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  1. According to Wildlife Programs Supervisor Dan Bergeron, the total estimated 2020 deer harvest to date is 9,475, an increase of 4% from last year at this same point in the season when the number of deer taken was 9,217. The 2020 total harvest so far is the highest in the past nine years
  2. The Harvest Summary includes data from the NH Trophy Deer Program, run by the NH Antler and Skull Trophy Club, which annually recognizes hunters who harvest deer with a weight of 200 pounds or more by each of the three hunting methods: archery, muzzleloader, and regular firearms. 2020's heaviest deer, weighing 270 pounds, was taken by Mark.
  3. Plan Ahead to Register Your 2020 Deer Harvest. Date: 09/15/2020. Author: nhfishandgame. CONTACT: Dan Bergeron: (603) 271-1126. NHFG Wildlife Division: (603) 271-2461. September 15, 2020. Concord, NH - As Granite State deer hunters prepare for the opening day of archery season on September 15, part of this year's planning process should.
  4. The report reflects that New Hampshire's 2020 deer season resulted in a total harvest of 13,044 deer, the fourth-highest harvest in the state's history going back to 1922. This was an increase of 6 percent from 12,306 in 2019

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  1. STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE FISH AND GAME DEPARTMENT WILDLIFE DIVISION November 17, 2020 Deer Season Update. The estimated deer kill through 15 November is listed below with comparisons to the previous 8 years. These numbers are estimates based on the number of deer registered (not necessarily killed) in each county and may not represent information.
  2. The 2020 New Hampshire Wildlife Harvest Summary, now available, reports the state's 2020 deer season as a total harvest of 13,044 deer. This year's adult (antlered) buck harvest of 7,986 deer was the second largest documented in the state since recordkeeping began in 1922
  3. I was doing some research on deer harvest and found it interesting that nh does daily updates on the f and g website. They show the tally for current harvest vs this date in the season last year. So far in nh this is what it looks like. 2019 up to this date 1,022. 2020 so far 1321. So up 300 deer harvested so far vs 2019
  4. NH Nature NH Wildlife NH Fishing NH Hunting 2020 In-season Moose Kill 2020 In-season Deer Kill 2020 In-season Bear Kill 2019 In-season Deer Kill 2019 In-season Bear Kill 2017 In-season Deer Kill 2017 In-season Bear Kill 2016 In-season Deer Kill 2016 In-season Bear North Hampton: Rockingham: 18-Nov-03: 9: 68: Keith Blanchette: Berlin, NH.
  5. ary data reported on this page from this system are updated once per day during deer hunting seasons
  6. Glenn Townsend says it's the Lord who blessed him with the biggest buck in New Hampshire bow hunting history.That's what I said when I saw it. I said, 'Thank you Lord,' because on every little.
  7. New Hampshire's 2020 deer season resulted in a total harvest of 13,044 deer. This year's adult buck harvest of 7,986 deer was the second-largest one documented in the state since record.

New Hampshire's 2019 deer season resulted in a total harvest of 12,306, resulting in the 7th highest harvest in the state's history going back to 1922. This was a decrease of 13% from 14,113 in 2018. The adult buck (antlered males. age 1.5+ years) kill decreased 2% from 8,029 in 2018 to 7,870 in 2019 These harvest report summaries contain detailed information on deer and bear harvests in the state of New York, including harvest distribution by WMU, trends in harvest over time, and ages of animals harvested. White-tailed Deer. 2020 Deer Take Summary (PDF, 8MB) 2019 Deer Take Summary (PDF, 7MB) 2018 Deer Take Summary (PDF, 7MB New Hampshire Hunting Seasons, 2020-2021 New Hampshire hunting seasons offer standard game animals, including turkey, deer, pheasant and small game. But, what you might not expect from the small state are two larger game options: moose and black bear Record gun deer harvest. Missouri Harvest down 2% but still near record numbers. Vermont Fourth highest deer harvest in last two decades. Louisiana Deer harvest through January 5 was up 9% from a year ago. Wisconsin Deer kill down 14%. a 's Compiled and Written by the QDMA Staff,ffi - the foundation of the hunting industry in North Americ Fall 2019-'20 harvest: 285,873. Overall outlook: The 2020 deer season in Missouri should be a good one, says Jason Isabelle, cervid program supervisor for the Missouri Department of Conservation. Deer numbers are stable or increasing in the vast majority of the state

