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Class of 2025 Regular Decision Notification Dates By IvyWise on Friday, March 26, 2021 Here's When Students Can Expect to Receive Regular Admission Decisions Are you ready for regular decision notification dates The Official Class of 2025 Decision Dates Calendar has been released! Similar to last year's, the Decision Dates calendar provides both a list based and calendar based resource for students to see when early decision (ED, EA, REA, etc) and regular decisions are being released for colleges (now including both first year and fall 2021 transfer.

BC dropped from 24% last year to 18.9% this year. The charts below show a trend among many selective schools of a slight increase in acceptance rates for the Classes of 2022 and 2023 followed by a dip in acceptance rates for the Classes of 2024 and 2025, during the pandemic. This pattern was even more pronounced for colleges with Early Decision. Class of 2025 - Important Dates *All dates are subject to change. Information regarding admitted student programming will be announced in the coming weeks and months. By December 1: Early Decision I decisions and financial aid awards released; December 14: Enrollment deadline for students admitted Early Decision UPenn needs more time to evaluate the candidacies of Regular Decision applicants to its Class of 2025. They are asking for extended time. Typically, our nation's elite universities release Regular Decision notifications in late March or early April. And by early April, we mean April 1st

For high school seniors, the 2020-21 college application season has proven to be yet another challenge to navigate during the pandemic. This year, the College saw an all-time high of 28,338 combined early decision and regular decision applicants — a 32.5% increase in applications since the last admissions cycle Kenyon Class of 2025 — Regular Decision Date: Mid-March. Colleges and Universities A-Z. Kenyon College. class-2025, decision. Here's a list of previous year dates (based off of other college confidential posts, so not 100% reliable) 2015: posted Mar 20, 5:00 (Friday) 2017: posted Mar 17, 5:00 (Friday) 2018: posted Mar 19, 6:00 (Monday Are you planning to apply to top US colleges for the 2021 admission cycle (Class of 2025)?Here are the Early Action, Early Decision, and Regular Decision application deadlines for undergraduate admissions at the top US colleges University of Florida 2025 — Regular Decision - University of Florida - College Confidential Forums - Admissions Discussions and Threads University of Florida 2025 — Regular Decision Momof0ne January 18, 2021, 3:51pm #21 If application was completed by Nov 16th it is Feb 26th else March 26th

Find out when you should apply and when you can expect a decision. Students have different dates and deadlines to track based on their applicant type. Please review the information below to learn more about the important dates of the application process. University Park, PA 16802-1294. Phone +1 (814) 865-5471 Fax +1 (814) 863-7590 Email. Don't create posts regarding decision results outside of these megathreads. Don't ask others for their stats. Doing so will give you a 1-day temp ban. Don't attempt to create or advertise group chats, including in PMs and regardless of which platform the chat is on. Related Links. r/ApplyingToCollege Discord Server. 2025 Decision Dates. Regular Decision is non-binding and permits students to apply to any number of schools and to make their matriculation decision in the month of April, after all admission decisions are known. Early Decision applicants undergo the same thorough review for need-based financial assistance and merit scholarships as Regular Decision applicants

The traditional deadlines are in November, usually the 1st or the 15th, and you're typically notified of the admissions decision in December. Some schools now also offer Early Decision II. Early Decision II is still binding, but the deadline is pushed forward, usually to sometime in January. This option is for applicants who are decided on a. *For first-year undergraduate applicants to the Classes of 2025 and 2026, submitting SAT or ACT scores is optional. For more information, please read our standardized testing policy. **Financial aid application deadlines are based on your admission application decision choice (Early Decision 1 or 2, Regular Decision) Georgetown University accepted early action applicants for the undergraduate Class of 2025 at a record low admission rate, with a nearly 20% increase in applications from last year. The university admitted 940 students from a pool of 8,710 applicants at a 10.79% acceptance rate. The number of applications saw a 19% increase from last year, [

