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Shorts: Pack a few pairs of both casual shorts (jean or chinos) as well as athletic shorts for any hikes or water activities. Quick-dry layering tops: Bring a few pairs of a tank and/or short. 17 Top Caribbean Packing List Items for 2021 + What to Wear & NOT to bring. Updated on January 27, 2021 by Asher Fergusson. T. he Caribbean is filled with gorgeous islands, crystal clear waters, and stunning landscapes. This region is one of the world's most popular destinations for travelers, and for good reason. Though the majority of the. Printable Caribbean packing list. Packing is one of the hardest parts of travel planning. But it can also be one of the most satisfying. Because once you have got you suitcase packed, it the undeniable sign that you're almost on the road again! Below you can see my ultimate Caribbean packing list for both men and women Caribbean Packing List Extras: Here are a few more things to bring (if you have extra space) that may make your trip more enjoyable: Books for beach reads; Towels (although check with your lodging, as most places provide these) Insulated Water Bottle - the YETI is the most popular example. These tumblers are great on the beach, and they'll.

Caribbean that include packing lists based on interviews with locals, thorough research, and first hand knowledge from experienced travelers to ensure accurate travel tips for you. Choose your packing list below. If you don't see yours listed, check out our International Packing Lists Molly's Caribbean Travel Checklist A vacation packing list is especially important when traveling to a destination for the first time. Get the best out of your vacation experience by making sure you don't leave any of your essentials behind! To make that task easier, we've provided you with our Molly's Caribbean Travel Checklist below Packing List Packing Guidelines. Don't overpack! Living on a boat means limited space. Trust us, you don't need much! Leave any items you consider precious at home. Sail Caribbean is not responsible for your belongings. Label everything with your full name. Don't bring any luggage with a rigid frame, hard bottom, or wheels But don't worry, we've got you covered with a specific Caribbean vacation packing list, a Mexico vacation packing list, and even a ski trip packing list. Related: How to Pack for a Winter Vacatio Packing for a Caribbean vacation is a lot like packing for any other tropical destination: bringing protection from the sun and heat is key. But you also need to be prepared for the unexpected -- and to play and party

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  1. Caribbean Packing List. Caribbean Packing List RumShopRyan 2020-03-10T11:52:12-04:00. Hey! Traveling to the Caribbean whether it's to a resort, a charter boat, or an Airbnb comes with it's own unique packing strategy. Below is a list of things/websites we've used while traveling the Caribbean and we want to share them with you! Many of.
  2. Ultimate Printable Packing List for 7-Night Cruise and 14-Night Cruise. Ultimate Guide to Cruise Packing. Pre-Cruise Planning Checklist. Documents. Photo ID (passport preferable)/birth certificate.
  3. 15 Reasons to take your Yoga Teacher Training Abroad This detailed packing list will break down everything you need to bring on vacation to an All-Inclusive Resort. My experience was a week in Jamaica, but any short, tropical vacation would need the same suitcase packed. Before I get to the packing list though, I'll jus
  4. gly endless buffet, sip fruity cocktails by the infinity pool, or sunbathe on the beach. Read on for the necessities that should definitely have a place in your suitcase
  5. Caribbean Packing List FAQs 1. What clothes to pack for a Caribbean vacation? Caribbean weather is pretty consistent, so packing clothes for the trip is easy. In most cases, you won't have to worry about packing various layers. The warm weather mostly calls for shorts and cotton t-shirts and some dressy outfits for special occasions. 2
  6. Puerto Rico Packing List: Must Haves for Your Caribbean Vacation . The list below is the master checklist of the packing list for Puerto Rico. These are the things that should definitely be in your bag. Beyond that, I've included additions to the master checklist of what to pack for Puerto Rico depending on the activities that you'll.
  7. Updated on March 23, 2021 by Asher Fergusson Table of Contents What to Pack for Caribbean Cruise - 17 EssentialsOther Caribbean cruise packing list items not to forgetWhat to wear on a Caribbean cruiseWhat NOT to take on a Caribbean Cruise:FAQs about Caribbean Cruises: What to Pack for Caribbean Cruise - 17 Essentials 1. Universal

In addition to the toiletries you'd pack for any trip--shampoo, soap, shaving items and the like--sunscreen and bug spray are must-pack items for a Caribbean trip. Bring any medicines you need to.. In our downloadable Caribbean Cruise Packing List, we list all the toiletries we pack for our cruise vacations. Yes, many cruise lines do provide some essential shower products, but we still prefer to bring our own. Even if you don't pack as extensively as we do, the essentials should include medications, suntan lotion, and hand sanitizer

