For employees with 9-month appointments, the monthly rate for summer pay may not exceed the total Academic Year salary (i.e. the Academic Year portion of the IBS) divided by 9 (andprorated, if required, for differences in FTE.) , subject to UIC Faculty Affairs and Human Resources policies and procedures for summer appointments The FTE information with be shared with units for approval as the rate for the following fiscal year is developed. Because your FTE's are calculated based on HR data in Banner, if there are discrepancies, you should work with your HR office to correct the information in Banner time/FTE within 10 calendar days of the effective date of the change. A change from full-time to part-time or a reduction in existing part-time percentage/FTE requires completion of the Part-time Employee Election/Waiver of State Group Insurance Participation form at Employee Headcount FTE Analysis is designed specifically for individuals who want to look at Headcount or FTE changes over time. Its goal is to be easy - or at least easier than writing your own reports. However, to be fair, this is not report writing; this is analysis. That means you do not need to have a specific question

prorated, if required, for differences in FTE.), subject to UIC Faculty Affairs and Human Resources policies and procedures for summer appointments. Summer salary is also subject to the funding agency's salary cap, if applicable. The portion of salary over the cap cannot be charged to a sponsored fund FTE. Benefits Eligibility. 9/9/2019 5 • 4 months or more • FTE greater than 0 Full Time = • 1 FTE for 9 months or longer Part Time = • 1 FTE for 4.5 months but less than 9 months • .5 to .99 FTE for 9 months or longer FTE = Full Time Equivalent (available hours ÷ actual hours Tuition Waiver Benefit Utilization Record (BUR) The child must complete the form every semester and provide directly to the Office of Student Financial Aid and to the UIC HR office (fax 312-996-1803). While UIC HR verifies the parent's eligibility, the Office of Student Financial Aid (OFSA) will apply the waiver to the student's account Know Your U is designed for employees to engage in activities happening at the University of Illinois to foster learning and employee engagement. Volunteering for community activities may be available under other leave options. Consult with your supervisor or human resources office UIC Human Resources View Menu Breadcrumbs. UIC Human Resources. HR Staff & Managers. Labor & Employee Relations. Labor Agreements. Labor Agreements. Labor Agreements. Faculty Labor Agreements. Faculty - Non-Tenured (Local 6456, IFT-AFT,AAUP) Non-Tenure System Faculty Agreement.

FTE of non-clinical time to the administration of the program. Additional support must be provided based on program size as follows: (Core) Number of Approved Fellow Positions Minimum FTE 1-2 0.1 3 0.125 4 0.15 5 0.175 >5 0.2 . Program Director Support by Specialty Updated 07/202 The weekly clock hours of service are based on a forty-hour work-week. Thus, a half-time (50% FTE) appointment requires twenty hours weekly; a 25% appointment requires ten hours weekly; etc. Federal law restricts international employee appointments to 50% FTE (twenty hours per week) during the academic term, regardless of the number of positions held, e.g., a 25% RA can also hold a 25% TA From the UIC Graduate Assistant HR Resource Guide. Types of Assistantships. Graduate Teaching Assistant (TA) This assistantship is part of the Graduate Employee Organization as long as the appointment FTE is between 25% and 67%.. MA students may be eligible for a 50% FTE Teaching Assistantship in their second year. (For 2019-2020 the rate was $19,730 for 9 months.) The Assistantship carries a tuition and partial fee waiver and a stipend, not to mention invaluable teaching experience. In addition, a number of Graduate Assistantship and Graduate Hourly positions are. Dec 31, 2006. FTE - full time equivalent: 1.0 fte - 80 hours per pay period (every two weeks) 0.9 fte - 72 hours per pay period (every two weeks - usually 3 12's). 0.6 fte - 64 hours per pay period. and so on down the line. What constitutes full time versus part-time is individual to the institution. 1 Likes

