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Call us today for a free estimate Free 2-day Shipping On Millions of Items. No Membership Fee. Shop Now As a result, ventless gas fireplace inserts are generally considered the best type of inserts for heating your room. This model from Ashley Hearth offers 99 percent efficiency, thanks to its ventless design. The included mesh screen and ceramic logs complete the look of this ventless gas fireplace insert In our opinion, the Best Fireplace Insert is the Peterson Real Fyre - 24″ Gas Fireplace Insert. The Real Fyre Designer Series insert is super realistic, fits any size fireplace, and the package comes as a complete gas log burner unit, ready for installation Best Gas Fireplace Insert With Realistic-Looking Logs All gas fireplaces generate real flames, but only a few standouts, like the Deluxe series from Fireplace Xtraordinair, look and feel like a traditional wood fire

Their portfolio is quite diverse, from fireplaces setups and logs, gas and wood inserts, stoves, pellet products to saunas and steam, other products and accessories. When it comes to Duluth Stove, you are assured of the highest-quality products with the most aesthetic designs BBQGUYS 24 Inch Grand Mountain Split Oak Vented Natural Gas Log Set + H-Burner - Match Light These are among the most realistic vented gas log sets you can get today. The set comes with log grate, lava rocks, sand, embers, damper clamp and connector kit What is the Most Realistic Gas Fireplace? When trying to find the most realistic gas fireplace, there are a few things to look out for: A realistic looking fuel bed - try to find one with as much detail as possible on the gas logs, coals or pebbles. Crystal embers or ash effects add to the realistic feel of gas fire logs, too Fireplace Inserts If you already have an existing actual fireplace in your home then a gas fireplace insert would most likely be your best option. A gas line would have to be run up to the firebox but, short of burning a real wood fire, you will get more heat and the realism as compared to an electric fireplace insert Gas Fireplace Inserts are equipped to use either natural gas or propane fuel. The Duluth Forge Dual Fireplace Insert, however, can operate with either source of fuel. The gas fireplace insert is made to work with a ventless system. While using both the sources of fuel, the fireplace can generate 26000 BTU

Most fireplace inserts can cut chilly chimney draft, but only the best gas fireplace inserts are engineered to keep you warmer for less. Improvements like ceramic radiant heating technology, multi-speed blowers, programmable heat controls and multi-room heat distribution kits are all helping home owners spend less and enjoy more Dimplex Opti-V Duet Fireplace Insert (54.25) The Opti-V Duet from Dimplex is another incredibly realistic electric fireplace. Three-dimensional logs glow with LED technology, but the best part is that they periodically sparkle and crack Best Gas Fireplace Inserts (New List) 1. Peterson Real Fyre Live Oak Log Set This is a 100% natural gas unit and it should be used as such If you aim for the best direct vent fireplace, then the Majestic Quartz Direct Vent Natural Gas Burning Fireplace will be the best choice for you. The tempered glass screen makes this fireplace look fabulous. The most mind-blowing thing about this high-efficiency direct vent gas fireplace is that it is incredibly easy to use Napoleon Grandville Gas Fireplace Our top pick is one of the most realistic gas fireplaces we came across in our research. This beautiful piece from Napoleon Grandville it also packed with some pretty great features. One thing that we loved is that it's so simple

Most Realistic Gas Fireplace Insert. Choosing gas hearth inserts for the home of yours is the best decision you can make for a safe and relaxing time with your family or perhaps each time you're alone. At times we tend to believe that the entire world is on our shoulders and we basically break down in tears or even sense that being alone We utilized these in an open air gas fire pit. They look incredible and perform well. Hoping to add them to current logs in our indoor chimney. Be that as it may, we put some igneous rock and shaded stone between these logs and the gas pipe. The diverse cooling temps of these fired logs Read More »10 Most Realistic Vented Gas Logs Sets in 201 1. ProCom Vent Free Dual Fuel Stove- Best for Small Room. Check More Photos & Price at: amazon.com. The large viewing area, makes the gas fireplace looks stunning giving you a real life feeling of realistic fire. The large viewing area is the best selling feature of this product There are plenty of beautiful electric fireplaces. However, nothing is as close to what MagikFlame can provide. Created by Howard Birnbaum, responsible for special f/x effects for Harry Potter, The Matrix,and other Hollywood films, MagikFlame is the most realistic electric fireplace that you can ever get for your money An insert warms room air in the gap between the boxes and radiates heat from its firebox. Holes must be drilled for the gas and electrical lines. Available either vented, with a fixed glass panel in front of the flames, or ventless, with a fixed metal screen or glass panel. For More: How to Install a Gas Fireplace Insert