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Ultimate Cruise Packing List Packing for your cruise vacation can be a challenge. The only thing we can think of that you might dread more is unpacking when you get home! Through the years, we have learned that a packing list is essential. Over the years, we have have learned the hard way by forgetting some essentia The Caribbean is the perfect spot to escape cold weather and relax in paradise! Warm breezes and a relaxed island lifestyle call for island casual outfits. Use our Caribbean Packing List to keep the trip prep easy and stress-free

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  1. d that just because you're on a tropical cruise doesn't mean you can just pack a bathing suit and flip flops. There may be chilly weather at night so be sure to bring long pants (like jeans) and a light jacket
  2. Complete Caribbean Cruise Packing List. Cruising the Caribbean is one of the best things to do in life. You have booked a cruise and organised your trip. Congratulations. Now, you are wondering what to pack for a Caribbean cruise. Packing for a cruise is the thing you need to get done before jumping into one of the world's most popular cruise.
  3. Caribbean Cruise Packing List Printable. Here's a free cruise packing checklist that you can download and print, along with a packing list that you can personalize. Of course, I couldn't fit all the things you need for a cruise in just one post. So, here are other specific cruise packing lists that will be helpful as you prepare for your.
  4. Caribbean Packing List Clothing. The right Caribbean clothing will be essential in your comfort while on vacation. It is an average of 80˚F in most Caribbean locations and humid nearly year round which means you will feel sticky if you aren't wearing the right things. You will be in the tropics, so dress appropriately
  5. If you're cruising to the Caribbean, Mexico or other warm weather destinations, bring a hat for protection from the sun. If your cruise vacation will take you to Alaska, Canada & New England or Northern Europe, be sure to pack a jacket and several sweaters. Casual: You're on vacation - relax! Jeans, shorts, tees, tank tops, polos, sundresses.

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  1. Packing List: Caribbean Vacation With Kids. In our house we choose the Caribbean when we want an easy vacation. Beach, umbrella drinks, some sightseeing options in case we want a break from our lounge chairs and beach reading. Whether we choose a resort or rent a beach house even a simple vacation takes some planning
  2. The Royal guest document (eDocs - electronic document) we issue includes a bag tag specific to the guest ship, sailing date, stateroom and deck number. The bag tag also provides information on how it should be used. In addition, generic bag tags are.
  3. You have your vacay planned to a dreamy Caribbean island- you just have to pack now! No matter which island you're headed to, we've compiled a list of must-haves in your suitcase that will make your island getaway that much sweeter. 1. Passport. Okay, this might be obvious, but you wouldn't believe how many people forget their passport.

  1. Using the new Matalan holiday section for examples, here are the 9 packing list essentials for the Caribbean I think will make your trip all the better. Nice to feel prepared isn't it? - Excuse the mess, I am genuinely packing here! 1. Maxi dress
  2. And if you have any Caribbean packing secrets of your own, we'd be glad to add them to our list. Share your best ideas in the blog comments below or on our Facebook page. Card Games. A standard deck of cards or Cards Against Humanity can be enjoyed by the entire group from any of the indoor or outdoor common areas. Fun times and lots of.
  3. The Caribbean travel packing list; this most essential of pre-travel checklists is something that I've been working on for years. As you'd expect, we travel a lot around here. Sometimes, we travel with little or no notice. And sometimes, we return home only to turn around and hop on a plane to some other tropical destination mere hours.

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Any time I spot a packing column in a travel magazine, I'm all over it. Scouring the photographs, sussing out new brands, ideas, packing techniques. Needless to say, I was very excited to see Patrick's brilliant packing list for Uncommon Caribbean a few weeks ago. Only one problem: his 10 items would work way better for my husband. Cruise Packing List Worksheet. Comprehensive Packing List (printable) Packing Essentials. Prohibited Items. Need to know! Wearing camouflage is illegal in many countries in the Caribbean and South America, along with other areas around the world. You will be required to return to the ship and change, or worse, you could be arrested.. After taking the time to do all the research I figured I might as well turn it into a printable packing list to share with all of you. This tropical vacation packing list would be great for warm weather cruises, island-hopping, trips to Mexico & more! Really anywhere warm & sunny where you can sip mojitos and let your cares melt away!!