All timely submitted applications will be reviewed and approved or denied by UIC, and applicants will be formally notified of their acceptance of rejection by UIC Human Resources no later than 5:00 p.m. Central Standard Time on March 31, 2021 Fringe Benefit Rates. Fringe benefits include employer contributions for social security, employee insurance, workers compensation, etc.The universities calculate fringe benefit rates which are then charged to sponsored project agreements so that each project (federal and non-federal) pays its fair share of these support costs Principal investigators must be full-time (at least 0.8 FTE) UIC faculty. Lecturers, adjuncts, retired, emeritus, or visiting faculty are not eligible to be principal investigators, but they may be co-investigators on a proposal. An individual may only be the principal investigator on one proposal, but may be a co-investigator on multiple. The FTE information with be shared with units for approval as the rate for the following fiscal year is developed. The costs to print using Wepa at UIC are standard across the university. What are UIC's telephone rates, stipulations, and services offered? Phone Services What basic bundle services are included for regional sites?. The SPH is seeking one .25 FTE (10 hours per week) coursebuilder TA for the fall semester. The coursebuilder will work with undergraduate faculty who are currently teaching large online courses at the SPH and will assist those who will be teaching in the fall and those developing spring 2021 courses

Therefore, UIC is dedicated to enhancing the postdoc experience in order to build a strong postdoc community, cultivate excellence in training, and promote career growth. For a comprehensive guide outlining policies and benefits for UIC postdocs, If the appointment FTE is 50% or greater, two floating holidays are also available for use. Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (also referred to as The International University of Catalonia) is a private university located in the Spanish city of Barcelona, Catalonia. It was founded in October 1997 and offers students a wide range of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral courses ranging from economics and social sciences to dentistry and health sciences. It is a part of the Live. University of Illinois provides a limited reserve of waivers to the UIC Graduate College, which we then award to programs in three ways: allocated per semester, for students who have won individual internal and external fellowships, and for students selected for external training grants by programs. Directors of Graduate Studies and their staff should refer to the Waiver Handbook for complete. If change/addition of major requires additional time to complete, an I-20/DS-2019 extension will be needed: Attach Program Extension Request form (available online at ois.uic.edu with financial documents to show that the student can cover tuition and living expenses of one academic year, or required period of extension, whichever is sooner

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UIC UIS . University of Illinois Statewide Presence. University of Illinois Campus Locations. Additional Facilities • Regional Medical Colleges - Rockford FTE UIC 0. 20. 40. 60. 80. 100. Under 25. 25 to 29. 30 to 34. 35 to 39. 40 to 44. 45 to 49. 50 to 54. 55 to 59. 60 to 64. 65 to 69. 70 & over. FTE UIS 0. 50. 100. 150. 200. Under 25. (0%FTE-Unpaid) (if applicable): Select Courtesy Rank. P. roposed Personnel Action: Rank: Select Rank. Joint Rank: Select Joint Rank. Tenure Code: Select Code . Joint . Tenure . Code: Select Joint Code. Faculty Candidate Attestation (check . the . box. es and sign): T. o the best of my knowledge, the. i. nformation. to which I have access that.

The FTE count will remain unchanged until re-calculated the following year. As a result, any new hires, transfers, or other employee changes after October 10th would be reflected in the following year's count provided the pertinent information has been communicated with human resources Full Time Equivalent (FTE) refers to the unit of measurement equivalent to an individual - worker or student - one unit of a work or school day, applicable in a variety of contexts. In most cases, full time equivalents measure an employee. or student and/or their workload. For example, 1.0 is typically the FTE representation of an.

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  1. UIC Civil Service leaves the Position title that defaults; UIUC Civil Service modifies for clarity and adds additional modifiers such as Learner, Apprentice, etc.. Job FTE. This is the Full-Time Equivalent value for the specific job. Job FTE should be between 0 and 1 inclusive, with 1 representing a full-time job
  2. A Physician's FTE distribution between UIC and the JBVAMC may adjust between institutions with the approval of a Division Chief and Department Chair.. Please note that appointments, compensation, and benefits from the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center are mutually exclusive from the University of Illinois
  3. be a current University of Illinois College of Medicine faculty member who is funded at one percent or greater FTE by the University of Illinois who, in conjunction with a joint appointment at the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center, serves a total of 50% or greater combined FTE, and Procedures: View UIC HR procedures
  4. is not the UIC that comes up automatically under the free characteristics. To access the UIC for Manpower right click on Cost Center, go to Properties, go to Characteristic, go to Attributes, • Use 2096 hours per FTE to convert hours to FTE for all CTYPES except for 202. • Use 2004 hours per FTE to convert hours to FTE for CTYPE 202.