R. H. Peterson Real Fyre Gas Logs are the most realistic gas logs because they are meticulously hand-crafted to resemble natural wood and carefully designed and arranged to produce a flame that looks just like a real wood fire. Peterson also makes gas logs in many styles duplicating trees from all different terrains, ensuring accuracy to setting Identifying The Most Realistic Gas Logs Gas logs are convenient alternatives to burning real wood, but they often get a bad rap for being unrealistic. Low-quality gas logs are often guilty of looking outright fake but high-quality logs will make you do a double-take The classic flame 23 3D is an excellent fireplace and provides instant heat for rooms up to 1,000 sq. ft. it has 3D flame effect technology that offers a layered flame effect and creates a realistic fire with 5 adjustable brightness and speed settings

The Touchstone 80014 is the most beautiful electric fireplace insert that we've found. It provides multiple brightness settings ranging from full blazing light to a dull ember glow for different moods and ambience wanted. There additionally are five realistic flame settings to choose from, all can be adjusted through remote control Made specifically to hang on a wall, this 50-inch electric fireplace offers five levels of extremely realistic flames set within faux logs or crystals, which come included. One-person installation is a snap, since it only weigh 46 pounds, but it can warm up to a 400-square-foot room. Also features a shut-off timer programmable for up to 7.5 hours The Best Realistic Electric Fireplace: Everything You Need To Know. Realistic electric fireplace units are a popular and safe choice for warming homes. Their design makes them appear like fake logs, which you can plug into standard power outlets. Most gadgets can radiate heat on a radius of between 200 and 1000 square feet depending on the model Vent Free Gas Insert Disadvantages: So, those are the vent free gas insert pros. Continue reading to learn about the disadvantages of using a vent free gas insert. Here are the top 4 disadvantages: Less Realistic Looking Fire. Vent free gas fireplace inserts are usually less realistic looking than a direct vent gas insert Regal Flame 9 Piece Petite Set of Ceramic Wood Gas Fireplace Logs. Buy now from Amazon. The Regal Flame 9 Piece Petite Set of Ceramic Fireplace logs comes with a set of 9 realistic looking logs that can be used in your gas fireplace or fire pit. These logs range in size from 4″ to 9″ and each one is extremely detailed for an authentic look

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  1. Lopi 430 Gas Insert. Our most popular and most beautiful gas fireplace insert, the Lopi 430 can heat up to 1,500 square feet of space. Like the 616 the 430 has the same feature set but is designed for smaller homes. The 430 also has a 180 CFM convection fan which runs with a Green Smart remote control. Contact us today for more info
  2. While they aren't the most realistic-looking gas logs, the Flint Hill is a great option if you're looking for an affordable way to get more heat out of your fireplace. The burner is designed to look like a grate found in a traditional wood burning fireplace
  3. Best Gas Fireplace Inserts (New List) Emberside Sure Heat Mountain Oak Dual Burner. R. H. Peterson Real Fyre Gas Logs are the most realistic gas logs because they are meticulously hand-crafted to resemble natural wood and carefully designed and arranged to produce a flame that looks just like a real wood fire
  4. The Charred Oak Gas Log Set by Real Fyre is our top-selling vented log set, and it's easy to see why!. Our customers love this set because it's an excellent value for the price, easy to install, and the logs, flame presentation, and ember bed are incredibly realistic.. Real Fyre uses superior refractory ceramics to make their logs and reinforces each one with a steel rod, ensuring they.
  5. Gas fireplace prices. Gas fireplaces range in price from $350 to over $3,000. The broad categories below provide a general idea of what you can expect to find at each price point. Inexpensive. Most of the gas fireplaces that cost between $350 and $800 are inserts or freestanding portable units
  6. Choose from a wide range of the most beautiful looking gas fire products available, designed for externally vented fireplaces. Vent-Free Collection. The warmth and charm of a wood fire without the need for venting your fireplace. Direct Vent Insert Collection. Turn your fireplace into an efficient gas heater with the beautiful look of a real.