Pack smart. The typical cruising packing checklist is predictable (shorts, t-shirts, sundresses, some formal wear), but it's easy to forget some key items that should be on your list. Follow our six steps for packing for a Caribbean cruise so you can instead focus on that umbrella drink. STEP 1: PACK LIGHT (REALLY LIGHT A Caribbean vacation packing list For this list, we're going to take a minimalist perspective on things and include only the essentials. There are several reasons why you should avoid overpacking when heading to the Caribbean- one of them is airline baggage weight limit restrictions Having access to a good Caribbean Cruise Packing List is key is important and can take a lot of the stress away, leaving plenty of time for the most important part - enjoyment! What kinds of things do you make sure you bring on board when you are on a Caribbean cruise? Your Printable Caribbean Cruise Packing List

See all of our packing list posts here. Sailing along on an ocean breeze, soaking in the tropical sun, listening to the water skim along the hull, it's the stuff of daydreams. I was about to make it a reality with a one-week sailboat charter in the British Virgin Islands, and it's too bad daydreams don't come with a packing list CARIBBEAN PACKING LIST Please pack carefully. Prepare for warm temperatures, the weather is typically in the mid-80's during the day and the mid-70's at night with reasonably high humidity. Winds during late February and into March tend to be from the east 15-25 mph during the day with possible calming at night

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Now, before you put anything in a bag, make a list. Overpacking happens when you start grabbing drawers full of shirts and dropping them into your open bag (for a packing check list, see below). Write down every item you're going to bring on vacation. Stick to a color scheme Use our Ultimate Beach Vacation Packing List to ensure your trip is as stress free as possible. Packing can be a big concern, especially when traveling to a new and unfamiliar place. Save yourself the extra worry and money of last-minute purchases with this easy to use packing checklist for any beach vacation

Caribbean Vacation Packing List. Travel Tips. Elle McLaughlin, Leaf Group Updated March 15, 2018. Packing for paradise (Photo: antigua Caribbean beach image by Andrew Howard from Fotolia.com Ultimate Printable Packing List for a Cruise Carry-On Bag or Backpack Important paperwork - tickets and travel insurance info List of emergency phone numbers back home Travel ID documents - passport, visas Wallet with cash, credit cards (only one or two cards), driver's license Cruise line luggage tags to attach at destination (if you are flying Your honeymoon to the Caribbean will be here before you know it and with the craziness of the wedding and life in general, My Vacation Lady always recommends packing in advance OR at least getting things ready before the wedding so you don't have to do a mad dash out to the mall the day before you leave for your honeymoon. Every island in the Caribbean is a bit different in what you may need.

CARIBBEAN PACKING LIST. January 2020. So your trip is all planned, flights are purchased, and your adventure is mere days away. Now you've got to take on the dreaded task of packing your luggage. Packing for the tropics is actually easier than you might think. Remember you'll be spending most of your days in the sun wearing only a swimsuit Caribbean Packing List. Keep Reading for the best Caribbean Packing List! 1 x Long Dress for those cooler nights. 3 x Dresses for evenings out. 2 x Beach Dresses to throw on during the day. 1 x Denim Shorts for day and night. 1 x Set of work out wear in case you fancy working off some of the buffet food! 1 x T-Shirt in case it gets cooler at. Cruise Packing List . This cruise packing list is based on what I (Emma) would take for a week long cruise in a warm climate: Three sundresses that can be worn both for casual dinner and during the day; Two pairs of shorts for daytime - one denim and one classic; Three tank tops for daytime - solid color

Day pack or small backpack Bring four passport-size photos (color or black-and-white) with you for local permits, visas for travel, etc. If you plan to travel to other countries for vacation, you may want to bring extra money to suit your travel plans; credit cards or traveler's checks are preferable to cash Just wanted to offer my advice for packing for a guy going to an all-inclusive in the carribean for a week. I scoured the internet looking for something like this for my boyfriend, and couldn't find one that suited, so I pieced together what was out there. After the trip, my boyfriend and I edited the list and made a few suggestions for next time Caribbean cruises are the most popular, but you can also visit several seasonal regions like Alaska on a cruise. In fact, many of the top cruise destinations are seasonal ports. In our latest cruise packing list for 2021, we detail what to wear on a cruise in these various regions of the world. What to Wear on a Cruise: Cruise Packing List 202 A 7 day Caribbean cruise packing list makes it much easier. With a cruise packing list, you will know how to pack for a 7 day cruise so so you don't forget the important things. Instead, you can focus on all the fun you'll have whether traveling to the western Caribbean, the eastern Caribbean or even Bermuda

