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The coiled tubing injector head 1 depicted in FIG. 1 includes many accessories and represents a typical complete coiled tubing injector head 1 in the art with the enhanced and novel features described herein. As depicted in FIG. 2, various piping may be connected to the first and second ports 46,. Injector Heads One of the primary components of a coiled tubing unit, the injector head is made up of a chain and gripper assembly to maintain control over the coiled tubing string. Most modern injectors have a hydraulic drive system that provides the tractive effort for running and retrieving the string from the wellbore

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  1. injector head. 1. n. [Well Workover and Intervention] One of the principal equipment components of a coiled tubing unit. The injector head incorporates special profiled chain assemblies to grip the coiled tubing string and a hydraulic drive system that provides the tractive effort for running and retrieving the string from the wellbore
  2. COILED TUBING INJECTOR - FDS CTI 200K. Features: • Heavy Duty Chain. • Integrated Gripper Block. • Full Access to All Injector Parts. • Split Injector Head Design. • Increased Safety, Serviceability & Reliability. • Suitable for High Pressure Well Applications. • Slow Speed Control for Drilling Applications
  3. Description. The heart and soul of any coiled tubing system is the injector head, and our line of injectors are recognized worldwide as the best in the market today. Designed to handle 1½ to 3½ in. coiled tubing strings, the Hydra Rig™ HR-680 coiled tubing injector is capable of running up to 130,000 psi yield strength string designs
  4. Coiled Tubing Injectors. Coil Solutions are proud to be on the leading edge of change in the deep hole injector market. We have designed a more reliable Coil Tubing Injector system for deep wells and high snubbing forces. Our patented skate system increases tubing grip without damaging tubing. Our injector design is fully serviceable on the well
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For sale is an HR660 Injector head with 120 gooseneck. in great condition and work ready. Related products. Sold Out Coiled Tubing Unit. Skid mounted. 60K Injector. Read more. Sold Out Hydra Rig Compact Skid Coiled tubing Unit Read more. Sold Out Refurbished Coiled tubing Yard Spooler Read more For sale is a fully refurbished 2012 NOV Hydra Rig HR680 Injector Head, can be sold with complete set of 2inch gripper blocks. Injector Specs: Max. speed/min. displacement , 200 ft/min. Max. speed/max. displacement: 108 ft/min. Continuous lifting capacity: 80,000 lbs. Continuous snubbing capacity:40,000 lbs We are proud to be on the leading change in the deep hole injector market. We offer a full range of injectors, from 60k to 160k models. We help our clients succeed around the world on the shallowest to the deepest wells. Our patented skate system increases tubing grip without damaging tubing. Assembled to our customers' specifications at our Canada. Injector Heads An Injector head is the primary component of a capillary injection system. During installation, the operator routes capillary tubing from the spooler to the top of the injector and passes it through the sheave alignment wheel. A series of grooved wheels aid alignmen An improved coiled tubing injector head, comprising a plurality of powered chain loops, each having one practically straight side adjacent to the other chain loop(s) and biased against a tubing running in-between all the loops so as to grip the tubing and allow its transit into and out of a well. The chain loops are assembled from multifunctional links which both transmit drive and also form.

An improved coiled tubing injector head, comprising a plurality of powered chain loops, each having one practically straight side adjacent to the other chain loop(s) and biased against a tubing running in-between all the loops so as to grip the tubing and allow its transit into and out of a well Coiled Tubing Unit; Coiled Tubing Injector; Coiled Tubing Injector. Features. 10K~200K injectors satisfy diversified customer requirements; Double piston motor input, stepless speed regulation, balanced output pressure to ensure stable running; Automatic motor brake for safe operation

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Instead of removing the tubing from the well to fix a problem like a workover rig, coiled tubing is inserted into the tubing against the pressure of the well and during production. Coiled Tubing today feature the highest pull-to-weight injector heads, steel tubing reels and control cabins, from which the operator can smoothly and efficiently. The coiled tubing unit is comprised of the complete set of equipment necessary to perform standard continuous-length tubing operations in the field. The unit consists of four basic elements: `Reel - for storage and transport of the CT `Injector Head - to provide the surface drive force to run and retrieve the C