Gas Fireplace Inserts. Upgrade your existing wood or gas fireplace into a reliable, energy-efficent Valor gas insert. Gas inserts are designed to be installed within an existing masonry cavity or fireplace and uses the existing chimney as structure to run venting for the unit. Inserts are typically a lower cost option compared to a zero. Gas Fireplaces - Traditional. The traditional line of gas fireplaces from Regency offers classic fireplace designs with the latest in gas fireplace technology. Advanced ignition systems, thermostatic remotes, and highly adjustable heat outputs that make enjoying your fireplace all year round easy

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The Park Avenue is a unique fireplace featuring a frameless design with advanced burner technology, creating one of the most realistic flames in the industry. Napoleon Fireplaces BGD90 Drea Fireplace inserts were created to bring these beautiful, neglected fireplaces back to life. Fireplace inserts are inserted directly into the fire box of a pre-existing hearth to transform a traditional fireplace into a trendy electric-powered fireplace Which Gas Fireplace Type to Choose: Inserts vs Built-in. Depending on the type of installation, gas fireplaces are primarily divided into inserts or built-ins. As part of our gas fireplace reviews, we differentiate the two: Inserts. Fireplace inserts are the ones that you can install inside your old or unused wooden fireplace. Thus you can save. These are the most realistic gas fires available. Napoleon gas fireplace inserts are highly efficient and make it easy for you to boost your enjoyment of your existing fireplace. No matter how big or small your current fireplace is, there's a contemporary or traditional gas fireplace insert that will fit perfectly — both size wise and. Buy from Amazon. Designed to fit into most existing fireplaces, including not only pre-fabricated models but also traditional masonry fireplaces, this product is a safer alternative to burning logs of wood. It produces realistic flame effects that mimic glowing logs and it fan-force air heater provides up to 4,600 BTU of heat

Known for its gorgeous, dancing yellow flames and high-definition detailed logs, Ember-Fyre ® is the most realistic wood-like gas fire available. The Ember-Fyre ® burner is a featured with the Premium DVS and DVL gas fireplace inserts and Premium gas stoves Choice of natural gas or propane models in three sizes to fit most fireplaces. Adjustable flames and heat with dual burners (DVIT-30i and DVIT-36i models) - DVIT-25i: 16,000 to 25,000 BTU's natural gas & 14,000 to 20,000 BTU's propane - DVIT-30i: 9,000 to 32,000 BTU's natural gas & 10,000 to 29,000 BTU's propan Insert Fireplaces. Insert fireplaces are log-and-burner combinations that sit inside a metal box inserted into an existing fireplace. Inserts warm air in the gap between the box and the insert, radiating heat from a firebox. The only preparation is to install holes for gas or electrical lines to run ProCom's Dual Fuel Ventless Gas Fireplaces are an excellent alternative to traditional wood fireplaces. This fireplace with mantel features a stylish arched design complete with 10,000 BTU of dancing yellow flames and realistic looking hand painted logs. Economical and efficient, this fireplace system provides your family with the supplemental heat you need, without skimping on style or.

Here is a list of the best vent-free / ventless fireplaces to buy in 2021: 1. Best Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace. Onyx fireplace by Touchstone is the best wall mounted electric fireplace because it is loved by our customers and provides the best value for the money. This linear electric fireplace can be simply hung on any wall, just like a. Electric fireplaces are becoming more and more realistic. Back in 2017, a lot of electric fireplace manufacturers introduced an innovative concept - water vapor fireplaces. Today, these fireplaces are the most realistic electric fireplaces on the market. They produce the best 3-Dimensional flame effect