Middlebury, Vt. - The number of prospective students applying to Middlebury College reached a new record high of 11,908 this year-for an increase of 30 percent over last year's total of 9,173. Applicants for the Class of 2025 include 10,867 regular decision candidates and 1,041 who applied under the first and second rounds of the Early. Almost all the colleges have announced their early action, early decision, and regular deadlines.In this post, we will look at the Early Decision Notification Dates for the Class of 2025.. It's a no-brainer that college admission this year is going to be extremely competitive Early Action decision release — by late January Final equal consideration deadline — February 1. Note: Students who apply via Early Action but don't meet the requirements or deadlines will be rolled into the regular decision applicant pool. All materials must then be postmarked by February 1 and decisions will be released by early April Deadline. Admissions & Financial Aid Deadline. Jan. 15 *. Admissions Decision & Financial Aid Notification. Late March. Enrollment Deposit Deadline. Candidates Reply Date of May 1. * Regular Decision applicants may change their application to Early Decision II by submitting the Early Decision Agreement no later than Feb. 28 Regular Decision; Submit all required application materials (application mailing instructions): January 2: Financial aid application materials due for international students: January 2: Financial aid application materials due for U.S. citizens and eligible non-citizens: February 15: Architecture and art portfolio and interview due: Check Deadlin

Application Due Date+ Credentials Due Date* Online Decision** Candidate's Reply Date; First-Year, Early Action^ November 1, 2020: November 30, 2020: February 15, 2021: May 1, 202 CLASS OF 2025 -REGULAR DECISION NOTIFICATION DATES. American University. April 1. Amherst College. On or around March 20. Babson College. By Mid-March. Barnard College. Late March So, you are waiting for the regular decision results for the class of 2025, right? It's hard to believe but the 2021 college admissions cycle is, for the most part, over. In this post, we have aggregated the Decision Time for the Class of 2025

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  1. March 25, 2021. Caroline Newman , cfn8m@virginia.edu. T he University of Virginia has now extended offers of admission to 9,898 students from all walks of life and all around the world, inviting them to join UVA's Class of 2025. The latest decisions went out Thursday, part of the regular decision admissions cycle
  2. Class of 2025 - Early and Regular Decision Admissions Statistics. This week we announced admissions decisions for the Regular Decision applicants to the Class of 2025. We're excited to welcome the new students to the Vanderbilt community! This year has been unlike any other. The impacts of the pandemic have been felt in our schools, our communities, and our families
  3. We previously covered the early decision/early action acceptance rates for the Class of 2025.As regular decision acceptances and rejections have officially been received, College Transitions can now provide you the first look at the overall acceptance rates (regular decision plus early decision) for some of the most selective universities in the country during the 2020-21 admissions cycle
  4. Emory College admitted 614 students and Oxford College admitted 337 students. Emory's Early Decision I applications increased 8% over last year and 43% from five years ago. The university welcomed a new group of 56 QuestBridge Scholars to the Class of 2025, nearly doubling the number of QuestBridge Scholars matched with Emory University last.
  5. Harvard College has offered admission to 1,223 applicants for the Class of 2025 through its regular-action program, with 1,968 admitted in total, including those selected in the early action process. The total number of applications for the Class of 2025 was 57,435, a marked increase from 40,248 for the Class of 2024
  6. Prior to that year, Regular Decision applications never surpassed 34,000. Harvard Sets New Application Benchmark for the Class of 2025. And, like all the other Ivy League schools, Harvard will need to delay its Regular Decision notification date due to the surge in applications

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  1. The remainder of the Class of 2025 will be selected from the Early Decision II and Regular Decision applicant pool. Early Decision II and Regular Decision applications are due by 11:59 p.m. EST on January 4. Early Decision II decisions will be released on Feb 12 and regular admissions decisions will be announced in mid-March. Emory Universit
  2. IVY DAY 2021: Ivy League admissions rates for the Class of 2025 were released today with all eight universities recording record lows. Of major significance was Harvard and Princeton, both of which reported acceptance rates below an unprecedented 4% - Harvard's being 3.43% and Princeton 3.98%. Moreover, all Ivies reported admit rates below 9% for the Class of 2025
  3. Regular Decision Notification Deadlines Getting Pushed. January 23, 2021. UPenn needs more time to evaluate the candidacies of Regular Decision applicants to its Class of 2025. They are asking for extended time. Typically, our nation's elite universities release Regular Decision notifications in late March or early April
  4. November 1. December 15. Spring. December 15. N/A. Early Action Decision Release: Mid-December. Regular Admission Decision Release: Mid-February. Footnotes. For competitive scholarships: Apply by this date if you want to be fully considered for competitive scholarships and honors and scholars programs