Review the recent white-tailed deer harvest data before heading out to hunt. Though Massachusetts is the 3rd most densely populated state in the country, it is a state where quality deer can be found anywhere. MassWildlife biologists estimate that there are over 100,000 deer statewide. Estimated. 2020 Mass Deer Harvest Data. Thread starter Bill/NH; Start date Mar 11, 2021; Mar 11, 2021 #1 B. Bill/NH Well-known member. Joined Apr 10, 2004 Messages 7,783 Reaction score 36. Deer harvest data Review the recent white-tailed deer harvest data before heading out to hunt. www.mass.gov Reactions: groundtender. New Hampshire Forum. Forums. The results and recommendations for the 2020 season will take place at the annual deer management review presented at a Fisheries and Wildlife Board meeting in late spring. A complete harvest summary will be posted on the MassWildlife website shortly after the deer review, so please check back here in early summer A detailed report on the 2019 deer harvest includes charts of hunting trends, as well as details about health of deer, and information about the Wildlife Management Unit G1 that includes Hanover. In 2019, Hanover was the only town in NH with a total harvest that exceeded 200. A favorite herbaceous plant for deer, Trillium, is being used to help. The New Hampshire Department of Fish and Game announced on its website that 1,183 bears were harvested in the 2020 season. This number marks a 33% increase from the previous year's harvest and.

The survey was conducted to determine deer harvest in Florida by deer management unit (DMU) during the 2019-2020 hunting season. In June 2020, the firm interviewed by telephone a random sample of deer hunters in each of the 12 DMUs to collect data on the number of people who hunted deer, where they hunted (county or WMA), how many days they. Each year, department biologists examine 15-20% of the annual deer harvest to verify biological data including age of deer by tooth wear and replacement. This For the 2020 firearms season for deer, surveys were sent to a random sample of 10,000 Maine deer hunters. Response rate was ~7.5%, and we are exploring way

Deer Season Harvest | Hunting | New Hampshire Fish and Game Department [ 24.281%] 2020 N.H. DEER SEASON ARCHERY Any Deer INCLUSIVE MGMT. UNITS Sept. 15 Deer Hunting in New Hampshire | New Hampshire Fish and Game Department [ 20.214% 2020 Kansas Deer Harvest. Locke Wheeler February 19, 2021. Sign in. New account. Remember me The deer season resulted in a total harvest of 12,306 deer. Of that, the adult buck kill of 7,870 deer was the second largest in the state since recordkeeping started in 1922, the state said. The report said heaviest deer in 2019 weighed 243 pounds and was taken by Christopher Stanley, of Charlestown, using a muzzleloader

Deer harvest highlights from 2019. NH Fish & Game: Landowner & Hunter FAQ. NH Wildlife Management Units (map) In New Hampshire, private land is assumed to be open for public access unless it is posted at regular intervals with clearly visible signs listing the landowner's name and address Thanks Bill. I was hoping my experiences and observations the past two years in northern Coos were more a factor of my limited time there and in less than ideal conditions

2020 QDMA Deer Report. 2019 QDMA Deer Report. 2020 Saddle Rundown. 2020 Saddle Platform Rundown. 2019 Official Numbers. 1. Buck Harvest. 1. Total Harvest. NH 2019. NH Fish and Game Website. NH 2019 Deer report. NH 2018 Deer report. New Hampshire Fish and Game Laws. 2019 Official Numbers Total Buck Harvest. 1. Total Harvest. PA 2019. PA. The 2020 firearms deer season will end tomorrow, wrapping up 16 days of hunting. The muzzleloader season will start Nov. 28 and run for 16 days, Archery season for deer continues through the end of December. Minnesota deer and hunting facts • Adult female white-tailed deer weigh about 145 pounds, and males weigh about 170 pounds Antlered Deer Harvest Report. State Law requires ODWC to publish a Deer Harvest Report. Sportsmen have the option to exclude their name; however, your deer harvest information will still appear on the report. The report uses an asterisk (*) in lieu of excluded names. Report as of 7/12/2021 First Name: Last Name. While the New Hampshire deer harvest has been down the past few years, things are looking up. A stretch of bad weather during the firearms season the last few years kept many hunters from filling their tags. Couple that with multiple mild winters in a row, and record acorn and apple crops last fall, and the deer herd came through the winter in.

