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  1. Boys with 49,XXXXY typically have phallus length below the 10th centile, suggestive of lifelong androgen deficiency. Microorchidism occurs in almost all cases in adolescence and adulthood. Early androgen therapy has been suggested to have a positive effect in speech and language, gestural communication, and vocabulary development
  2. 49XXXXY Syndrome: A case report of a rare genetic disorder Joint Event on 49 th World Congress on Advanced Nursing Research & 27 th International Conference on Clinical Pediatrics June 10-11, 2019 Berlin, Germany. Nosheen Akhtar and Babu Paturi. Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital (RCSI group), Irelan
  3. Date of Publication: April 9, 2011. Sex chromosome tetrasomy and pentasomy conditions occur in 1:18,000-1:100,000 male births. While often compared with 47,XXY/Klinefelter syndrome because of shared features including tall stature and hypergonadotropic hypogonadism, 48,XXYY, 48,XXXY and 49,XXXXY syndromes are associated with additional.

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49,XXXXY syndrome chromosome, numbered 1 to 22, and two sex chromosomes, an X and a Y. This is known as 46,XY (44 numbered chromosomes and two sex chromosomes). Boys with 49,XXXXY syndrome have an additional three X chromosomes, giving them a total of 49 chromosomes. 49,XXXXY syndrome is less common tha The 49,XXXXY syndrome is a rare sex chromosome anomaly with an approximate incidence of 1 in 85,000 male live births. The diagnosis is usually ascertained postnatally by the association of mental retardation, variable growth deficiency, Down syndrome-like facial dysmorphy, hypogenitalism and other malformations, especially involving the heart and skeleton Klinefelter syndrome occurs in about 1 in 1000 males and is associated with a 47,XXY karyotype. The incidence increases as a function of maternal age in half of the cases. Rare patients may have multiple X chromosomes (e.g., 48,XXXY or 49,XXXXY). Usually the presence of multiple X chromosomes in such persons is associated with more severe. Origin of the X-chromosomes in a patient with the 49,XXXXY syndrome.Journal of Medical Genetics, 27, 203-204. PubMed Google Scholar Polani, P. E. (1977). Abnormal sex chromosomes, behaviour mental disorders. In J. M. Tanner (Ed.),Developments in psychiatric research (pp. 89-128). London: Hodder & Stoughton The karyotype 49,XXXXY is a rare form of Klinefelter's syndrome. Various anomalies can be found in this variant--more than other variants of Klinefelter's syndrome. Cleft palate is rarely seen among these anomalies. A cleft palate deformity can be diagnosed early and easily. This deformity should ca

44.7.1 Male—48,XXXY, 49,XXXXY, 48,XYYY, 48,XXYY and 49,XYYYY. The most significant effects of additional X chromosomes on phenotype are a reduction in intellectual functioning and an increase in malformations. Approximately 1 in 85,000 males is born with a 49,XXXXY karyotype (248), whereas 48,XXXY is somewhat more common with a phenotype that. 49,XXXXY syndrome was first described by Fraccaro and Lindsten in 1960. The incidence is estimated to be approximately 1 in 85,000 newborn males (Pallister 1982). 49,XXXXY syndrome 1. Etiology: three.. 49,XXXXY is an X and Y chromosome variation that occurs in 1:85,000 to 1:100,000 live male births. Previous case studies have described boys with this disorder to be shorter than average when compared with boys with only one extra chromosome and with the mean stature in a small cohort reported to range from the seventh to 33rd percentile 49,XXXXY syndrome is a rare sex chromosome aneuploidy syndrome characterized by mental retardation, severe speech impairment, craniofacial abnormalities, multiple skeletal defects, and genital abnormalities. We describe a 13-year-old boy with 49,XXXXY syndrome, language impairment, seizures, and left-hemisphere magnetic resonance imaging. Klinefelter Syndrome (49, XXXXY/48, XXXY) associated with narrow angle glaucoma: A case report. Ulloa-Padilla EP, Dávila PJ, Izquierdo NJ Bol Asoc Med P R 2016;108(1):85-90. PMID: 2919392