UIC 44319 (MPN) PMA PMA PMA CNO NAVAIR BSO / MCA ASN(RD&A) AIR-6.0 LOGISTICS 1A5A / PRL / PRE ACCT PEO AIR-4.0 ENGINEERING Support COMFRC HDQTRS COMPTROLLER Eliminated 3rd Shift OperationÆ5 Civilian FTE's Reassigned Closing Bldg 1485 Æ Replacement Value: $8M •Repair Velocity Reducing TRR ÆFrom 138 Days to 4 Days Before Design Final. Tags rate-and-funding FTE Research, Teaching, and Graduate Assistants are considered in the Rate and Funding model. However, they are included at a reduced percentage of their appointment: 25% for light technology users, and 50% for graduate assistants (GA), teaching assistants (TA), and research assistants (RA)

SURS 6% Billing Procedures and Information. Public Acts 094-0004 and 094-1057, also known as the SURS 6% Legislation, require the State Universities Retirement System (SURS) to bill the University of Illinois when they believe an employee (or employees) had earnings in an academic year utilized to determine his/her Final Rate of Earnings (FRE. Definition of Full time Equivalent done by Eurostat: A full-time equivalent, sometimes abbreviated as FTE, is a unit to measure . employed persons in a way that makes them comparable although they may work a different number of hours per week. The unit is obtained by comparing an employee's . average number of hours worked to the average numbe 110 Full-time faculty (FTE) We have 1,223 undergraduate students and 969 graduate and professional students Content Section. View the 2020 AHS Annual Report The UIC Applied Health Sciences Magazine is the premier publication for and about members of the AHS community. Read the winter 2021 editio

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  1. Total FTE for all of the employee's appointments including both sponsored and non-sponsored positions. Michael Moss: Based on the TOTAL FTE and the FTE on GRANT, this column shows an estimate for this employee's monthly effort. Michael Moss: The total FTE on the grant. This must be less than or equal to TOTAL FTE
  2. UI Health is UIC's academic health enterprise Message to Staff: Staffing for Safe Patient Care. Shelly Major, CNO | Posted on August 14, 2020. August 14, 2020 we will enhance our FLEX/FLOAT Team by increasing FTE's; we will also use an incentive‐based four TIERED Registry program
  3. FTE Conflict Detection The FTE Conflict Detection feature operates on both staging and certified data and detects instances where a single student UIC is reported with more than 1.00 FTE. This feature will identify each student UIC where the total General Education and Special Education FTE exceeds 1.00 as reported by all districts
  4. The Graduate College discourages on-campus employment exceeding 50% FTE for fellows. The Dean's Scholar Fellowship is designed to allow the student to work full-time to complete their degree. Any distraction from that goal is considered incompatible with the spirit of the award
  5. The rate and funding model categorizes all Technology Solutions services into three distinct categories: Basic Bundle: The bundle includes common services that all faculty and staff have access to, such as: email and calendaring, identity and access management, security management, desktop/laptop backups, helpdesk, IT training, storage, some network services, some phone services, software.
  6. al contract, or any other involuntary separation, are not invited to participate. (Although the viewpoints and experiences of faculty in this group may be of value, this program is concerned with faculty who have voluntarily chosen to leave UIC.
  7. Full-time . equivalent (FTE) Non-tenure/ tenure-track . male FTE Non-tenure/ tenure-track . female FTE. Bachelor's. Disability and Human Development. UIC schools and departments, other clinical and academic institutions, and national and international collaborators. 100% For the past seven

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  1. Research at the intersection of health, disability and rehabilitation. The UIC College of Applied Health Sciences is consistently ranked among the top 10 nationwide in research funding for colleges of allied health. AHS researchers are awarded grants from a variety of federal and state agencies and foundations
  2. Appointment and Reappointment Guidelines. Hispanic Studies Criteria for Teaching Appointments and Reappointments. Teaching Assistants (TAs) in the Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies are typically appointed for nine months at 50% Full Time Equivalent (FTE), guaranteed for 2 years (MA) and 5 years (PhD) at the time of admission
  3. Reporting Portal. HR related reports are created and published through a number of disparate methods. The reports are accessible using different systems and interfaces. In addition, the various reporting environments are supported by different organizations. Reports available to departmental and central HR users are accessed directly through.
  4. UIC Office for Access and Equity . 2 of 16 . 50% or greater FTE . College of Applied Health Sciences - October 2014. UFRP Eligibility Summary. African Americans, Latinos, and Native American faculty are automaticallyeligible for inclusion in the Program