The drawback to applying under the Regular Decision option is that it can take a while to hear back from colleges (sometimes as late as early April). Waiting to hear from that one last school will limit the amount of time a student has to make a final decision about which college to attend Many application deadlines have already passed, but there are still hundreds of colleges and universities in the US accepting applications for the class of 2025. For many high school seniors, the college admissions process can sneak up and leave many students well behind on their applications - especially after this really unusual year Regular decision applicants had a deadline of January 15, 2021, and will receive notification of Trinity's admission decisions by late-March. About Trinity College Founded in Hartford, Connecticut, in 1823, Trinity College ( www.trincoll.edu ) is an independent, nonsectarian liberal arts college with more than 2,100 students from 48 states.

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More than 57,000 students applied for a spot in Harvard College's Class of 2025, marking a record high and forcing the Admissions Office to push back its decision release date by roughly a week. Important Dates and Deadlines for New Students. Mar 29, 2021 Directed Studies (DS) application opens. Apr 1, 2021 Yale College Programs of Study (YCPS) available online. Less. Yale College Programs of Study (YCPS) . Apr 5, 2021 Vaccination, health, and physical record forms available. Less. Print the vaccination record form Duke Is A Harbinger of Class of 2025 Regular Decision Figures. January 14, 2021. The early word is that Duke University has received just over 49,500 applications to the Class of 2025. It's a figure that includes both Early Decision and Regular Decision applications. In the Early round, as our readers may remember, over 5,000 students made. Application Deadlines Class of 2025 Admission Deadlines: Early Action. Application Due - November 15 Notification - By January 1. Early Decisio n I. Application Due - November 15 Notification - By December 1. Regular Decision Applications to the University reached an all-time high for the class of 2025, exceeding last year's total by nearly 10,000 students, Dean of Admission Logan Powell told The Herald. Before the Jan. 5 deadline, 46,469 applicants — from both the early and regular decision pools — applied to the University, a 26 percent increase from the.

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  1. Regular Decision: The vast majority of students who apply to a given institution will do so through Regular Decision, and they can apply Regular Decision to as many schools as they would like. While the application submission deadlines will vary between institutions, Regular Decision deadlines typically fall in early January, and offers of.
  2. istration may be self-reported. Regular Decision applicants will receive an admission decision of admit, deny, or waitlist. See all deadline and notification dates
  3. The College received a total of 9,309 applications for the Class of 2025, a slight decrease from the 9,402 applications submitted last year for the Class of 2024. This decrease in overall applications is due to a lower-than-usual number of early decision I (ED I) applicants, despite early decision II (ED II) and regular decision application.
  4. November 1*. On or before January 31. Fall Regular Decision. February 1*. On or before March 31**. Early Action is non-binding. You'll receive your admissions decision earlier but will not be required to commit until the national deadline of May 1*. *If deadline falls on a weekend, it is extended to the next business day
  5. The University of Pennsylvania has announced admission decisions for Regular Decision applicants for the Class of 2025. More than 3,200 total applicants have been offered spots in the Class of 2025 through the Early Decision and Regular Decision process. The class will be Penn's 269th. The admitted cohort was selected from a pool of 56,333.
  6. In all, 56,000 students applied to the Ivy League institution this year — a figure that combines Early Decision and Regular Decision applications. To put this figure in historical context , 42,205 students applied to UPenn's Class of 2024, 44,960 applied to its Class of 2023, 44,482 applied to its Class of 2022, and 40,413 applied to its.