Trisomy X is a sex chromosome anomaly with a variable phenotype caused by the presence of an extra X chromosome in females (47,XXX instead of 46,XX). It is the most common female chromosomal abnormality, occurring in approximately 1 in 1,000 female births. As some individuals are only mildly affected or asymptomatic, it is estimated that only 10% of individuals with trisomy X are actually. Strong, 1959]. 49, XXXXY results from the nondisjunction of the X chromo-some during both meiosis I and meiosis II[Visootsak,2006].Therarestofthesex aneuploidy conditions, it was first de-scribed in 1960 [Fraccaro et al., 1960]. 49, XXXXY occurs in 1 per 80,000-100,000 births; XXY, by con-trast,occurs in 1 per 500-650 livebirth

49,XXXXY syndrome - Genetics Home Reference - NIH. 49,XXXXY syndrome is a chromosomal condition in boys and men that causes intellectual disability, developmental delays, physical differences, and an inability to father biological children (infertility). Its signs and symptoms vary among affected individuals. Boys and men with 49,XXXXY syndrome. Introducing Some of the 2008 Conference Speakers. Oralia V. Bazaldua, Pharm.D., FCCP, BCPS, is a Pharmacist at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, Texas.She previously presented at ThyCa's 2002 conference in Los Angeles. James H. Boyd, M.D., ENT Surgeon, specializes in otolaryngology at the David C. Pratt Cancer Center in St. Louis, Missouri with 49,XXXXY (mean= 102.27 months, SD = 26.10, P = 0.001). To control for this age disparity between groups, a subgroup of the youngest participants with 47,XXY (mean age= 119.18 months, SD = 25.01) was created. e mean age of this group of eleven younge 49, XXXXY syndrome is a rare defect of sex chromosomes frequently considered as a variant of Klinefelter syndrome. It is often associated with more severe dysmorphic features, hypogonadism, mental retardation, musculoskeletal abnormality, and rarely with diabetes mellitus due to insulin resistance 49,XXXXY in males) are encountered rarely, the incidence of 49,XXXXY being 1 per 85,000 to 1 per 100,000 births2,3. 49,XXXXY syndrome, first reported in 1960, was considered a Klinefelter variant until 1998, when it was delineated as a distinct phenotype3,4. The main findings include hypogenitalism, multipl

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The incidence of the 48,XXXY and 49,XXXXY variants is considerably lower compared to KS, of 1 in 17 000 to 1 in 50 000 live births and 1 in 85 000 to 1 in 100 000 live births, respectively. 1,2 We present a case of an exceedingly rare form of mosaicism, 48,XXXY/49,XXXXY, whose incidence is unknown. While KS is associated with high stature, as does the 48,XXXY variant, the 49,XXXXY variant. Introduction. 49,XXXXY syndrome was first described by Fraccaro et al. (), and it is the rarest and most severe phenotype of Klinefelter syndrome, with an incidence of 1:85,000 to 1:100,000 male births (2,3).It is characterized by a triad of hypogonadism, mental retardation, and musculoskeletal manifestations ().In this study, we present the case of a 2-year-old male child with a karyotype of. Miss Gulf Coast NWFL Pageant. Y'all meet my little neighbor Jace! He's super exceptional and needs some help attending a conference specifically for babies/children/f olks like him. See he has a super rare and I mean SUPER rare chromosome disorder known as 49 XXXXY. That's right, he's a 49er Klinefelter Syndrome Klinefelter's Syndrome (referred to as KS) is a condition, which only occurs in males. It is a chromosomal genetic abnormality, which affects males found in all races, ethnic groups, and socioeconomic classes. In KS, boys have two X..

It's a 2-day conference but it also costs quite a bit of money to be seen. I want to do something to help Jace attend his conference. So many people have helped me or sponsored me for events and I feel this is a great opportunity to pay it forward to my neighbor I would love to see this photo contest surpass my first two Klinefelter syndrome (KS) is a condition that occurs in males when they have an extra X chromosome. Some males with KS have no obvious signs or symptoms while others may have varying degrees of cognitive, social, behavioral, and learning difficulties. Adults with Klinefelter syndrome may also have primary hypogonadism (decreased testosterone.