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The PuraFlame western electric fireplace insert comes with quite a few bells and whistles that put it on the top pick list for electric fireplace inserts. This insert is 35 1/25″ width x Height: 26 99/100″ x Depth: 8 39/50″ and features a remote control operating system and realistic crackling wood sound effects Realistic Fake Fireplace Insert. June 22, 2020; By admin Filed Under Fireplace; No Comments The 5 most realistic electric fireplaces in 2020 portablefireplace com built fireplace redo modern flames best inserts 2021 top 12 reviews ing guide who has dimplex revillusion vs magikflame flame effect fires direct i have ever seen opti myst 60 review you premium firebox insert MagikFlame is the most realistic and most advanced fireplace you'll find. Sure, it's expensive, but if you want the best fireplace then this is the one for you. The video above is only one of 26 flame settings available for you to choose from. Also, there are five different MagikFlame models to choose from We featured some fantastic electric fireplaces with ultra-realistic flames on this list. But when it comes to the most realistic electric fireplace, there was one clear and decisive winner. The Magik Flame Morpheus combines authentic-looking, three-dimensional, holographic flames with real crackling fire audio to produce a real-to-life. Unlike gas logs, inserts produce a lot of radiant heat and warm air. If you are going to rely on the fireplace as a source of heat, a gas insert will be better for you than a gas log. However, gas inserts will usually produce less heat than a built-in gas fireplace. Like gas logs and gas fireplaces, your gas insert comes in the vented and vent.

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Our space saving corner electric fireplaces and convenient entertainment center fireplaces look remarkably realistic while using a fraction of the energy to heat a room. Our elegant electric fireplace heaters use about as much energy as a simple space heater and can be installed anywhere - saving you money on heating bills as well as installation Gas Fireplaces include Direct Vent Units that vent combustion gasses directly outside, Vent Free Units that use the indoor air to fuel the combustion process and vent safely into the room, and units that replace existing masonry fireplace openings called Fireplace Inserts. Gas Fireplaces can have the look and feel of a real wood fire without. With a massive viewing area, the Napoleon Grandville VF42 Vent Free Propane Gas Fireplace is stunning, with realistic PHAZER logs and flames that fill the impressive firebox. With the ease of vent free technology, the GrandvillleVF42 gas fireplace efficiently transforms a room into a relaxing, warm oasis with a beautiful fireplace focal point 36 in. Electric Fireplace Insert with Overheating Protection 750-Watt/1500-Watt, Black. Model# VHEF33-HD. Classic Flame 26 in. Ventless Infrared Electric Fireplace Insert with Safer Plug (12) Dynasty Fireplaces 35 in. LED Electric Fireplace Insert in Black Matt (6) Model# EF45D-FGF

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Most fireplace inserts can be quite deep but this isn't the case with the Dimplex DFI2309 Electric Fireplace Insert. It is only about 10.5 inches thick and will fit nicely. The fact that the unit does not have a glass and the decorative logs just stay there in 3D gives you just a very pleasant, realistic feeling Aside from having some of the most realistic flames of many electric fireplaces on the market, this model also has an impressive 5,200 BTU heater. Using quartz infrared heating technology, you'll feel the warmth from this electric fireplace heater in the room quickly Gas fireplaces. Nothing else on the market today comes close to gas fireplaces when it comes to efficiency. Most gas units on the market today operate with well over 90% efficiency, making them the most efficient fireplace option available. Likewise, the low cost of propane and natural gas can also help reduce operating costs