Key Dates & Deadlines. When applying to the George Washington University (GW), as either a first-year or transfer student, it is important to be aware of the key deadlines that you must adhere to. First-year students have three application options: early decision I, and early decision II, and regular decision May 1. - Enrollment Deposit Deadline (non-refundable after this date) Early Decision II Applicants. For applicants who have applied Early Action or Regular Decision but have decided that Tulane is now their #1 choice, you may switch your application to Early Decision II by clicking the button on the right side of your Green Wave Portal. For new. Regular decision applicants were admitted at a rate of 3.5 percent, breaking the previous record low of 4.8 percent, also set by the class of 2023. Last December, the University admitted 885 students who applied during the early decision round, for an acceptance rate of 15.9 percent All early decision applicants indicated that Brown was their first-choice college and agreed to accept an offer of admission if the University extended one. The deadline for regular decision applications for Brown's undergraduate Class of 2025 is Jan. 5, 2021 Villanova University offers first-year applicants a choice of four application plans: Early Action, Early Decision I, Early Decision II and Regular Decision. Please see below for more details on each option along with pertinent dates and deadlines

Starting at 7 p.m. Friday, 840 students will learn that they are the first members of Duke University's Class of 2025. The students applied as Early Decision applicants, indicating that Duke is their first choice and committing to enroll at the university if admitted. Of these, 676 plan to enroll in the Trinity School of Arts & Sciences, and 164 in the Pratt School of Engineering, said. The remainder of the Class of 2025 will be selected from the Early Decision II and Regular Decision applicant pool. Early Decision II and Regular Decision applications are due by 11:59 p.m. EST on January 4. Early Decision II decisions will be released Feb. 12 and regular admissions decisions will be announced in mid-March Choose Regular Decision if you would like the Admissions Committee to review information from the first semester of your senior year, and to have additional time to put the finishing touches on your application. Regular Decision is non-binding—you will be notified of your decision online by April 1 Early Decision Notification Dates 2020-21. If you've double-checked your Common App profile, proofread the final draft of your personal statement, and sent your materials to your top-choice schools, congrats! You're done with your early action and early decision applications. Now comes the tough part - the nerve-racking period as you await the early decision notification dates 2020-2021

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  1. The only difference is the dates. Many students visit colleges early and know by November 15 that Skidmore is their first choice and are able to file a Round I Early Decision application. Other students wait until January 15 because their decision to apply early came after the Round I deadline or because they want the Admissions Committee to.
  2. An Update for Regular Decision Applicants. Penn Admissions | January 6, 2021. Thank you for your interest in the University of Pennsylvania. Due to the large volume of applications and associated documents received over the past week, please expect delays in receiving access to our portal as well as confirmed receipt of official documents
  3. Regular Decision is a non-binding and unrestrictive admission plan that allows students more time to complete the application and to have grades from the first term of their senior year considered in the review. Students will be notified of their admission decisions by April 1 Students admitted through the Regular Decision admission plan will.
  4. Understanding College Admissions Decisions Plans - Early Action, Early Decision, and Regular Decision. Oct. 13, 2019— If you're a high school senior starting the process of applying to college, you may be thinking about decision plan to use. Colleges offer varying decision plans with different deadlines, different levels of commitment, and different dates when you'll find out.
  5. Regular Decision deadlines can vary widely. A Regular Decision deadline of January 15th or February 1st is fairly typical, but some schools don't cut off applications until just weeks before the fall semester starts. For example, NC A&T State University in Greensboro, NC has a regular decision deadline of June 30th
  6. A deny decision at the Early Action stage is a final decision; the student will not be reviewed again in the Regular Decision process. Early Action vs. Regular Decision. The standards used for the admission review, the Liberal Arts Honors Program review, merit scholarship review, and the need-based financial aid review are the same for both the.
  7. Admission and Financial Aid Application Deadlines Early Decision Regular Decision Transfer Standardized Testing Deadline (if submitting) October December February Admission Application Deadline November 16 January 8 March 1 Financial Aid Application Deadline November 16 January 15 March 8 Admission Decision by December 15 April 1 April 15 Respond to Offer of Admission Deadline January 11 May 1.