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This packing list has the exact essentials you need for your trip to the Caribbean with your baby and additional things you might not have thought of that will help for your particular circumstance. Baby on the Beach in San Juan, Puerto Ric The only thing most cruise travelers dread more is unpacking when they get home. To lessen this dread, a comprehensive packing list is essential. Anyone who has forgotten some important item and then had to purchase it at double the price on the cruise ship or in a port of call will know that such a list can be invaluable

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So, you're getting ready to pack for your first Caribbean cruise. What to put on that cruise packing list?! Now, you likely won't want to take all of the things on the list below. But there's a good reason to consider all of them Packing List for Bahamian and Caribbean Cruises. Dress comfortably for vacation—plus bring the appropriate attire for such activities as dinners and Port Adventures. Embarkation Day Basics. Pack these items in a day bag to keep with you, as your luggage may not arrive at your stateroom until a few hours after the ship leaves port

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Caribbean Cruise Packing List For Kids - from the must-haves to little things you don't need but may want, we have it covered in this cruise packing list. Get all the Caribbean cruise essentials to pack you and your kids. Jojo and I recently went on a Western Caribbean cruise, and it was everything we thought it was going to be and more (if. A printable cruise packing list is just what you need to make packing for a cruise simple and easy. We will walk you through what to pack for a cruise in this article - including what to pack for an Alaskan cruise, and what to pack for a Caribbean cruise! We recently took a cruise to Alaska with Princess Cruises and had the trip of a lifetime Cruise Packing List PDF - Free Printable Download! Our Cruise Packing List PDF will hopefully help you to remember the absolute essentials! A Cruise isn't a normal type of vacation. Typically, when traveling, you still have access to everything that you'll need. You can run to the local pharmacy for some medication Packing List: Caribbean Cruise. 5 Things You Won't Want to Forget for a Caribbean Cruise. 1. Dress code-appropriate clothes: Certain restaurants or events may require formal wear; others may not allow flip-flops, sleeveless shirt for men or shorts. Consult your cruise itinerary for specifics

Organization is key when creating a honeymoon packing list, says Jen Avey, VP of Marketing, Destination Weddings Travel Group. Most lists mix informal wear, such as T-shirts and leggings with formal attire, like sundresses, button-downs, and cardigans. (Of course, you'll want to pack lingerie or other sultry attire. Cruise Packing List Extras Sunglasses. The Caribbean sun is bright and hot, and when it reflects off the water it is even brighter. A good pair of sunglasses are a cruise essential. I recommend a polarized pair for protection while at the beach or exploring different ports. And of course Ray Ban is a great brand

The BEST Disney Cruise Packing List (+ Pirate Night Details) This list is perfect for guests who will be sailing on a warm weather itinerary such as the Caribbean, Bahamian, and CA Coast. We have detailed out all of your must-haves plus added a few things that we think are totally worth bringing onboard such as pirate night apparel and. We just returned from a 12 day trip which included a cruise to the Western Caribbean, abord the Voyager. Let me tell ya I spent hours and hours...probably DAYS stressing over what to take and how much to pack. Packing/unpacking and repacking..checking the list and doing it all over again. Cruise diva.com has a great list...I have developed my own The Ultimate Caribbean Packing List February 27, 2017 By Nikki Disclaimer : this post may contain affiliate links, and every purchase made through these links will give me a small commission (at absolutely no extra cost for you! We hope our suggested packing list will leave you feeling prepared and excited for your Caribbean adventure. Take a screenshot to keep a check on your phone, or even print it out so you can tick off each item off as you go. Happy packing! Packing Checklist The essentials. Passport; Visa documents; Travel insurance document So, I've compiled my Top 10 helpful tips on packing for your Caribbean vacation. 1. Make a list and check it twice. You don't need a lot when vacationing in the Caribbean or on St Croix. Most dress is casual, dressed up can be as easy-breezy as a button-down tropical shirt for gents and a sundress or capris and a nice top for ladies