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Under the existing UIC contract with the Graduate Employees Organization, the minimum wage level for a 50% FTE 9-month appointment for Fall 2020 to Summer 2021 is $20,615. Positions are awarded on the basis of academic record, with teaching abilities, communication skills, and the needs of the Department taken into account GeneralEdFTE The full-time equivalency (FTE) for which the student receives educational programs and/or services from the operating district. FTE is an individual pupil's pro rata share of membership. For more detailed FTE information, please refer to the Michigan Pupil Accounting Manual and Section 6 of the State School Aid Act When appraising the dossier, evaluators must consider the broad impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and of the social and cultural environment on the candidate's activities, which may include (but not be limited to) reduced or delayed publications, canceled speaking invitations and conferences, extensive coursework revisions, and/or reduced work hours It shows the UIC, First & Last Name, Local student id, IEP Date, Primary Disability code, Primary Program code, Primary Ed. setting, Placed By Another District, Sec. 52 FTE, Sec. 53 FTE and if the record includes an Initial IEP component

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Fallbrook (118 FTE) Louisville (223 FTE) (127 FTE) (54 FTE) (108 FTE) (9 FTE) (24 FTE) (73 FTE) (80 FTE) Legend: Excluded by BRAC Dahlgren (83 FTE) Indian Head (43 FTE) (43 FTE) 9Site UIC Assigned: 38634. 6 FY 07 FY 08 FY 09 FY 10 FY 11 MILCONs Transition Transition Implementation Schedule Detachment Stand-U FTE: >50% . Used for: Research scientists . Criteria: Strong evidence of high quality scholarly activity including independent peer-reviewed publications. Reduced expectations for federal funding, teaching and service activity. Peer recognition at the national level. Clinical Clinical Associate Professor . FTE: 0-100% . Used for: 1

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Total FTE = 194.5 (01/2010) Exec. Associate VCR. Meet anticipated growth in UIC research portfolio without FTE growth Total FTE = 183.6 (03/2011) Research Support Services Biologic Resources Laboratory Research Resource Center (including the Center for Structural Biology Global Metrics. During the implementation process, we will further develop success metrics for each of our ten key strategies as well as the individual tactics within these strategies. The below is a list of the more general metrics which will likely indicate success of our strategic planning process as whole 1 Total FTE in the Section 25 request may not be greater than the total FTE submitted in the Fall General Collection for this student. 100.26 The sum of {GeneralEducationFTE}.[GeneralEdFTE] + {SpecialEducation}.[Section52FTE] + {SpecialEducation}.[Section53FTE] for all records being certified for a UIC in a single SRM collectio FTE Other Joint/ Courtesy Appts [add rows as needed] I confirm that the paper preparer(s) listed for the above candidate(s) have not had any co-author, Co-I, or Submit to gcoombs@uic.edu by Friday, May 21, 2021. Department List all anticipated cases for the AY21-22 Promotion and Tenure Cycle below (add lines as needed) Check Bo

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Status of the UIC: Resident HDCT / Faculty FTE CFTE / FTE Student Credit Hours / Faculty FTE Total Expenditures / Student Credit Hour Total Expenditures / Faculty FTE G&C Expenditures / Faculty FTE. 21 Program Benchmarking [Academic Analytics] Percentile Rankings Book Brandon was a UIC undergraduate who worked with Suzanne. Selwyn Erapuram. undergraduate . 2011. Selwyn completed his bachelor's degree and worked with Tyvette Hilliard. Roshan Ahmed. research specialist 2009-2011. He is worked on ovarian secreted factors that drive FTE migration.. Employee Name Job Detail Title Job Detail Annl Salary Job Detail FTE Aakalu, Vinay Kumar ASST PROF (CT) 97,384.50 0.510 Aakalu, Vinay Kumar PHYSN SURG 93,565.50 0.49 Underground Injection Control (UIC) Program for Carbon Dioxide Geologic Sequestration Wells found at 75 FR 77230, December 10, 2010, and codified in the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations [40 CFR 146.81 et seq.], are referred to as the Class VI Rule - Users may click the student's UIC to access his/her student history. - By default, the Fall General Collection FTE will reflect the data certified by the district. If the ISD auditor performs a student-level FTE adjustment in the Fall Audit Form/Narrative, the adjusted FTE will display