Harvard College will allow students to apply for admission to the Class of 2025 without requiring standardized test scores. We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has created insurmountable challenges in scheduling tests for all students, particularly those from modest economic backgrounds, and we believe this temporary change addresses these. Estimated Decision Notification Date. November (Early Action/Early Decision I) Mid- or late December. January (Early Decision II) February. December, January, or February (Regular Decision) March or early April. These days, most college acceptance letters will arrive as either an email or application status update on a college's own application. Regular Decision Deadlines. This is the most common type of deadline that applies to most applications. Regular decision college application deadlines are typically around the beginning of January. Colleges send the acceptance letters sometime in March. You have until the end of April to accept (May 1st is known as College Decision Day) MEGATHREAD: Schools and their Regular Decision Notification Dates This list is in chronological order (organized by confirmed date). If you have better time/date info or another school that's not included and have good evidence for it comment below and I will add it

Harvard College's Early Action option means two major things: You will submit your application two months before regular decision applicants. The early action deadline is November 1, and applicants usually hear about an admissions decision in mid- to late December, even before the regular decision deadline on January 1 Blink and you'll miss it - most early action and early decision deadlines are in less than a month! Despite the year of turmoil and disruption that has been 2020, for us at Crimson Education, the year has flown by at rapid pace.It almost feels like yesterday that we were celebrating our record-breaking year of admissions in the 2019-2020 admissions cycle Last acceptable SAT testing date for Regular Decision consideration. January 1 Final deadline for all Regular Decision application materials. You must send all application materials by this deadline for Regular Decision consideration. February 1 Notify the Admissions Office if you have not received your application confirmation email

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These admitted students from Brown's regular decision applicant pool join the 885 early decision applicants offered admission last December for an admitted class of 2,537. A total of 46,568 prospective students applied to attend Brown — a 27% increase from last year, and the University's largest applicant pool to date by nearly 8,000. The University of Georgia has received 27% more EA applications this year compared to last year, and over 30% of those admitted did not submit test scores. The University of Virginia saw a 38% increase in ED apps and a 15% increase in EA applications this year. Northeastern had a 5% increase in EDI apps and a 14% increase in Early Action apps Boston University Admissions 233 Bay State Road, Boston MA 02215 Important Deadlines The following deadlines represent important milestones for the first-year and transfer student undergraduate application process to Boston University

Early Decision (ED) I and Early Action (EA) Notification Dates for the Class of 2025 If you're one of the many high school seniors who submitted Early Decision I (ED) or Early Action (EA) applications to colleges this fall, first let us say: congratulations ED students submit the same forms that a regular decision applicant would submit—the deadlines are just earlier. The FAFSA (school code 002894) and CSS Profile (school code 2928) will need to be submitted by December 1 for ED students to be considered for need-based financial aid This is a final decision, and you may not reapply in Regular Decision. Your application is deferred to Regular Decision and will receive a final decision by April 1. Stanford's philosophy is to make final decisions whenever possible. As a result, Stanford defers only a small percentage of Restrictive Early Action applications to Regular Decision

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Key Dates Calendar. photo credit: clipartion.com. Freshmen Early Decision I- Class of 2025. November 15, 2020. 2021-2022 FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). This application is used to determine Federal & State aid eligibility. Please note: the FAFSA will not be available to complete until October 1, 2020. November 15, 2020. 2021. Harvard College today accepted 747 students to the Class of 2025 from a pool of 10,086 who applied under the early action program. Those students will join 349 others who deferred admission to the Class of 2025 this past summer. Last year, 895 students were selected from the 6,424 who applied The Regular Decision deadline is January 15. Students will be notified of their admission decision in writing no later than Mid-March. Students admitted through Regular Decision have until May 1, the National Candidates' Reply Date, to make their enrollment decision. Timelin Princeton announced that: the University will move to one undergraduate application deadline of Jan. 1, 2021, for this first-year admission cycle. All applicants will apply using either the Coalition Application or Common Application through the Regular Decision process and will receive decisions on their applications by April 1, 2021 Regular Decision is the most common plan used by students who apply to Carnegie Mellon. It's common for students to apply Regular Decision to a number of institutions and then compare financial aid offers. Regular Decision Deadlines. Application Plan: Regular Decision Deadline: January 3 Notified by: No later than April 1 Enroll by: May