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  1. HYDRARIG HR-560 CTU - III. This coil tubing unit is consisted of three main components: (1) tractor with wet kit, (2) trailer with cabin, reel and injector head and (3) crane track. the trailer utilize the tractor as the power pack for all power. the trailer consist: the control cabin (mounted on the top deck of the trailer), the reel.
  2. The main engine of a coiled tubing intervention is the injector head. This component contains the mechanism to push and pull the coil in and out of the hole. An injector head has a curved guide beam on top called a gooseneck which threads the coil into the injector body. Below the injector is the stripper, which contains rubber pack off.
  3. Module 1: the injector head This component is meant to do the mission of giving in the tractive effort necessary to run the coiled tubing string and retrieve it back when work is done. Module 2: the control cabi
  4. The injector head is the mechanism which transfers the force necessary to inject, retract or hold the tubing with precision control, while tripping into/out of the well. It grips the coiled tubing between profiled gripper blocks mounted on chains which are hydraulically driven
  5. The coiled tubing contractor must ensure that the space between the tubing reel and the well does not restrict the angle of the tubing from the reel to the gooseneck, taking account of the injector head height above the reel

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The injector head is one of the most important components of the coiled tubing units. It is used to provide the driving force to push and pull the coil in and out of the well bore during operations. The coiled tubing reel is mainly used to store and transport the CT during well intervention and drilling application injector head chain assembly service Tejas Coiled Tubing Specialties is a Master Distributor of Diamond Injector Head Chain and Timken Drives Chain. Both Diamond and Timken chains are made completely in the USA and have a history of running more footage than other OEM or overseas options

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Trailer Mounted Coiled Tubing Unit, Wet Kit Power Supply, 60K Injector Head, Up to 19,350 ft. of 2 O.D. Tubing: Trailer Mounted Coiled Tubing Unit, Power Pack, 60K Injector Head, 24,000 ft 1.50 reel capacit A The Hydra Rig HR580 coiled tubing injector supports the running of 1-1/2″ to . Safety Head: The Texas Oil Tools 7.06″ Safety Head is available in working. allows the coiled tubing to be injected (snubbed) and retrieved from the wellbore. Injector head manufacturers include Hydra Rig, Stewart & Stevenson, Bowen Premier Coil Solutions is the world's leading manufacturer of onshore and offshore coiled tubing, fluid and nitrogen pumping equipment. Our Products More About Us 75 World-Wide Patents and Counting Premier Coil Solutions is the world's leading manufacturer of onshore and offshore coiled tubing, fluid and nitrogen pumping equipment. Our Products More About Us World-Wide Patent With over 20 years of experience in the oilfield, Prowler Energy Services can offer a wide variety of oilfield services and has a well-balanced suite of equipment. About our services Prowler Energy Services offers Coiled Tubing, Nitrogen Pumper and Bulker services to Oil & Gas companies for all of their Production, Completion, and Optimization needs OUR HISTORY A TIMELINE OF Designs and deploys first high tensile strength compliant injector which included 10 patents and wins contracts to replace over 50+ competitor heads in the field. Builds first Coiled Line Pipe Spooler for on-shore and subsea applications for Global Tubing, an entity of Forum Energy Technologies

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The tubing is forced into the wellbore using a coil tubing injector head at an insertion rate of 50-100 feet per minute. During the injection process, the tubing is subject to damage such as buckling, which creates a failure condition called lock up NOV HYDRA RIG 4-AXLE COILED TUBING UNIT (Ref#2756Tb) Built 2011. 102w x 48'L, with NOV Hydra Rig 580 Injector head, complete with Gooseneck and NOV TOT 3-1/16 DSV over/under stripper, sut up for 1-1/4 coiled tubing

Injector head Heel Total depth Coiled tubing unit Coiled tubing reel Guide arch defined as failure of a material in 1,000 cycles or fewer; however, coiled tubing failure may result after only a few hundred load cycles, depending on the severity of deformation accumulated over time. 4. MacArthur J, Shearer C, Crabtree A and Nelson R Coiled tubing injector head Inside tension Outside tension Load cells Tubing Run Away (into well) Coil is pulled into the well under its own weight due to insufficient chain grip. Speed up injector to match the descending coil.Increase inside chain tension to increase friction on coil.Increase stuffing box pressure to increase friction on the coil