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  1. Today, most deer are bagged with lead, not broadheads. But, ironically, the harvest data is trending back toward more primitive means. I learned that and much more from the Quality Deer Management Association's 2020 Whitetail Report. Here are some thoughts on deer harvests and data collection
  2. CONCORD — New Hampshire's youth deer weekend, Saturday and Sunday, October 24-25, 2020, is the perfect time to take a young person hunting. This special weekend gives young people ag
  3. First deer harvest of the year. In this bowhunting video, I share the first hunt of the year and the first deer harvest of the year.The video camera used to.
  4. 2020 Gun Bucks: Upstate NY hunters share eye-opening photos of trophy deer Updated Dec 16, 2020; Posted Nov 24, 2020 Sean Squiggy Hagan shot this 10-point buck with his 7m 300 Winchester rifle in.

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Hunters bought 548,000 licenses in 2018. Alabama's deer and turkey hunters must report their harvests within 48 hours of each kill. Deer-harvest statistics for 2018/2019, as of March, show 84,000 deer, of which 49,000 were bucks. Turkey-harvest statistics for 2018/2019, as of March, show 1,300 birds, of which 120 were jakes New Deer Harvest Reporting Requirement. A law passed in the 2015-2016 season that required EVERY purchaser of a deer tag (s) to report their harvest, even if they were unsuccessful, or if they did not hunt. For successful hunters, the report must be made within 30 days of harvesting a deer or by January 31, whichever date is first

New Hampshire www.wildlife.state.nh.us, (603) 271-3421 2019 WILD TURKEY POPULATION: 40,000 2019 HARVEST DATA: 5,076 birds 2020 SPRING SEASON DATES: May 1-31; Youth weekend April 25-26 2020 SPRING BAG LIMIT: One turkey statewide; two turkeys in WMUs H1, H2, J2, K, L, The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department says sales will begin soon for special permits allowing hunters to take additional antlerless deer in the southeastern part of the state this fall Deer (either sex)* October 24-25, 2020. Turkey** April 24-25, 2021. * Non-resident youth hunters may participate in the N.H. Youth Hunt Weekend for Deer only if New Hampshire youth may hunt during special youth deer hunts in their state. ** Turkey License required Pennsylvania is among the top states in most categories of deer harvest, according to the National Deer Association's Deer Report 2021, which collected and analyzed data from the 2019-20 hunting. The 2020-21 Kansas Deer Harvest Survey has been sent out and is open for responses. Deer hunters may receive an email or postcard soliciting their response. The survey period will be open through April 19, 2021. Results from this survey help direct future deer seasons and deer management in Kansas

Maine Deer: The state estimated about 290,000 deer in 2021 and 300,000 deer in spring 2020, up from about 275,000 deer in 2019 and 240,000 deer in mid-2017 and 2018. About 225,000 in 2016 and 211,000 deer in 2015. The population has been supported by mild winters. Deer permits have increased since 2016-17 In 2019, of the 237 towns in NH that had successful hunters, only Hanover had a harvest exceeding 200 deer. Only 6 towns had a harvest with more female than male deer. Only 23 towns had a total harvest greater than 100 deer. All of Hanover's neighboring towns had a high deer harvest as well: Canaan (106), Enfield (110), Lebanon (164), Lyme (138) CONCORD, NH — Preliminary numbers have been released by the NH Fish and Game Department on the state's 2017 hunting seasons: Deer Hunt. The unofficial deer harvest for New Hampshire's 2017 hunting season was 12,269. This take was up 15 percent from the 2016 final harvest of 10,675 and is 13 percent above the 20-year average of 10,934 2020-2021 Season Dates and Bag Limits. Completed 2020-2021 seasons have been updated with 2021-2022 dates. Deer Concord, NH - New Hampshire's youth deer weekend, Saturday and Sunday, October 24-25, 2020, is the perfect time to take a young person hunting. This special weekend gives young people age 15 and younger the opportunity to go deer hunting with an adult mentor, without the pressure of competing with thousands of adult hunters