The result is a dynamic start to the Class of 2025, and our team is excited to see the rest of the class take shape. While the class won't be complete until regular decision applicants are admitted in the spring, the Class of 2025's early decision students are already making history. Test optional pilot progra Class of 2025 - Early Decision Update. With the release of decisions for Early Decision II applicants earlier this week, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions has finished our Early Decision phase of admissions (Early Decision I plus Early Decision II). 18.1 percent of the 5,049 applications we received through Early Decision this year were admitted First-Year Admission Calendar. November 1, 2018 (Early Decision) Review of Early Decision applications begins. December 15, 2018 (Early Decision) Decision notices to Early Decision applicants sent electronically on or around this date. January 2, 2019 (Regular Decision) Review of Regular Decision applications begins Check out a list of the Class of 2025's EA and ED decision dates below! University. EA / ED Notification Date. Amherst College. December 15. Babson College. ED mid-December; EA January 1. Barnard College. mid-December

Prospective Students. The early action (non-binding) deadline for high school students interested in being part of the University of Michigan Class of 2025 is November 15, 2020. Students that apply by this date will receive a decision by January, 2021. The regular decision application deadline is February 1, 2021 Yes. During the 2019-20 admission cycle, Boston College received 2,750 Early Decision applications (ED I and II combined). 37% of ED applicants were admitted, filling 42% of the Class of 2024. During Regular Decision, the remaining 58% of the class was filled from an applicant pool of nearly 27,000 applications The University released decisions for its restrictive early action (REA) process Dec. 16, admitting 1,673 students to the class of 2025. With 7,744 total applicants, this year's REA pool was the largest ever, with about a 21.6 percent acceptance rate. The total number of applications across REA and regular decision also hit an all-time hig Boston College has adopted a test-optional policy for first-year applicants to the Classes of 2025 and 2026. we will consider SAT results taken through the October 3 testing date and ACT results through the October 10 testing date. For Early Decision II and Regular Decision applicants, we will consider SAT results taken through December 5. The Yale Office of Undergraduate Admissions has released the text of the Yale-specific short answer questions that will be included on applications for first-year admission in the 2021-2022 admissions cycle. Students applying to begin as first-year students in fall 2022 using the Common Application, Coalition Application, or QuestBridge National College Match Application will complete some or.

But more people have already applied for the Class of 2025 than all those who applied to the university last year. The regular admissions deadline for incoming freshmen is Jan. 15. To date, Tech. Early Decision 2020-2021 Admissions Trends. Vying for a place at the top colleges will only get more competitive, as they will receive thousands of applications during the regular decision round. Due to the pandemic, early decision applications saw an all time high at many schools, including Dartmouth, Columbia, and Yale

Harvard College's early action acceptance rate decreased to 7.4 percent as the number of total applicants hit a record high, marking the most competitive early admissions cycle in Harvard history Deferral of decision until Regular Action Admitted students have until May 1 to decide to confirm their attendance at the University. If a student is denied admission in Restrictive Early Action, then the process ends and they cannot apply later during the Regular Decision process This year, Emory College admitted 614 students and Oxford College admitted 337 students for Early Decision I, 182 of which were admitted to both campuses. These students may now select which campus they'd like to attend. College admission during COVID-19. Early Decision students are a foundational first step in creating Emory's Class of 2025 Applying under our Regular Decision plan will allow you to consider other college options before making your final decision by May 2. Admitted students are expected to notify Brown about their decision to enroll by May 2, which is the common reply date for many colleges Applications for First-Year Regular Decision due January 15 Virginia Tech General Scholarship application and FAFSA filing deadline for General Scholarship applicants: January 22 Self-Reported Academic Record (for students who have only studied within the U.S. during high school) is due by January 29.For students who have studied outside of the U.S. during high school, unofficial copies of.

Students who apply by the regular decision deadline can expect to receive an admission decision by April 1. The University also announced that it would not require applicants for the Class of 2025 to submit standardized testing as part of their application this year due to the coronavirus pandemic A Tufts undergraduate education is appealing to a larger and more diverse pool of students than ever before, according to figures released by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions this week. Vying for a place in the Class of 2025 were more than 31,190 first-year applicants, a 35 percent increase over last year. This year's applicant pool is also the most diverse on record; for the first. Submit FAFSA as soon as possible on or after this date. October 15. First group of applicants notified of decision; We have a rolling admissions policy so applicants will be notified approximately one month after interview date. December 1. Deadline for AMCAS application. January 1