coiled tubing connector external slip internal slip roll-on (or roll-over) dimple-on deployment quick connector eg. carsac optional for safer make-up & break-out motor head assembly consisting of: dual flapper check valve hydraulic disconnect actuated by drop ball circulation sub actuated by drop ball c/w rupturedisc (typically 5,000 psi. 1-1/4 - Total Equipment and Service unit with 80K Total injector head. Double Pumper - Triplex 1330 HHP Total Equipment Pump. Nitrogen pump - 180K Total Equipment. Combo Pump - 600 HHP fluid with 180K nitrogen - Total Equipment. 50 Ton Crane. 4-1/16 15K BOP's (TOT), flowcross, and dual packoff A lack of traction pressure may be caused by: Hydraulic supply (priority pump circuit) not active. Traction pressure bleed valve left open. A large internal or external leak. Incorrect traction pressure setting. Traction pressure adjustment valve (Sun) stuck closed. We hope you enjoyed Diagnosing Problems With Injector Traction

For sale is a used Coiled Tubing Unit For Sale. 80K Injector. The CTR is designed to air drill shallow reservoirs such as coal bed methane up to 3,500 ft deep with coiled tubing. The rig may also be used in coil fracing applications however, it may be limited, as the configuration is most suited to drilling operations The unit consists of five basic elements: Reel Injector Head Control Cabin Power Pack BOP Coiled Tubing Unit: The coiled tubing unit is comprised of the complete set of equipment necessary to perform standard continuous-length tubing operations in the field. 7. Reel: For storage and transport of the CT 8

Coil Units Specifications: Majority of units equipped with 7-ton knuckle pickers. Injector capacity - 20,000 lb. to 60,000 lb. pull. Coil sizes from 3/4″ to 2″. Multiple drum configurations from single string, split drum and wider drums capable of handing intermediate length. Unit mounted compressors up to 660 cfm and 2,000 PSI Coiled Tubing injector head jacking table with height adjustment for varying PCE stack-up arrangements. Optional davit arm provides concurrent handling of BHA. Interchangeable interfaces to surface equipment (I.e. Surface Flow Tree), with minimum stack-up height consumption. Customisable to suit project specific requirement Injector head assembly - to provide the surface drive force to run and recover the coiled tubing Control cabin - from which the CT operator monitors and controls the coiled tubing Power pack - to generate hydraulic and pneumatic power required to drive the CT uni With Wildcat Coiled Tubing you have the option to get your coil tubing, pumping, and support equipment from the same provider. Wildcat's parent company, Carlisle Energy Group has over 30 years of coiled tubing support expirence and is ready to help you save time and money on your next project Our coiled tubing injectors are designed with safety, functionality, durability, and affordability constantly in mind. HPT offers a variety of capacities to fit your needs. Injector heads. can also be tailored to fit specific requirements. HPT supplies injector chains and other various replacement parts. Chains are available in various sizes.

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They produce coil tubing power packs and injector heads: following a few days discussing with them what we were looking for, we ordered a standard CT injector head, but with a few modifications to be ready to go subsea. When Hydra Rig builds injector heads, they are encased within a hollow, steel pipe framework Hydraulics for Coiled Tubing is a specialty class, along with Hydraulics for Slickline and Wireline Rigs, and Fundamentals of Crane Hydraulics. If you enjoyed this class, consider taking your mobile hydraulic education father, with our general hydraulics course, How to Maintain and Troubleshoot Hydraulics Systems

Jason Energy Technologies Co., Ltd., a world leading manufacturer of coiled tubing, has always been committed to producing the best coiled tubing with the goal of make energy exploration efficient and safe. We are dedicated in designing, manufacturing and developing coiled tubing products, continuously improving and developing new. The coiled tubing unit is comprised of the complete set of equipment necessary to perform standard continuous-length tubing operations in the field. The unit consists of four basic elements: Reel - for storage and transport of the CT. Injector Head - to provide the surface drive force to run and retrieve the CT walk the injector head up the tubing, by operating the injector as if running the coil in the hole slowly, while raising the trolley hoist, to help support the total injector head and guide arch weight. d. Repair the O-ring with a standard 0-ring patch kit or if a spare 0-ring is already on the lubricator, roll it down into place. e. Walk the. NOV Hydra Rig 3 Piece Offshore Coiled Tubing Unit on Skid is best suited for Offshore drilling operation. Hydra Rig is the world's leading manufacturer of coiled tubing, nitrogen and snubbing equipment. With over 1,300 coiled tubing units, 1,500 nitrogen units and 200 snubbing units in use worldwide, our equipment meets the demand for rugged.