Klinefelter syndrome (KS), also known as 47,XXY is a syndrome where a male has an additional copy of the X chromosome. The primary features are infertility and small, poorly functioning testicles. Often, symptoms are subtle and subjects do not realize they are affected. Sometimes, symptoms are more evident and may include weaker muscles, greater height, poor motor coordination, less body hair. The 49,XXXXY and control groups were not significantly different with regards to age, height, weight, Tanner stage, or SES (Table 1). Consistent with prior reports of 49,XXXXY being associated with intellectual disability, the mean IQ and adaptive function composite scores were 60.9 and 61.9, respectively (i.e., 3 to 4 standard deviations below. Over 100 cases of 49,XXXXY syndrome have been published to date. Classic findings include radioulnar synostosis, hypogonadism, and mental retardation. The majority ofreported cases have not distinguished the 49,XXXXY syndrome from Klinefelter syndrome (47,XXY), and these patients are frequently labelled as having Klinefelter syndrome or as being a KIinefelter variant. Because of distinct.

A 4-year-old child with a small penis and small firm testes was found to have XXY/XXXY/XXXXY mosaicism. His growth and development were normal except for delayed speech. Intelligence quotient at 4 years of age was normal. Since Klinefelter's syndrome is usually not diagnosed before puberty, the.. Over 100 cases of 49,XXXXY syndrome have been published to date. Classic findings include radioulnar synostosis, hypogonadism, and mental retardation. The majority of reported cases have not distinguished the 49,XXXXY syndrome from Klinefelter syndrome (47,XXY), and these patients are frequently labelled as having Klinefelter syndrome or as being a Klinefelter variant The 49, XXXXY syndromewas first described byFraccaro et al.8 and the most common developmental impairments in these patients are severe dyspraxia in both oral and verbal domains. In fact, the majority of children with 49, XXXXY have relatively intact nonverbal and also receptive vocabulary and comprehension skills.9 Neurological exam The 49,XXXXY syndrome is a rare sex chromosome anomaly with an approximate incidence of 1 in 85 000 male live births. The diagnosis is usually ascertained postnatally by the association of mental retardation, variable growth deficiency, Down syndrome-like facial dysmorphy, hypogenitalism and other malformations, especially involving the heart.

49,XXXXY below the third percentile in height (45.2%), which is par-ticularly intriguing due to past studies demonstrating that disorders involving extra X chromosomes are typically long boned disorders (Ottesen et al., 2010). This study outlines the importance of screening for GHD in boys with 49,XXXXY, particularly if there are growth. ABSTRACT 49, XXXXY syndrome is the most severe and rare form of Klinefelter syndrome. The number of cases of oral and dental findings with this syndrome is very little. The aims of our case report are to present oral and dental findings of the syndrome about which we have limited knowledge, to support other case reports, and to evaluate the relationship between this syndrom BRIEF analysis. Detailed information on the participants, such as cohort size, diagnosis, and exclusion criteria, is provided in Materials and methods (Sect. 5.1).For the first analysis, individuals with 47,XXY were compared to individuals with 49,XXXXY using the BRIEF, which is a questionnaire administered to the participants' parents and includes three scales to measure behavioral. Volunteer, donate, read reviews for Missouri Association Of Fire Protection Districts in Eureka, MO plus similar nonprofits and charities related to Community & Neighborhood Development, Economic Developmen

Klinefelter syndrome is a genetic abnormality that affects only males. Named after the American physician Harry Klinefelter in 1942, Klinefelter syndrome affects approximately one in 500 newborn males, making it a very common genetic abnormality. 1 . At the current time, the average time of diagnosis is in the mid 30s, and it's thought that. 49,XXXXY syndrome is a rare sex chromosome aneuploidy syndrome with an incidence of about 1/85,000. These patients are frequently diagnosed as having Klinefelter variant. Herein, we report a 49,XXXXY Klinefelter syndrome male with cleft palate, hypothyroidism, cataracts, and diabetes. These anomalies have never been previously reported in. The eXtraordinarY Kids Clinic at Children's Colorado is a unique inter-disciplinary clinic for children with X&Y chromosome variations. The team also conducts research in sex chromosome variations. Mathew's story: How the diagnosis of an extra X chromosome helped Mathew find himself. AXYS is a national support group dedicated to patient.

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FDNA, in collaboration with The Focus Foundation, announces the successful recognition of the facial phenotype of 49,XXXXY (49ers) syndrome, a rar Editorial The lesion may appear as proximal, diaphyseal or distal tibiofibular synostosis. Despite its localization, synostosis appearing as a congenital lesion or occuring before the closure of the physeal plates is usually complicated by shortening of the lateral malleolus, ankle valgus and prominence of the fibular head at the knee Klinefelter syndrome is a chromosomal disorder characterized by one or more supernumerary X chromosomes, in addition to the normal 46,XY male karyotype. Whereas classic Klinefelter syndrome (47,XXY) occurs in 1:400 births, the most severe Klinefelter variant (49,XXXXY) occurs in only 1:85,000 births. The degree of cognitive impairment, specific skeletal changes, and genital abnormalities in.