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  1. Mar 12, 2014 - With the latest in technology, innovation, and optical techniques, these are the most realistic electric fireplaces on the market that will have you second guessing whether they produce real flames
  2. g from rotisserie-style light but from water
  3. R.W.FLAME Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove, 23 Freestanding 2 Door Fireplace Heater, Realistic Flame Effects, Adjustable Brightness and Heating Mode, Overheating Safe Design, 1000W/1500W, Black. 4.5 out of 5 stars 49. $134.99$134.99. Get it as soon as Tue, Sep 15
  4. I recommend the best gas logs. These logs deliver the warmth and beauty required during this season and without posing any danger to your health. So, have a look at the top 7 best rated vent free gas logs and rest assured to have the best alternative to conventional fireplaces
  5. Amantii Electric Fireplaces - contemporary electric fireplaces - including Fireplace Inserts, Wall Mount Fireplaces, & Mantels - residential & commercia
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Shop All Fireplace Inserts About Fireplace Inserts Clearance Sale. Shop our Clearance Sale for specially reduced pricing! About Linear Wall Fireplaces Clearance Sale. Shop our Clearance Sale for specially reduced pricing! Shop Now Log Inserts Opti-Myst. Since 1995, Dimplex has been a leader in the electric fireplace industry. From the time they developed with a truly realistic wood burning flame effect, which was the first electric fireplace. Today, some of the most realistic electric fireplace inserts and fireplaces on the market are manufactured by Dimplex manufacturers Modern gas fireplaces can be made to look, sound and even smell like real fireplaces. In respect to this, what brand of gas fireplace is the best? Best Overall: Napoleon Grandville VF Series 37 Vent Free Natural Gas Fireplace. For a ready-to-enjoy gas fireplace insert, choose the Napoleon Grandville Vent-Free Natural Gas Fireplace. This is our. With legendary Mendota ® flames and the most realistic-looking log sets, the FullView Timberline Series creates a cozy, rustic aesthetic. Mendota gas fireplaces, gas fireplace inserts and gas stoves are sold through a nationwide network of authorized Mendota dealerships. These professionals have both the knowledge and experience to help.

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  1. Why You Should Choose an Acucraft Open Gas Fireplace. At Acucraft, our selection of media options and finishes set us apart from the competition. Combine the most realistic log sets with the tallest and fullest flames on the market, and you've got an open gas log fireplace that will leave your guests speechless. Don't take our word for it
  2. The ability to adapt in the insert gas fireplace industry is crucial for success, that is why Miles Industries is proud to be recognized as the number one insert company in North America. Since 1991, Valor inserts have evolved to become the most energy efficient, controllable heat source for your home
  3. Welcome to eFireplaceStore's highest customer rated fireplace inserts. These are the best fireplace inserts and we're sure you'll find your perfect fireplace insert from our wide selection of wood burning inserts, direct vent inserts, vent free inserts, and much, much more all hand-picked from our top rated models to date
  4. ating homeowners' desire for comfort, beauty.
  5. 3. Kingsman HBZDV3624 Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Millivolt Natural Gas Traditional. 9.1. 8.6. 9.2. 4. American Hearth Loft Series Linear Direct Vent Fireplaces - Small -DVL-25FP-32N. 9.0
  6. We're proud to offer the best built, most reliable, efficient, and realistic gas fireplaces in the Minneapolis & St. Paul metro area. View our fireplace gallery to see what a new gas fireplace could look like in your home. From the luxury of a Mendota Hearth fireplace to the classic look of Town & Country

We can help you make your dream fireplace into a reality. We offer gas and wood fuels and can help you choose between a fireplace, stove or insert. Call Hudson Chimney's certified chimney professionals in Jacksonville FL at 904-282-4159 to schedule an appointment today Of the two, gas fireplaces have the more realistic look because the gas produces a flame you can see and heat you can feel. An electric fireplace does not produce flames in the same way but still produces heat. Instead of flames, they project an image of a burning log. A pre-built gas fireplace can range from $900 to $3,000 for the unit itself Vancouver Gas Fireplaces. Vancouver Gas Fireplaces is the Lower Mainland's most innovative and service-oriented retailer and supplier of fireplaces and fireplace inserts. We carry a broad range of products made by North America and Europe's top manufacturers. You can trust us to help you pick the perfect fireplace for your home Gas Fireplace Inserts are a low cost option compared to a complete renovation to install a gas fireplace, or completely replace your existing masonry fireplace. This is yet another reason why Inserts are so versatile. A fashionable choice, inserts can change the ambience of a room from traditional or rustic to contemporary If you are purchasing a gas fireplace inserts consumer reports for a particular function, you are likely to want to have a gas fireplace inserts consumer reports that is most appropriate for your usage you are thinking about. From time to time, a quality you believe that you will use all of the time ends up being more or less worthless to you.

