanthera come in many varieties Alternanthera 'Red Carpet' Common Name: Joseph's Coat. Alternanthera Joseph's Coat Red is a slender leaved perennial with shades of burgundy. Alternanthera, commonly referred to as Joseph's Coat or Joyweed, is a greenery favorite. Angelonia Serena Mix produces purple, pink and white blooms amidst the green upright foliage

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  1. The plant is likely the reverted White Carpet version of the Alternanthera ficoidea, commonly called Brazilian Snow Flower. Reversion occurs where a variegated plant with white patches on its.
  2. g a textured carpet in shades of deep burgundy. A single plant makes a mound about 8 inches tall and 14 inches wide. It blooms on and off all year, but you may never notice
  3. Quick view. Agrostemma White Seeds - Agrostemma Githago Bianca. $3.99. Quick view. Alternanthera Purple Knight Seeds - Alternanthera Brasiliana. $9.99. Quick view. Alyssum Carpet of Snow Bulk Seeds - Lobularia Maritima. $299.99
  4. bumble white ajuga reptans chocolate chips alternanthera brazilian red hots (pp19936) alternanthera ficoidea snowball abutilon lucky lantern red (pp25443) acalypha wilkesiana tiki jungle cloak aeonium sunburst ajuga black scallop (pp15815) ajuga reptans mahogany alternanthera dentata little ruby alternanthera ficoidea yellow 201
  5. Common Name: Description: RHS Award of Garden Merit. The 'Plant of 1,000 Uses' that is a knockout in sun or shade, in gardens, as well as a variety of containers. Loads of bright red flowers til frost over deep green, glossy, angel wing-type foliage

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Plug crop time: 4 to 5 weeks. Transplant to finish: 5 weeks. Offering a full colour range, Easter Bonnet combines uniformity of habit and colour with unsurpassed earliness. Covered with dainty, fragrant flowers, plants stay compact and tidy much longer than other alyssums, making these excellent edging plants. Other Easter Bonnet Varieties About This Product. Miniature version of the well known Alternanthera. Characterized by compact growth and a slower growth rate. It is particularly suitable for small aquariums or makes a nice foreground centerpiece in larger aquariums. Frequent trimmings (keeping between 1 - 3) help to create a dense, red violet carpet Aqueous Alternanthera extract also increased the life span and diminished the number of viable tumor cells (59%) in mice with Ehrlich ascites carcinoma. 122 A chloroform extract of the leaves of A. sessilis administered orally at a dose of 200 µg/mL to Albino rats showed significant results on parameters of the wound healing process, including.

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140mm Lamium White Nancy - Lamium maculatum - Garden Carpet Range (0) $9.98. more. Available in-store only. Compare. 140mm Lime Lava Cushion Grass - Scleranthus biflorus (1) $9.98. more. Available in-store only. Compare. 140mm Garden Carpet Range Convolvulus Prime White - Convolvulus mauritanicus (0) $9.98. more. Available in-store only. Alternanthera pungens Kunth is a creeping, prostrate perennial pioneer plant of the Amaranthaceae family, spreading by seed and vegetatively, with roots often developing at the nodes of spreading stems. A plant of roadsides, path verges and waste places (ruderal), it is thought to have come from Central and South America, and to have become. The Spruce / Autumn Wood. Perlagonium geraniums are classic container plants. The ivy form has smaller flowers but blooms just as abundantly as the upright form. Ivy geranium will spill over the edges of your container. And, like its upright relative, it can handle heat and short periods of drought well. 15 of 24 Product Description. Sedum hispanicum Blue Carpet has petite silvery blue foliage with pinkish white flowers. Makes a great groundcover. Hardy to zone 5. Free shipping on orders over $90.00

Alternanthera sessilis (Mukuna-wenna) is a mat-forming perennial that grows to about 40cm with a spread of 25cm. It could be considered a ground cover in many circumstances. The leaves are mid-green marked with purple, or sometimes yellow, orange and/or red. The leaves are elliptic to obovate, or essentially arrow-shaped and up to 2.5 cm long Plant Breeding and Testing - From Concept to Landscapes. Did you know that the average Ozbreed plant undergoes 5-10 years of rigorous testing before it is released to the market? Read on to find out why Ozbreed plants have been a staple for landscape professionals for over 20 years and are renowned for their no fuss, functional and reliable. Alternanthera species are winter hardy outdoors only in USDA zones 10-11. So to prolong the enjoyment many gardeners take Alternanthera indoors in fall to be a houseplant for winter. As a houseplant, Alternanthera needs a well-lit location like a southern exposure, commercial potting mix and a container that offers good drainage

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Alternanthera 'Red Thread' Wine colored leaves create contrast in any landscape or container; Well branched; Very dense carpet like foliage; Height: 10-12 in Spread: 16-18 in Color: White. Please to see pricing. Characteristics & Attributes. Foliage Color: » Red. Exposure: » Full Sun » Partial Su Alternanthera is a large genus of 200 species, grown for their attractive colorful leaves, which are opposite, often toothed, and variable in sizes. Alternanthera are native to tropical and subtropical open forests in Central and South America. Below are the details of offered plant: Plant Name : Alternanthera Green Plant Height : 6 - 12 inc Brazilian Red Hots Alternanthera is a dense herbaceous annual with a ground-hugging habit of growth. Its medium texture blends into the garden, but can always be balanced by a couple of finer or coarser plants for an effective composition.This plant will require occasional maintenance and upkeep, and should not require much pruning, except when necessary, such as to remove dieback