A featured checklist: Caribbean Travel Checklist. Automatically generated, and then customized by GFM. Create and customize your own checklist, for any trip or vacation If you're wondering what to pack for Jamaica - or anywhere in the Caribbean - here are a few helpful items we recommend you put on your packing list for Jamaica. I bring this up because we just packed for a trip to Jamaica ourselves! In 2014, we concluded our Peace Corps service in Jamaica and returned to the States The following is a simple packing list of things to bring to Jamaica. Airline ticket Aloe Vera Anti-itch cream ATM card Beach attire (bikini, cover ups, trunks, etc.) Beach bag Beach shoes Book (for plane ride) Brushes/comb Camera Curling iron Deodorant (solid and spray) Feminine hygiene First-aid kit Hair spray Hat Headphones for plane (1/8 jack) Health insurance phone number Insulated cup. Packing List for a Caribbean Bareboat Charter - Her Packing List says: November 4, 2013 at 8:26 am [] The following has been submitted by Tammy Kennon. See all of our packing list posts here. [] Reply. Top 3 Travel Sites For Female Travellers | TravelBox Blog says

The Packing List Assistant is a cool feature if you're low-maintenance: it will take your parameters (number of people, destination, weather, etc.) and automatically create lists for you. PackPoint: PackPoint's purpose is to take the guesswork out of packing The Ultimate Caribbean Vacation Packing List. What to Do in Turks & Caicos: One Week in Providenciales. 10 Ways to Maximize Vacation Days for Travel. Comments. Alex M. says: September 28, 2020 at 4:37 am. I loved the playlist, they are amazing songs. But no roadtrip from Miami to Key West would be complete without the two island country singers. Essential Caribbean Packing List Learn what to pack and what to leave behind for an easy, breezy Caribbean getaway. The arguing is over, the payments are made, the travel documents are in hand and your passport is ready for that first stamp Cruise Packing Tips — Beyond the Checklist. As we've mentioned, packing for a cruise is a little different than any other vacation. While you need to prepare for lots of different situations — everything from hanging out by the pool to formal night — we actually think it's easier to pack for a cruise than other trips

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Alright, let's get back to the packing list for a Caribbean vacation sailing school. Let's begin with packing tips: 1. Check the weather prior to arrival. 2. Know the currency. 3. Check your sailing school's website for what to bring information. 4. Check your government's travel alerts Print out this checklist and tick the items as you pack! Download Cruise Packing List PDF. AN IMPORTANT NOTE: Each ship provides guidelines around what items are not allowed onboard the ships, which will include items like irons, candles, explosives, flammable liquids, weapons, power boards and extension cords. Be sure to check these guidelines Beach day equipment for the beach packing list. For vacations at the beach, some of the basic items to be carried with are as follows: A Beach bag: It is recommended to use bags that are specifically designed for vacation purposes.Nylon/polyester are the materials considered for the fabrication of beach bags due to their lightweight, durable and water-resistant abilities Pack a plastic, disposable rain poncho or two. These fit neatly in your suitcase and will help prevent you from getting soaked. It may take a couple of days to dry your clothes after you experience a sudden downpour, quite common in the Caribbean. Don't forget hygiene items, sunscreen, bug spray, flashlights, a basic first aid kit, medication.

The Ultimate Caribbean Cruise Packing List. The cruise essentials mentioned in this guide are useful for all Caribbean or tropical weather cruises, and you can just adapt the amount of underwear, swimwear and outfits to suit the length of your cruise Now that you've got your packing list, time for some Puerto Rico travel tips. The flight time from Miami to Puerto Rico is approximately two and a half hours, and it's less than four hours from NYC, with lots of direct flights. This means that for anyone on the East Coast of the USA, Puerto Rico is a very viable long weekend getaway Printable Caribbean Cruise Packing List; What NOT to pack for the Caribbean; How to pack lighter for a cruise . Chapter 6: Cruise Packing List for Women. Don't get stressed out with everything that you have to plan and pack for your cruise. This cruise packing list for women is designed to keep you from agonizing over every little piece so that. Apr 22nd 2019. Travel. Our 2021 Cruise Packing List is the only checklist you'll need in preparation for your cruise vacation. From the essentials to the extras, we've got you covered. We're constantly asked what to pack for a cruise.. To make it as simple as possible, we've created this printable PDF Cruise Packing List