Coiled-tubing operations require an injector unit with the tubing equipment but no workover rig. Logging in a conventional sense then necessitates removing the injector truck, setting up a small rig or tower to support the lubrication equipment, and positioning the logging sonde into the well. This head provides a more rigid connection and. very definitely seal the rubbers around the tubing and one would not have leaks. This is not necessarily the case, however, and it was a problem with old standard rubbers which simply broke up and wore away. It is also clearly wasteful of pressure pumping capacity and injector head energy needs on the majority of wells 5.4 The Spring applied Hydraulic actuated failsafe brake is mounted between the. hydraulic drive motor and the drive sprocket. 5.5 Reel maximum capacity: 4500 m. (14,753 ft.) of 1-1/4 diameter coiled tubing. 5.6 Core size is 60 width is 48 OD is 106. 5.7 Reel is a transverse type (side to side movement) Add docshare01.docshare.tips to server by VPSSIM successfu


  1. Used Coiled Tubing for sale Buy and sell used Coiled Tubing from any and all manufacturers, including NOV Hydra Rig, NOV HydraRig, National Oilwell Varco, Sanjel and more. From :Misc. Coiled Tubing Equipment and Coil Tubing Injector to Coil Tubing Reel Trailer and Coiled Tubing, you can be sure to find exactly what you need
  2. Coiled-Tubing Technology (1993-1994) DEA-67 Phases I and I1 PROJECT TO DEVELOP AND EVALUATE SLIM-HOLE AND COILED-TUBING TECHNOLOGY Maurer Engineering Inc. 2916 West T.C. Jester Boulevard Houston, Texas 77018-7098 Telephone: (713) 683-8227 Telex: 216556 Facsimile: (713) 683-6418 TR95-11 May 1995 This copyrighted 1995 confidential report is for the sole use of Participants on the Drilling.
  3. • Injector head • Coiled tubing reel • Power pack • Control cabin • Pressure control equipment 1.1 INJECTOR HEAD The tractive components of the injector head are gener-ally configured to drive two opposing, endless chains on which are mounted a series of short gripper blocks
  4. Coiled-tubing units include the tubing, tubing reel, injector head, control cabin, and power pack assembly. Injector heads are commonly rated 40-80,000-lb pulling capacity but can range to 200,000 lb
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Coiled tubing (CT) injector head is a key part of CT unit. Friction between gripper blocks and CT offers axial force that runs and retrieves the CT into or out of the wellbore. The CT held by the gripper blocks is loaded by axial force, pressure of inner fluid and gripping force, and is in a complex forcing state. Here it was assumed that all stresses were invariable longitudinally and could. CRW 20K Injector Head. The CRW 20K Injector Head assembly is set up to run capillary and steel coiled tubing sizes ranging from 1/2 through 2. The chain is of one piece construction with non-replaceable grippers. The head is fit with a 36 gooseneck assembly and manual hold-down boxes. The customer has the choice of a single. عنوان مقاله: Investigating the cause of tube slipping in New Grippers of Coiled tubing injector head (Real Case) شناسه (COI) مقاله: RLSCONF01_011 منتشر شده در همایش ملی پژوهش های دانش بنیان در صنایع نفت، گاز، پالایش و پتروشیمی در سال 139

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RBC's coiled tubing injector bearings utilize our Tandem Roller technology to increase the dynamic and static capacity. Case carburized outer rings and studs make these bearings more durable in heavy impact load conditions. Incorporating a single grease port in the center allows for better lubricant flow to both raceway surfaces Coil Tubing Units - S&S coiled tubing unit with S&S 80K injector head. Currently has around 19,000 feet of 1 1/2 pipe on reel. Unit will hold 24,000 feet of 1 1/2 pipe if desired, unit ha.. Coiled Tubing Well The global oil and gas industry is using coiled tubing for an ever-increasing array of well intervention projects. Coiled tubing offers a number of operational and economic advantages, including: live well intervention, elimination of well kill and potentially damaging heavy-weight kill fl uids, reduce Abstract: A coiled tubing injector head unit includes a first bearing carrier and a second bearing carrier attached to a frame of the injector head unit that support an input drive shaft extending between the first and second bearing carriers, a sprocket shaft coupled to the input drive shaft that supports a pair of continuous parallel drive chains that revolve in a common plane and have.