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Results from the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission's 2020 annual bear harvest summary show that hunters statewide recorded the highest harvest total on record at 3,748 bears — an 8% increase compared to the previous season. Record breaking harvest totals were recorded in the Coastal and Piedmont Bear Management Units (BMU. Hunting in NH: A Conservation Tool. August 30, 2018. September 10, 2018. Discover Power of Parks SCA Interpreters Discover the Power of Parks. By: Haley Lesmerises, Interpretive Ranger at Franconia Notch State Park. It's that time of year! Well, almost. The leaves on one of the trees outside the Hiker Cabin at Franconia Notch State Park are. Elk Harvests should be reported to the check station. A successful elk hunter must, within 24 hours, take the animal, along with his or her hunting license and elk license, to the Game Commission's elk check station located at the Elk Country Visitor Center, 950 Winslow Hill Road, Benezette.The GPS coordinates are 41.3231 N and 78.3695 W. Check station hours are Monday, 10 a.m.-7 p.m. and. Regular - Deer (bowhunting only) October 1 through January 31. Special Firearms Season - Deer: The first Sunday in January through January 31. See Rifle, Shotgun and Bow Areas for a description of the hunting implements which may be used in the early bear season and regular deer and bear seasons

Successful deer tag holders are required to report deer harvested within 30 days of the date of harvest or by January 31, whichever date is first. Unsuccessful deer tag holders, whether they hunted or not, are required to report no harvest by January 31 (CCR, T14 Section 708.5 Yes and No. Hunters may harvest deer with these licenses in Deer Reduction Zones (during the appropriate seasons), but those deer will go toward the hunter's archery/crossbow, firearms, muzzleloader, or bonus antlerless county bag limit. Only deer harvested under a Deer Reduction Zone license count toward the hunter's Deer Reduction Zone.

Home- Rhode Island -Department of Environmental Managemen accounted for 6 percent (250 deer) of the overall archery harvest and 2 percent (22 deer) of the archery buck harvest. Hunters using crossbows accounted for 40 percent of the harvest, up from 34 percent in 2017 and 32 percent in 2016. Crossbows became legal for all hunters age 50 or older for the first time in 2016. In 2015 Prior to 2020, deer hunters could harvest multiple bucks across the archery, muzzleloader and rifle seasons. Now, only one deer can be a buck, but one can't shoot antlerless deer in the rifle season, so taking a buck in the early archery season means no hunting during the rifle season (NEREN) For Sale: 3 beds, 2 baths ∙ 2800 sq. ft. ∙ 134 Deer Meadow Rd, Pittsfield, NH 03263 ∙ $379,900 ∙ MLS# 4861326 ∙ Pre-Construction single family Ranch.. to be built, 16-20 week turnaround. To be si..

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Linda Freshwaters Arndt. Buy a deer hunting license.. Learn about Wisconsin's deer management.. Register a harvested deer with Game Reg. Recognized nationwide as one of the country's premier white-tailed deer hunting states, Wisconsin has both an abundant herd and a proven reputation for producing some of the largest bucks in the world The bear season had a record harvest of 762 animals. Four of the five bear hunt zones had their best years. The state's total deer harvest was close to 147,682, a slight increase over 2017-18. The recently-completed spring turkey season harvest was back above the 30,000 mark, 11 percent above 2018 October 22, 2020. What are the 10 New Hampshire. New Jersey ranks in the bottom ten in total deer harvest by state, and number one in the percentage of yearling buck harvest. About 62 percent of all antlered bucks killed in New Jersey are yearlings, and that, combined with low overall harvest numbers, earns New Jersey a No. 2 ranking.. Home - SELT. Southeast Land Trust of New Hampshire. Saving, sharing, and stewarding the lands you love. The vision of The Mathey Center for People and Nature is closer than ever to coming to fruition. Now, as the plans are complete and the construction crews are ready to go, SELT is seeking the final funds to complete this incredible project

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Welcome to NH Made. Your support of locally owned businesses, local artisans and farmers contributes to the character of our communities and to the state's economic diversity. Live Free & BUY LOCAL whenever and wherever you can The 2020 deer hunting season is just getting kicked off, and Kansas' previous state record is already in serious jeopardy. 14-year-old Paslie Werth took a shot at a 40-point, free-ranging. Harvest Equipment 482 VT Rte. 78 Swanton, VT 05488 (802) 868-4184 Get Directions; Harvest Equipment 55 Country Club Road Montpelier, VT 05602 (802) 223-7845 Get Directions; Harvest Equipment 4705 Williston Rd. Williston, VT 05495 (802) 288-1160 Get Direction New Hampshire's Youth Deer Hunt is this weekend.The two-day event gives children ages 15 and under the chance to go deer hunting with an adult mentor, without the pressure of competing with other.