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The University of Illinois Faculty Salary Study book presents high, low, and mean salaries, mean employer expenditures for employee fringe benefits, and mean ages of faculty in the University as a whole, by campus, by college-level unit, and by department. Information is broken down by faculty rank (Instructor and above) and length of contract. Welcome New and Returning Faculty! The Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs celebrates and supports faculty. Whether you are a seasoned member of the UIC faculty or a newcomer, this site offers a wealth of information and resources to support your career at UIC. If you have questions or wish to discuss any of the topics listed on this. Research usually calls for specialized skills not found in just one or two people. Each of IHRP's scientific cores offers a range of skills and expertise in a single team, which makes a very important difference to my research.. I am a social scientist with a strong interest in applied health research. Since coming to UIC 15 years ago.

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AITS. Administrative Information Technology Services delivers enterprise-wide IT solutions and services in support of the mission critical functions of the University of Illinois. We support student services and financial aid, human resources and payroll, facilities, advancement, research administration, and finance for over 100,000 students. Resource Performance Measures - Office of Institutional Research @ UIC. Item CODE_TITLE 2004-2005 2005-2006 2006-2007 2007-2008 2008-2009 2009-2010 2010-201 FTE (full time equivalent) is defined as the total hours worked divided by the number of hours in a full-time schedule. Total Hours Worked 40 Hours Worked . grants, effort, reporting, chicago, uic, system, training, slides, webinar Last modified by: bhall Company As a 50% FTE appointment, the English PhD student stipend amount is generally more than $18,000, although the final amount changes from year to year. Students are informed of the final amount in the assistantship agreement contract. The UIC Graduate Student Council Travel Award is available to students actively participating in academic or. Cord UIC Coordinator 3 - Compliance Officers 1‐ Additional FTE 7‐ Petroleum Specialists 2 - Petroleum Specialists Env. Spill Coordinator Env. Permitting Coordinator 5‐ Env Specialist 5 ‐ Env Specialist 1 - Additional FTE North District Supv South District Supv 1‐ Admin Assistant 1 - Env Specialis

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  1. UIC - International union of railways #UICrail Forum Train Europe FTE is a European association of railway undertakings and service companies based in Berne that promotes cross-border rail.
  2. UIC Technical Solutions for the operational railway. As the main technical body serving not only railway operators, but the entire community of railway stakeholders, including research centres and universities, UIC is a natural forum for bringing together all stakeholders and for developing collaborative global solutions
  3. About the University of Illinois System. The University of Illinois System is made up of people who want more. Our innovative, diverse, globally engaged citizens and leaders enrich our culture and society, create prosperity, and serve the public good. New breakthroughs from our universities foster economic growth and solve society's biggest.

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  1. UIC Technology Solutions is an agile organization, with a collaborative and team-centered environment that provides IT leadership, academic technology infrastructure and services at University of Illinois at Chicago. Graduate and Teaching Assistantships in Technology Solutions are typically awarded in varying ranges from 25% FTE - 67% FTE.
  2. UIC extranet UIC is offering members and all those participating in groups and projects access to a secure shared workspace. UIC calendar Conferences, congresses, webinar, meetings, training. Cooperating with other organizations like RNE, CER and FTE in the field of operations
  3. UIC's PhD program in Art History is an internationally recognized, interdisciplinary center for the study of art and architectural history, theory and criticism housed at a public research University situated in the dynamic city of Chicago. (FTE). A maximum of 13 non-cumulative days and non-compensable work days of leave are accrued based.
  4. This trend was the same for the number of FTE pharmacy technicians per 100 occupied beds-8.04, 7.02, and 6.63 for small, medium, and large hospitals, respectively, in our study compared with 14.
  5. UIC PROVOST AND VICE CHANCELLOR FOR ACADEMIC AFFAIRS POLICIES AND PROCEDURES. SECTION: NUMBER: The full-time equivalent (FTE) earnings of each academic year in the FRE period are limited to 106% of the previous academic year's FTE earnings to yield the capped FTE earnings of each academic year