Coiled tubing, Injector head, Gripper, Hardness کد مقاله /لینک ثابت به این مقاله کد یکتای اختصاصی (COI) این مقاله در پایگاه سیویلیکا RLSCONF01_011 میباشد و برای لینک دهی به این مقاله می توانید از لینک زیر استفاده نمایید Coil Tubing Services. Truck Mounted Crane F1 40ft Caacity 40,000 # Pull Injection Head 20,000 # Push 12,000ft. 1 ½ Reel Capacity Double Gate Rope. CTU #2. Truck Mounted 40,000 # Pull Injection Head 20,000 # Push 12,000 Ft 1 ¾ Reel Capacity Double Gate Rope. CTU #3. Truck Mounte Hydra-Rig 560 Injector Head. Category: Coiled Tubing. Listing ID: EES2106021207. View Details. View Spec Sheet. 90k Skid Nitrogen Pump. Category: Nitrogen. Listing ID: EES2106075376. View Details. View Spec Sheet. S&S Truck Mounted Wet Kit. Category: Coiled Tubing. Listing ID: EES2106078724. View Details. View Spec Sheet. M&D double 600 HP. With a commitment to expanding its line of quality oilfield products, Foremost has developed a series of coiled tubing injectors. Working closely with major service companies, Foremost's initial injector designs draw on years of experience from knowledgeable field personnel. By always being aware of top industry trends and needs, Foremost has accommodated unique customer requirement production after injection is halted. More injection time would be needed if a heavier fluid is in the wellbore. Another important variable is the impact of reproduced workover fluids. For this analysis, a TD of 9030 f?, 2%-in. production tubing to 8500 ft, 4%-in. casing to TD, 3500-psi reservoir, and 15,000 ft of 1 %- in. CT were assumed

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The coiled tubing unit is comprised of the complete set of equipment necessary to perform standard continuous-length tubing operations in the field. The unit consists of four basic elements: Reel - for storage and transport of the coiled tubing; Injector Head - to provide the surface drive force to run and retrieve the coiled tubing A pressure control/injector/gooseneck basket, which holds a 20,000-lb capacity injector head capable of running both capillary and coiled-tubing stings; a 3 1/16-in., 10,000-psi (689-bar) working pressure well control stack ProFrame™ Coiled Tubing Lift Frame. PRT Offshore's ProFrame system is ideal for coiled tubing and wireline applications. With a hydraulic hoist for installing surface equipment, it is the smallest and lightest frame capable of accepting all coiled tubing injector heads. Our industry-leading ProFrame system features key accessories like the. Coiled tubing can be used to remove scale, produced sand, frac sand and debris from the wellbore. Coiled tubing is run into the wellbore, fluid is pumped down the coiled tubing and returns are circulated through the annulus. Coiled tubing can rig up and get to depth quickly without killing the well or pull the production tubing

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Top Select > Equipment > Coiled Tubing. Trailer Mounted Coiled Tubing Unit. Tractor-Truck: Benz3344, Emission standard:Euro IV. Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity: 650L (170Gal); Equipped 12KW diesel generator which could provide 240VAC. Control Cabin:Four foot lifts by hydraulic control; Equip a manual pump and a pneumatic emergency pump, MWP 35MPa. Essential part of a Coiled Tubing injector head which guides the coiled tubing string into the injector head. Hydraulic Fracking Commonly referred to as fracking, is a well stimulation technique involving high pressure injection of fluid containing sand and other proppants to increase the permeability in a targeted geologic formation

Address: 7501 Miller Road 2 , Houston, Texas 77049; Tel: 281-860-0488; Fax: 281-860-0508; Mail: customerservice@jereh.co SFT is a UAE-based company, located in Abu Dhabi moving into the future with a new generation of control systems and electric driven equipment options, while providing the pressure pumping equipment that will cover the Fracturing, Coiled Tubing -Stimulation, Nitrogen and Cementing Solutions in MENA region throughout the World of Oil & Gas Industry Price is Negotiable. Specifications. 2012 NOV HYDRA RIG 4-Axle Coiled-Tubing TRAILER 102W x 48'L. w/ NOV HYDRA RIG 580 Injector Head (missing gooseneck/tubing guide and stripper) NOV HYDRA RIG Coiled-Tubing Direct Drive Reel w/76 Core Diameter, 154 Outside Diameter and 69 Drum Width complete with Level Wind and Counterbox 7 182. The coiled tubing unit is a portable, hydraulically-powered service system designed to run and retrieve a continuous string of tubing concentric to larger ID production pipe or casing strings. The basic coiled tubing unit components are as follows: Tubing injector head. Coiled tubing reel. Wellhead blowout preventer stack Description : 2002 C-Tech Coiled Tubing Drill Rig. 50,000# new injector head. Reel capacity 10,000' ft of 1-3/4 tubing. Mounted on 5 axle International carrier. 235,000 miles, 11,000 hours. Extra equipment: (3) new main pumps, (2) new drive motors, new pump, new transmission, new drop box, new tiers