Tyler and Charla in Washington. Farmstead Meatsmith, and our membership, has brought invaluable life lessons and culinary experiences. We recommend the workshops, live videos/chats, and butchery/charcuterie services to pursuers of knowledge, culture, tradition, and the pursuit of the perfect cut of meat. 4. Minnesota. Deer-to-License Ratio: 1.2:1 Historically speaking, Minnesota is a big-time Boone and Crockett buck producer. Not so much in recent years, though. And like the rest of the states on this list, it sees a fair number of hunters flocking to the deer woods each fall NNEO offers Black Bear hunts each fall over bait in both Maine and New Hampshire. NNEO keeps an average success rate of 75% by limiting the number of hunters we guide each fall. Hunt with an outfitter who cares about your success. Experience a first class bear hunting adventure with NNEO. Call today at 603-387-4626 or 603-455-7133 Call it a cabin-fever buck — the photographs of a supposed 412-pound white-tailed buck deer circulating among e-mails of late, that is. The thing, in a classic bowhunting success pose with.

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2020 SPRING HARVEST: 41,461 SPRING HARVEST INCREASE/DECREASE FROM PREVIOUS SPRING: 7% increase HUNTER NUMBERS INCREASE/DECREASE FROM PREVIOUS SPRING: 22% increase, excluding no-cost landowner permits. New Hampshire www.wildlife.state.nh.us (603) 271-342 In 2002, the percentage of the total national deer harvest taken with archery equipment (bows and crossbows) was 15%. By 2012 that percentage increased to 21% but has increased only slightly since. In the 2018-19 season, it was 23% 2020 Vermont Deer Photos - Click Here 2019 Vermont Deer Photos - Click Here2018 Vermont Deer Photos - Click Here 2017 Vermont Deer Photos - Click Here 2016 Vermont Deer Photos - Click Here 2015 Vermont Deer Photos - Click Here 2014 Vermont Deer Ph

There just isn't anything good to say about the fur market going into the 2020-2021 trapping season. The confluence of an oversupply of ranched fur, soft demand due to slowing economies in China and Russia and rock bottom oil prices, and finally the COVID-19 pandemic that rocked economies worldwide and put travel to a halt, have combined to. Solid Waste Department at 864-467-4345 - Workers collect certain dead animals from city owned roads and right of ways. Parks & Grounds Department at 864-467-4350 - If the dead animal is in a city. Eastern Plains Deer 2020. February 12, 2021 by Doyle Worbington. In an effort to provide you with a quality hunt and exceptional harvest opportunities, we strongly manage our number of hunters and the harvest of animals. We offer private land Elk, Mule Deer , Pronghorn and Turkey hunts throughout various locations in the state of Colorado..

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Missouri's Department of Conservation reported that nearly 300,000 deer were harvested in the most recent hunting season. This number is higher than last year's harvest by about 11,000 By Associated Press. Published: Jan. 3, 2021 at 7:49 PM PST. MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) - The Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife says deer hunters had a successful season in 2020. While final. The Granite State's fall turkey hunting season opened on September 15 for archers, while the fall shotgun season runs October 12 - 18. All New Hampshire Fish and Game Department (NHFG) rules and regulations associated with the state's fall turkey season remain in effect, and hunters will continue to have the option of registering harvested birds either in person or online Annual deer harvest totals by county dating back to 1947, including the county specific 2020 deer harvest totals, can be found on the Department's website. Data presented in this summary are preliminary and do not include deer taken during the late urban archery or special late antlerless-only deer seasons The statistics on deer hunting in Maine may not be clear. But we can expect being successful in deep snow and extremely thick wooded area to pose a bit of a challenge. With low temperatures of 41 degrees and high rainfall, it also has a yearling deer harvest of up to 54%. However, Maine does have a low harvest of deer that do not have antlers