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When you want quick installation and efficient heating the Majestic 30 inch Jasper Fireplace is the hearth for you. This gas-fueled fireplace has 6 realistic split-wood logs made of ceramic. You will get up to 30,000 BTUs of heat with 70 percent efficiency. That efficiency rating is better than many wood-burnin Fireplaces. Light Brite Distributing offers an extensive selection of fireplaces. We represent some of the best manufacturers in the industry, such as Heat-n-Glo and Fireplace Xtrordinair. Whether you are looking for gas, electric, or wood burning, we have the styles and fit for every home. The choice is yours Gas Fireplace Inserts and More A fireplace adds to your home a sense of warmth and hospitality that can immediately put people at ease. These days you have a choice between gas (direct vent gas fireplaces, gas fireplace inserts, gas stoves, gas log sets), electric, or wood Gas fireplace inserts from ACME are one of the quickest, easiest and most cost-efficient ways to transform your existing fireplace into a look you've always wanted. Superior benefits include: Wide variety of design finishes and colors to choose from. Realistic look of logs and dancing flames to replicate a real wood burning fireplace A gas fireplace is a factory-built firebox complete with a glass face for viewing the fire. These hearth products are designed for aesthetic and decorative use, as well as for multiple-room zone heating. Mendota gas fireplaces maintain some of the highest efficiencies in the industry—up to 86.4%. With a touch of a button, you can cozy up to.

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The puraflame 33 western electric fireplace insert is an energy-saving, elegant, firebox, with a convenient multi-function remote control. the realistic fire-like feature consists of backlit leds flame with 3 different variations of intensity and brightness, together with life-like resin logs and a glowing ember bed to create a life-like flame feel. the flame can be used with or without heat Ventless inserts have a higher efficiency rating (92% to 99% vs. 60% to 80% for direct-vent inserts) because no heat escapes up the chimney. But the exhaust fumes and moisture released from burning gas stay in your house, which may be a cause for concern. Most ventless gas fireplace inserts are considered safe for homeowners because they.

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  1. Electraflame electric fireplaces add a warm, relaxing feel to your home at the push of a button!. Enjoy the ambiance and romance of a fireplace instantly. All electraflame models feature the most realistic flame technology on the market today and are available with a wide range of options to suit your individual needs
  2. The majority of electric fireplaces on the market today can look very realistic in terms of both flame effects and the design of the unit. For the most realistic experience from an electric fireplace you may have to pay a premium, but the wide range of choice available for electric fireplaces means that you'll be able to find the perfect one.
  3. What I Chose: I ended up choosing the Dimplex Revillusion electric fireplace insert. Here is the 30″ version. The flickering flames looked pretty realistic a few feet away, and at a 10-foot distance, I can't tell whether it's gas or electric. By the way, you can install these either in a wall or within an existing fireplace
  4. Electric Fireplaces. Optimyst II Open Hearth Electric Insert. Fitting into any fireplace opening, this electric insert comes with a revolutionary ultrasonic technology produces a fine water mist. It lasts for 12-14 hours of continuous operating before refilling. Pleasant Hearth 20 Electric Crackling Natural Wood Log
  5. PuraFlame makes an electric fireplace with crackling sound effects that looks and sounds realistic, plus it's eco-friendly. This insert is designed to fit in an existing fireplace opening. Alternatively, you can build a custom mantel around it as well. In either case, it's very real-looking
  6. The most realistic electric fireplaces and realistic-looking features tend to be more expensive, but not always. However, not everyone prioritizes realism in an electric fireplace