2011 Stewart & Stevenson trailer mounted coiled tubing unit (CTU) trailer; 2012 Hydra-Rig 680 80,000# pulling capacity injector head, fully outfitted with 2 injector blocks as well as a 15K pack-off dressed for 2 CT operations. 2012 Kenworth T-800 Tri-Axle, Coiled Tubing Wetkit Tractor The coiled tubing is a continuous length of steel or composite tubing that is flexible enough to be wound on a large reel for transportation. The coiled tubing unit is composed of a reel with the. Coiled Tubing Unit is a portable, hydraulically powered service system. which is designed to inject and retrieve a continuous string of tubing. concentric to larger ID production pipe or casing strings. At the present time, coiled tubing constructed for well servicing. application is available in sizes ranging from 0.75OD up through 3.5

An injector parking stand supported the subsea coiled-tubing injector during the surface rig-up phase. The frame was designed with walkways allowing safe access to the injector heads during maintenance Abstract. This report will serve as the final report on the work performed from the contract period October 2005 thru April 2007. The project 'A Built for Purpose Microhole Coiled Tubing Rig (MCTR)' purpose was to upgrade an existing state-of-the-art Coiled Tubing Drilling Rig to a Microhole Coiled Tubing Rig (MCTR) capable of meeting the specifications and tasks of the Department of Energy The early 1980s saw the introduction of Tubing remains stabbed in the injector head and use of coiled tubing in oil and gas wells. 11⁄2-in. and 13⁄4-in. OD coiled tubing. during transportation, and the bottomhole assem- Elements of modern CT injector heads can In 1983, Quality Tubing Inc. began using bly (BHA) can be assembled and pressure. What to do with it?, pumpsandpipesmdhc. 1. A Brief Introduction to Coiled Tubing What is it? What do we do with it? Li Gao, PhD Research Department Halliburton. 2 The Hydra Tubing Head is a unique side-entry product that allows coiled tubing access to the casing annulus for dewatering or clean-out operations. The design allows coiled tubing deployment through the side-entry port, utilizing a coiled tubing unit; thus eliminating the need for a service rig to pull/run the jointed pipe

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Vita's Coiled Tubing Equipment can be used in uncased holes, and does not require a wellhead attachment. The CTU's serviceable design is easily maintained, and allows various size tubing for different applications and well depths. Tubing Diameters: 1 - 1.75 In (2.54 - 4.45 cm) Overnight Heating Package w/ Convenient Plugs and Battery Charger Injector Head - Facilitates the entry of a Coiled Tubing string into the wellhead stack, regulates direction (run in hole or pull out of hole), and speed of the string. It is controlled by the operator in the control cabin with the use of a closed loop hydraulic system This Coiled-Tubing Drilling (CTD) Sound Practices Manual provides tools needed by CTD engineers and supervisors to plan, design and perform safe, successful CTD operations. As emphasized throughout, both careful planning and attention to detail are mandatory for success. A bibliography of many useful CTD references is presented in Chapter 6 The injection of nitrogen into the fluid column within the production conduit to initiate fluid flow from the wellbore and production from the reservoir. Nitrogen lifting through a coiled tubing string is a common technique used in well kickoff Stewart & Stevenson is a manufacturer and distributor of premier equipment, parts, service, and rental products. We serve the oil and gas, power generation, on highway, construction and industrial, marine, and many other industries. We proudly partner with globally recognized manufacturers such as Allison, Detroit, Volva Penta, DEUTZ, and MTU. The diameter specifications of coiled tubing varies according to the diameter of the wellbore. The diameter of the CT pipe ranges from 25 to 85 mm, roughly, 1 to 3.5 inches. Coiled tubing helps in improving the well & reservoir performance. There are wide range of operations on the site that makes use of coiled tubing such as: Milling; Drillin