In Sri Lanka, this is the second 49,XXXXY is a rare sex chromosome polysomy with an incidence of 1 in detected case of 49,XXXXY, the first being detected in a baby 85 000 male births. It has a characteristic triad of mental retardation, boy with ambiguous genitalia (3) Karen Ortega studies Comunicación Social y Periodismo, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, and Social Work Education Dear Editor, The 49, XXXXY syndrome, first reported in 1960 by Fraccaro et al. , is a supernumerary X chromosome aneuploidy syndrome with an approximate incidence of 1 in every 10 000-85 000 male births. Recently, the 49, XXXXY syndrome has been distinguished from Klinefelter's syndrome (47, XXY) because of some dissimilarities in the clinical features of 49, XXXXY syndrome such as. • Speaker at Fourteenth Annual Conference for Children with 49, XXXXY, August 2017 • Speaker at Worcester Commission on Disability, July 2017 • Guest of About the Valley TV program with Harry Berkowitz, Northbridge, MA June 2017 • Annual speaker for Tufts Adventures in Veterinary Medicine camps, North Grafton, MA 201 The National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) is one of 27 Institutes and Centers at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The focus of NCATS is to advance the science of translation, which is the process of turning observations into interventions to improve health

Company Description: Advocacy and Consulting for Education is a small advocacy firm that assists families with children needing special education and gifted education services. Our primary goal is to help children receive and access an appropriate education that is individualized to give them meaningful benefit The WCF planned to hold its annual conference in Moscow in 2014, but cancelled it because of the difficulties presented by new U.S. sanctions legislation related to the crisis in Ukraine, which also hit a member of the WCF's planning committee, Vladimir Yakunin. (49XXXXY) are phenotypically male. (5) When a Y chromosome is present, early. The conference, organized and chaired by Dr. Sadika, was attended by more than 400 participants from Algeria, Bahrain, Belgium, Canada, Egypt, Germany, Iran, Japan, Kuwait, Netherlands, Oman, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, UAE, UK, USA, and Yemen. (49XXXXY), with a classical phenotype of a Scottish male with the same condition I had examined. 48, XXXY/49, XXXXY mosaic: new neuroradiological features in an ultra-rare syndrome. Milani D, Bonarrigo F, Avignone S, Triulzi F, Esposito S Ital J Pediatr 2015 Jul 14;41:50. doi: 10.1186/s13052-015-0156- Dr. Monica B. Dhakar is a neurologist in New Haven, Connecticut and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including Emory University Hospital Midtown and Grady Memorial Hospital.

The pentasomy 49,XXXXY is one of the rarest sex chromosome defects, occurring with an estimated incidence of 1 in 85000 male births. This condition is associated with pre‐ and postnatal growth deficiency, severe mental retardation, hypogenitalism, and other skeletal, facial and cardio‐vascular anomalies. In this report we present such a case diagnosed prenatally by chorionic villus. Poster Presentation: Prenatal presentation of 49,XXXXY syndrome International Society for Prenatal Diagnosis 19th International Conference on Prenatal Diagnosis and Therapy Jul 2015 46,XY disorder. The pentasomy 49,XXXXY is one of the rarest sex chromosome defects, occurring with an estimated incidence of 1 in 85000 male births. This condition is associated with pre- and postnatal growth deficiency, severe mental retardation, hypogenitalism, and other skeletal, facial and cardio-vascular anomalies

A case series of 7 Sri Lankan patients with type 1 spinal muscular atrophy. Journal Paper. Shree R Banstola, Nirmala D Sirisena, Dulika S Sumathipala, Vajira H W Dissanayake. Sri Lanka Journal of Child Health, ; 45 (4): 247-249. Publication year: 2016 A rare sex chromosome aneuploidy syndrome, 49,XXXXY syndrome is characterized by mental retardation with severe learning difficulties, craniofacial and skeletal abnormalities, hypogonadism, and congenital heart disease. The authors describe a 30-month-old boy with 49,XXXXY syndrome, global developmental delay and white matter changes in the. 49/XXXXY chromosomal anomaly by Fraccaro, Kaijser, andLindsten in 1960individuals withthis formofXchromosomepolysomyhave beenrecog-nized with significant frequency. In 1966 a com-prehensive review of33 patients appeared (Zaleski et al) andrecently a total of61 cases havebeencited (Shapiro, 1970). This report concerns a newborn infant with th