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Ultimate Cruise Packing Tips for First-Timers. Remember Essential Documents. Bring a Carry-On Backpack. Keep a First-Aid Kit. Use Sun, Bug, and Rain Protection. Wear Comfortable Closed-Toed Shoes or Water Shoes. Have Proper Attire For Dinner. Take a Light Jacket, Sweater, Sweatshirt or Wrap. Carry a Non-Surge Power Strip By the end of the trip we were all dressing a little nicer because we had run out of clean t-shirts and tank tops. Next time I'll pack 2 - 3 more t-shirts and tanks. Watching a squall coming as we sail to Les Anses d'Arlet. 30 Rain gear. We used this every. single. day. And, multiple times a day. The French Caribbean is very squally Presenting the ultimate tropical guide and beach vacation checklist for men. Enjoy these tips for your next trip to any pool party, yacht life or time by the sea.. whether it's the Caribbean, Mediterranean, or a on a coast you can't pronounce. - Suggested items beach + pool wear; site-seeing, evening wear and adult beach toys / technology Ok folks, you have cruise and cruise and you have got it down right. You have the best packing list and tips for packing. Lets see your great packing list. suzyaz@charter.net email em to me. Thank you, Suzy:

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Tourists who take a Royal Caribbean International (royalcaribbean.com) cruise have the choice of more than 270 travel destinations in more than 70 countries in six continents. Your packing check list for a cruise, then, will be shaped by the length of the cruise and the destination. This extensive cruise line also. The Only Cruise Packing List You'll Ever Need Cruise Essentials. Sun cream - If you're going somewhere hot then you do NOT want to leave home without bottles of this, because who wants to come back from holiday red and peeling?! Even if you're going to a colder destination (Alaska/Antarctica) - sun screen is still needed as the sun's reflection off the water/ice (or even the deck.

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Get Your FREE Caribbean Cruise Packing List Checklist Here! Although everyone's packing list may look a little different, this list has all of the main elements as well as a few blank spaces to fill in. Working off of this list before your next cruise will make packing a breeze! Be sure to join my eNewsletter for more great tips on travel Take the stress out of packing for your Caribbean Cruise with this perfect packing list! This simple packing list will help you pack the necessities efficiently without the stress! We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it

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Carnival cruise packing rules for the amount of luggage you can bring are as follows: One suitcase for cruises of 3-5 days. Two suitcases for cruises of 6+ days. Carnival cruise suitcase size limits are 16 inches high by 24 inches wide (the length of the bag is not a factor) and weight limits are 50lbs per bag Packing for a Caribbean Cruise. Here is a list of items you want to be sure to include on a warm weather cruise, most likely to the Caribbean, with your family. Pay close attention to the list of items you don't want to buy on board—prices will be high and choices slim if you forget them Knowing how to pack for a Caribbean cruise is important; after all, you'll want to be prepared for all the adventures you'll have. The Caribbean is one of the most breathtaking destinations in the world, and on a cruise vacation, it can soon be yours to conquer

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Here's our go-to list of essentials you'll want to add to your Mexico packing list. 1. Passport. Whether it's your first international vacay or your 10 th, forgetting your passport is never a fun realization. To avoid leaving it behind on your trip to Mexico, go ahead and pack this first in an easy-to-reach pocket of your carry-on bag or. What to Pack for a Caribbean Cruise. Two words: coral and floral. The Caribbean is the perfect destination to embrace your feminine side and blend in with the foliage. Tank tops. The two super-cute floral print tanks at the top of my packing list have a secret surprise - they're tulip back too My packing list for Mediterranean Cruise was compiled of mainly summer dresses.. For those of you who follow me on Instagram you know that my husband and I just returned from our #wilkesgrandadventure. It was a trip I've dreamed of for a long time When you're packing for an Alaska cruise, for instance, you'll almost certainly need lots of layers, with waterproof outerwear, winter hats, and gloves on hand. You might have to throw in a sweater or sweatshirt on your packing list for a Caribbean cruise, and the same goes for a spring or fall stroll in a Mediterranean port

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Cotton swabs/cotton balls. Nail polish & remover. Nail clipper and file. Vaseline. Air freshener. Everything you need to know for the perfect family beach trip is on our family beach packing list! This packing list for the beach will ensure that you don't forget anything for the perfect beach vacation By paring down our packing list over the years, we now carry less luggage for an 11-night cruise than we did for a 7-night cruise when we started cruising. For short cruises, I'm pretty determined to see if we can make it work with just one carry-on backpack per person Formal Evenings. Most 7-day cruises have two formal evenings, so you'll want to pack accordingly. For men, this means a suit; you can generally get away without the tie unless you're feeling fancy. Women, I would recommend a wrinkle-free dress or two. Sundresses and sport coats will pass, but likely get you some looks