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Freshwater Fish Records. Atlantic Salmon: 28 lbs. 1 oz., Howard Clifford, Portland, ME, 10/9/80, location undisclosed NOTICE: Under current law, sea-run Atlantic Salmon are considered federally-endangered, and no fishing is permitted for this species Thousands of deer hunters in New England have been waiting for the gun seasons to open. Maine's opened Nov. 2 and runs through Nov. 28. New Hampshire's began last Wednesday and runs through. September 26, 2020 @ 11:00 am - 2:00 pm. Our 4-hour Fall Foliage Specials depart Meredith Station and head north to Plymouth, NH - a route we don't usually use. We'll enjoy Fall colors as we cross over the Ashland High Trestle and pass through the Bonnie Brae Deer Farm & Glove Hollow Christmas Tree Farm before arriving at the Common Man. NEW HAMPSHIRE. Species: Whitetail. Estimated Population: 100,000. Fall 2018-'19 Harvest: 14,113 (a record 8,029 bucks, 6,084 antlerless) Overall Outlook: Dan Bergeron, Deer Project Leader with the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, says hunters should expect another good season West Virginia hunters harvest 3,099 black bears in 2019. SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Hunters in West Virginia harvested 3,099 black bears during the combined 2019 archery and firearms seasons. The preliminary harvest for the combined 2019 seasons is 19% above the 2,606 bears killed in 2018. The black bear harvest of 2019 is the third highest.

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The best time for moose-watching is in mid-May through July, when they move into open wetlands to feed. Like most members of the deer family, moose are crepuscular, meaning they're most active at dawn and twilight. Keep your eyes peeled for bogs and wetlands, where moose tend to hang out. They're also drawn to salt licks, which is why many. Its Southern Tier has extremely high deer densities and harvest rates; the six million-acre Adirondack Park offers the rare chance to hunt mature bucks in a real wilderness setting; and New York. an antlered deer Harvest Report (formerly called a transportation tag) and allows for the pursuit and harvest of an antlered deer only. Dec. 7-12, 2020 (Season always opens the second Monday after Thanksgiving.) Six-day Firearm Deer Season Report sightings, rooting evidence or other damage cause It is the mission of the Boone and Crockett Club to promote the conservation and management of wildlife, especially big game, and its habitat, to preserve and encourage hunting and to maintain the highest ethical standards of fair chase and sportsmanship in North America In the end, tagging and reporting your harvest is about helping state wildlife agencies help manage deer (and deer hunters). And if your state agency isn't returning the favor with transparent, readily available harvest numbers to help hunters monitor statewide and local herds, it's time you called for it

Discover NEW 2020 exclusives from Annalee. Each of these unique designs is a limited-edition signed and dated by the assembler at Annalee Headquarters in Meredith, NH. Hurry, these tend to sell out fast so don't wait! Showing 1-12 of 17 results. Sort by popularity Sort by latest Sort by price: low to high Sort by price: high to low Hunting and trapping seasons set for 2020-21. Bumper sticker seen on a vehicle along Stoney Creek Rd. in Dauphin County as Pennsylvania's rifle deer hunting season opened today, Nov. 30, 2019. The. In 2016 an astounding 49 percent of the bucks taken in New York were yearlings—this tied Virginia and is the third most behind Wisconsin (65 percent) and New Hampshire (51 percent). Incredibly, the percentage of yearling whitetail bucks in the overall nationwide harvest has fallen from 62 percent in 1989 to just 35 percent in 2016

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Hunters may obtain a Deer Harvest Report Card by accessing the ePermitting system or by calling 302-739-9918 for assistance. Harvested deer must also be registered within 24 hours of harvest in the ePermitting system or by calling toll free at 855-DEL-HUNT (855-335-4868) The Department of Natural Resources released data that shows hunters harvested 95,257 deer from Saturday morning through Sunday evening. That's up about 2.3% from 93,155 during opening weekend in. deer, he/she forfeits the opportunity to harvest an antlered deer during the Permit Shotgun Season. Only one buck may be taken at a time. Permit Shotgun Season Dec. 18-20, 2019 Season bag limit is one deer. This deer may be antlered if the Antlered Buck Shotgun Permit is purchased. However, if the hunter chooses not to purchase th Seafood is integral to coastal livelihoods and economies. But when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, small seafood businesses were endangered. Many restaurants closed and the market for fresh farmed shellfish dried up. Recognizing the need for innovative solutions, Sea Grant began rapid response investments in July 2020, specifically allocating $2.48 million to support the U.S. aquaculture industry

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