Dr. Natalio Izquierdo is an ophthalmologist in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He received his medical degree from Ponce School of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years Find and review Missouri charities, nonprofits and volunteering and donation opportunities. Want to donate or volunteer? Find the best non-profit or charity in Missouri View Mohammad Bakri Hammami, M.D.'s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Mohammad Bakri has 10 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn. We derived iPSC lines from a high-grade 49-XXXXY KS and two healthy donors' fibroblasts. Importantly, the healthy controls XY and XX are direct relatives to KS patients, thus enabling functional comparisons of healthy and Abstract Klinefelter Syndrome (KS) is the most frequent X chromosome aneuploidy in males. KS patients with 47-XXY, 48.

49, XXXXY Syndrome Jia-Woei Hou, MD, PhD 49, XXXXY syndrome is a rare sex chromosomal disorder. A 5-month-old boy had fail-ure to thrive and multiple congenital anomalies including microcephaly, facial dysmorphism (hypertelorism, megacornea, cleft palate, and micrognathia), obvious heart murmur, umbili-cal hernia, microphallus, and mild. 49, XXXXY Syndrome Contact: Australian X and Y Spectrum Support Tel: Monica Bray - 0419 234 377 Email: contact@axys.org.au Website: Click here More info: Australian X and Y Spectrum Support helps individuals and families affected by Klinefelter syndrome (47,XXY) and other sex chromosome variations. They bring together state groups from around. The 49,XXXXY syndrome, is a rare sex chromosomal aneuploidy with an incidence of 1 in 85,000 male births. 49,XXXXY syndrome, irst reported in 1960, was considered a Klinefelter variant until 1998, when it was delineated as a distinct phenotype [1]. Clinical manifestations of 49,XXXXY includ 49, XXXXY: The Role of MSX1 Gene Z Kırzıoğlu1, NŞ Calapoğlu2, ZZ Çiftçi3, D Ceyhan1 ABSTRACT 49, XXXXY syndrome is the most severe and rare form of Klinefelter syndrome. The number of cases reporting oral and dental findings of this syndrome is very little. The aims of ou Conference Information The Focus Foundation, is very excited to be planning and hosting the Fifteenth Annual Conference for Children with 49, XXXXY. This is a rare disorder occurring about 1 in 85,000 children. The Focus Foundation is a non-profit that specializes in helping boys and girls with X and Y Chromosome Disorders, dyslexia and.

Summary Epidemiology It has an annual incidence of 1/85,000 to 1/100,000 male births. Clinical description The 49,XXXXY syndrome differs from Klinefelter syndrome by its variable IQ with an often subtle intellectual deficit in childhood but a progressive (moderate to severe) deterioration with age (IQ varying between 70 and 20), by the absence of tall stature with delayed growth often already. It is the same for 49,XXXXY, the way the diagnosis presents itself from one boy to the next can vary greatly. When Charlie was eight months old, I found a really good place to get reliable information about 49,XXXXY. It is the Focus Foundation. Started by Dr. Carol Samango-Sprouse, The Focus Foundation specializes in XY chromosome abnormalities. 48,XXXY/49,XXXXY. Mosaicism makes it harder to predict the effects of XXXY. As a general rule, though, extra Xs intensify the effects, while fewer Xs lessen them. either the mother or the father but not so far as i Is 48,XXXY a variant of Klinefelter syndrome? Individuals with 48,XXXY have their own unique physical and behavioura