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  1. Mission Ambiance Inspiration Gas Fireplace Insert. Our Ambiance Brand Fireplace Inserts are one of the most beautifully burning fire displays in the industry. You must see this fireplace insert burning to truly appreciate how it looks! We call it the Inspiration, because it truly is an inspiration to behold. The Ambiance Inspiration.
  2. Easy to install wall mount, recessed, linear and mantel insert electric fireplaces with natural looking LED flames, heaters, remote control operation. FREE, FAST U.S. SHIPPING • Most in-stock items arrive in 2-5 day
  3. The Dimplex Synergy is a brilliant built-in electric fireplace with realistic patented technology and a stunning glass ember bed. The heater can be used independently from the flames with high or low heat options, and you also have the option to mount the unit partially recessed into a wall or on the surface
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These fireplaces are as realistic as it gets. Their whole purpose is to recreate the look and feel of a wood-burning fire. Some come with crackling noises and most have heaters. With an insert, it's important to check the size carefully before ordering. It needs to fit smoothly inside your fireplace. Don't have a fireplace? No sweat Ascent™ Series Gas Fireplaces add ambiance to any room. They are perfect for builders and homeowners alike. The shallow depth allows for versatile installations where space is at a premium. The clean face design maximizes the viewing area so the realistic flames and hand painted PHAZER® log set are enjoyed to their fullest Stylish and functional, the console stands out for its neutral design that will fit in seamlessly with most modern interiors without looking like an afterthought. The electric fireplace insert flickers with realistic LED AltraFlame effects over glowing logs, and you can adjust the heat and brightness by remote control or touch panel

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Electric Fireplace Inserts (1) Entertainment Center Electric Fireplaces (32) Mantel Electric Fireplaces (5) Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces (3) Wood Species. When making a selection below to narrow your results down, each selection made will reload the page to display the desired results The ideal fireplace is energy-efficient, safe and affordable. From gas fireplaces to electric fireplaces to wood stoves, we have a wide range of styles designed to warm up every room in home and life. Set the Mood with Indoor Fireplaces (Types, Inserts) When the summer ends, the heat doesn't have to An electric fireplace insert is an ideal option if you already have an existing fireplace, and you would like to switch to an electric fireplace without having to go through extensive changes in the room involved. This type allows your room to have the elegance of a realistic-looking fireplace, complete with the log and traditional flame look The Power of Electric Flames. With ultra-realistic flame patterns and innovative technology developed by hearth experts, Modern Flames has made it possible for electric fireplaces to stand next to the organic allure of gas and wood systems — setting the new industry standard and making a case for homeowners and designers alike to choose electric

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Comfortable Heating Options- Most electric fireplaces contain two elements: a display that creates vibrant flames, and a heater for generating warmth. Flame presentations are produced using different methods like video displays, refracted light, or — for the Dimplex Opti-Myst Series — an image projected onto a mist of water droplets Enjoy a wide landscape view of the most realistic log and glowing ember-bed Regency currently has to offer with the U1500E Ultimate Gas fireplace. Regency® Horizon® HZ965E Gas Fireplace Styled for contemporary environments, the Regency Horizon HZ965E features an inset design that allows finish materials to be installed right up the fireplace. Infrared fireplaces are particularly efficient, compared to other electric heating sources. They are relatively inexpensive, with options under $200, and they are just as easy to install and maintain as other electric fireplaces. Read more: The most realistic electric fireplaces. Pellet burning option

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Most models come with a heater, but you can turn it off during the warm days. The best units on the market come with remote control and LED lighting. Electric Fireplace Insert. Once again, pay attention to the name. Insert electric fireplaces can be inserted into an existing opening Dimplex 23.75-in Black Electric Fireplace Insert. More than the addition of new features, Revillusion® is a completely new way of looking at fireplaces. Gaze through the lifelike flames to the back of the firebox, revealing the natural character that gives a wood-burning fireplace its charm

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Our recommendation for a freestanding fireplace is the Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove, which offers realistic, 3D flames powered by infrared quartz heat. Mantel—When you think of a fireplace, typically what comes to mind is a mantel fireplace, fueled by wood or propane. However, there are electric fireplaces that mimic the. Most Realistic Electric Fireplace Insert. Discover a modern, eco-friendly and 100% safe fireplace that runs on tap water, does not emit any pollution or harmful exhaust gas. The Aquafire® Water Vapor Electric Fireplaces has lifelike, cool-to-touch flames that are created from ultra-fine cold-water vapor Thanks to innovative design and technology like patent pending 3D Flame® Effect, ClassicFlame® electric fireplaces can produce realistic looking flames. Take a look at this guide to learn about the many ways electric fireplaces can offer the most realistic experience

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