General Education FTE Request for UIC uic uic Request for UIC Collection Early Roster roster roster Early Roster Collection Log into MISDmsds using the appropriate User ID and password from the table above. Enter User ID and password The Education and Research strategy will help UIC integrate sustainability in teaching, learning, Research Subcommittee is tasked with developing a sustainability course rubric, facilitated by the assistance of a 0.50 FTE Graduate Assistant. This rubric would centralize and better advertise offerings and potential degrees As the largest institution of higher learning in the Chicago area, UIC is the hub for more than 25,000 students, with 3,800 living on-campus. UIC embodies the qualities of a large, diverse, urban institution, located just west of Chicago's loop, nestled in historic residential neighborhoods and the urban environment Pre race testing (43psi boost) of the engine/car combo. In video runs std untouched engine except for Gturbo Bad Boy kit (and tuning). Runs a 4 exhaust, 4.

UIC Center for Clinical and Translational Science. 2015 - 2018 National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, U54 CTSA award (PIs: R. Mermelstein & L. Tobachman, University of Illinois at Chicago) 50% FTE salary support Role: Coordinator, Community-Based Dissemination and Implementation Scienc Departments and Units can support campus graduate programs by hiring Graduate, Teaching or Research Assistants for projects, or to fill temporary or part-time positions that require 0.25 - 0.67 FTE over a 91 day period in the Fall or Spring, or a 41 day period in the Summer. Currently, minimum pay for Graduate Assistants is a stipend of. FTE accounts were questioned ACCC is working to develop long-term plans for the rate in furfure years Suggested that the committee is largely composed of admin/finance people and should include more T staff to consider strategy and what services are included in the rat The Student Data System is a repository that contains information regarding students receiving education in the State of Michigan. The 2020-21 Third Grade Retention Collection is now open. Students who are subject to retention per the Read By Grade Three law are required to be reported in this collection with a retention decision Users with audit privileges are authorized to audit and update full-time equivalency (FTE) count data for a specified district or set of districts within an intermediate school district (ISD). This role is restricted to users from an ISD. UIC Resolver - Edit: The UIC Resolver role combines the updating of core field information and the.

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The Department will provide prospective TAs with a form that contains general descriptions of anticipated positions that include FTE percentages via email no later than 60 days before the start of the next semester. On the form, students can indicate their ranked preference of assignment (preferred courses, preferred scheduling) Suggested that UIC reach out to other research one universities who have already adopted these systems in order to expedite the process Noted that this audit was done by University Audits, and there is a compliance deadline, therefore there is a requirement to devote resources to i The UIC Diversity Strategic Plan marks a pivotal point in UIC's history, designed with the intention of guiding UIC towards achieving diversity and equity in all levels of our campus community and activities. Expense Trends (multi-year expenditure analysis) and FTE Headcount (multi-year employee headcount or FTE analysis). Learning. At the UIC College of Applied Health Sciences, we define health as more than the absence of illness, disease or disability. We believe people can enjoy health participation in life, whatever their circumstances. And we're working every day to prove just that. AHS is multidisciplinary community of health science scholars, educators and.

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PAX8 is a lineage-specific transcription factor expressed in the FTE that is also ubiquitously expressed in HGSOC where it is an important driver of proliferation, migration, and cell survival. PAX8 is not normally expressed in the OSE, but it is turned on after malignant transformation Global Metrics During the implementation process, we will further develop success metrics for each of our ten key strategies as well as the individual tactics within these strategies. The below is a list of the more general metrics which will likely indicate success of our strategic planning process as whole. These metrics were brainstormed with the oversight committee ASAP: 25% FTE GRA position at the Institute for the Humanities. Start date Aug 16, 2021. (Reminder: you may not exceed 67% FTE appointment in one semester.) ASAP: Content Writer - Academic at iDesign. This is a part-time, 1099 contract position. Mar 5: Asst Prof of Literature at UT Dallas (UIC alum Davis Brecheisen works there!) Specialization. MSDS District User Guide . Page 7 of 73 . Identification Code (UIC) Process Manual. has additional information on this collection. Help, Resources and Communicatio The second position is a 75% FTE academic and clinical position in the School of Nursing and the Campus Health and Wellness Center Clinic, which are part of the College of Health and Human Services at Indiana University Northwest. The Clinical Assistant/Associate Professor is a non-tenure-track position. UIC College of Medicine | Office of.