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48,XXXY, and 49,XXXXY in males and 8,XXXX (tetrasomy X) and 9,XXXXX (pentasomy X) in females. Individuals with SCA may present with a range of medical, neurodevelopmen-tal, educational, behavioral, and psychological concerns. There is significant vari-ability among individuals with SCA in the presence and degree of involvement o ECHO-PMS Neuropsychiatric Consultation Group. Dr. Berry-Kravis is a Pediatric Neurologist and Professor of Pediatrics, Neurological Sciences, and Biochemistry at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. She established the comprehensive Fragile X Clinic and Research Program in 1991, through which she provides care to over 600 patients with. The New York Tri-State Regional Support Group for X and Y Chromosome Variations services individuals and families in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut impacted by Klinefelter Syndrome (47,XXY), Trisomy X (47,XXX), 47,XYY and other variations such as 48,XXYY and 49,XXXXY 3. 14 th - 16 September 2017, Leiden, the Netherlands The Society for the Study of Behavioural Phenotypes. 14th - 16th September 2017 The 20. th SSBP International Research Symposium Genetic Disorders and Neurobehavioural Phenotypes. Leiden, the Netherland Rhoshel K. Lenroot, Jay N. Giedd. Brain morphological abnormalities in 49,XXXXY syndrome: A pediatric magnetic resonance imaging study NeuroImage: Clinical 2:197-203 (2013) Folio L, Solomon J, Biassou. N, Fischer T, Dworzak J, Raymont V, Sinaii N, Wasserman E, Grafman J. 2013. Automated Trajectory Analysis in Deep Penetrating Head Injury

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Sex chromosome abnormalities are a group of disorders that affects the number or the structure of the X and Y chromosomes. Examples include monosomy X or structural abnormalities of the chromosome like isochromosome of the long arm (isochromosome Xq), both leading to Turner syndrome. Congenital sex chromosome abnormalities occur in at least 1. Rapha has a very rare chromosomal abnormality, a mosaic of 48XXXY and 49XXXXY. One of the many side effects of his unique chromosomal make-up is a deficiency in natural testosterone production. We want to take Rapha to The Focus Foundation in July 2019, when the 16th Annual 49er Conference will be held 49,XXXXY pentasomy or Fraccaro's syndrome is the most severe variant of Klinefelter's syndrome (KS) affecting about 1/85000 male births. The classical presentation is the triad: mental retardation, hypergonadotropic hypogonadism and radio ulnar synostosis. Indeed, the reproductive function of Fraccaro's syndrome is distinguished from KS. Besides, Leydig cell tumors are described in cases. A Tribute to Patricia Jacobs. Dallas, October 28-31, 1981. The presentation of the William Allan Memorial Award is a special occasion each year for this Society. The award has been presented to distinguished human geneticists both from North America and overseas since 1962 and is accepted as one of the premier awards for the recognition of.

Conference attendees have discussed the proposed thesis of Samango-Sprouse and reached consensus on several tenets: 1 XXY infants show decreased truncal muscle tone and atypical gross motor skills. AXYS, founded in 1989 when the mother of a child with 47,XXY wrote to Ann Landers seeking to start a support group, is a dedicated to individuals with sex chromosome variations: 47,XXY; 48,XXYY; 48,XXXY; 49,XXXXY; 46,XY/47,XXY mosaic; 47,XYY; 47,XXX and other variants. Ruling year info. 1996. Executive Director

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47,XXY/46,XY, 47,XXY/45,X/46,XY, 48,XXXY, 49,XXXXY, 48,XXYY, etc.) are also considered as Klinefelter's syndrome variants, although the clinical presentation may be quite different in some cases [3]. Because chromosomal and gonadal features are atypical inKlinefelter'ssyndrome,theconditionhasbeenincludeda National Siblings Day is on Wednesday, April 10, 2019! National Siblings Day is a holiday held every year in the United States on April 10 to recognize and celebrate the special bond that exists between brothers and sisters. In honor of National Siblings Day, Siblings with a Mission has partnered with the organization, Don't Hide It, Flaunt It.

Males with variants of Klinefelter syndrome with increased copies of the X chromosome (48,XXXY, 48,XXYY, 49,XXXXY, and so on) typically have a more severe presentation than do those with 47,XXY. Journal of Pediatric Genetics Key Factor Analysis. · The Journal of Pediatric Genetics has published 149 reports and received 423 citations in 2020. Journal of Pediatric Genetics Key Factor Analysis. · The Journal of Pediatric Genetics has published 5 reports and received 35 citations in 2021 305 - 49,XXXXY, a rare genetic disorder: The Relationship with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), Developmental delay, and Testosterone Andrea L. Gropman, MD − Hide + Show Abstract Detail The chromosomal analysis of case 1 and 2 showed 49,XXXXY and 48,XXYY karyotype respectively. The karyotype results were confirmed with fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) and array-CGH analysis. The FISH results were found to be consistent with karyotype but the array-CGH results showed the extra gain of region Yp11.2 in case 1 while the.