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WISCONSIN Wisconsin Mini Juliana Pig. www.wiminijulianapig.com Random Lake, WI 53075 (262) 339-1394 cherylscholz@yahoo.com. Back To Top . WYOMING. Back To Top . Canada T & N Acres. www.tnacrescanada.ca. Calgary, AL T2A 1S2 (403) 909-0311 nadinerleblanc@yahoo.co Juliana Breed. The Juliana is a small, colorfully spotted pig. It more closely resembles a small version of a large hog or feral pig than it does the Pot Belly Pig. It should be lean, longer than it is tall, and athletic in appearance. The Juliana should never be pudgy, heavily wrinkled, or sluggish in appearance. EARS: Ears are small and erect Lil' Smokies Julianas is the place for you. Come in and see our tiny pet pigs for sale. We are registered breeders with the American Miniature Pig Association AMPA and Juliana Pig Association & Registry. Call or Text Today to reserve your mini pig or boarding at our luxury pig palace. 480-648-546

The Juliana Pig is a small colorful pig originating in Europe through selective breeding of various kinds of pigs. The Juliana Pig, also known as the Miniature Painted Pig, is small, spotted, and conformationally sound. It should not exhibit a pronounced pot belly or sway back, should have a long snout, and be slight in frame Premium & Blue-Eyed Mini's & Juliana's. $1800 - $2500 • From My Smallest Parents, Spotted, Solid & Very Rare Blue-Eyes • Includes Neutering or Spaying • Parents: 8 to 12″ Tall • Includes Blanket, First Box of Food, Worming and Vet Checks. CONTACT US The Juliana pig's average life expectancy is 15 years up to 20 years. Although the popular pet breed mini pigs which includes the Juliana breed are said to have shorter lifespan due to their complicated and selective breeding, many pig owners claim their pets lived up to 15 years and more The Juliana Mini Pig. Located in Michigan. Home MINI PIGS RABBITRY TESTEMONIALS OUR GOAL IS QUALITY OVER QUANTITY AND WE STAND BEHIND THAT 100%! Our 2022 Piglet Waitlist is completely full and we have begun our 2023 Waitlist. NOTE: My personal Facebook page was compromised in June 2021 and I have lost access to our original FB Farm Page.. We want the best, loving and forever homes for our piglets and hope you can offer one! Dewey Acres LLC, 810 Short Lane, Stevens Point, WI 54482. Tollfree: (855) 315-2737. Local/Text: (715) 347-7979. Click to Visit our GoldenDoodle and Golden Retriever Site

From Washington to Wisconsin, we ship to all 50 United States. Keep reading and I'm sure you'll find that a Teacup Pig is just right for you. Teacup Pigs are very small, and the highest weight generally associated with them is a mere 20 pounds. That's a fraction of the size of any other pig, some of which can weigh up to 200 pounds A Juliana Pig is ALWAYS spotted! They have a gentle disposition, love to play, and are extremely devoted to their families. Our Juliana's are 100% purebred Juliana's have a minimum of a 5 generation pedigree. Here at Little Luna Farms we raise 100% Exotic Purebred Miniature Juliana Pigs and Juliana Crossed Miniature Pigs The Truth About Mini Pigs. We raise pet Juliana Pigs on our farm, commonly referred to as 'mini pigs' or 'tea cup pigs'. Juliana pigs are the smallest breed of pig, typically light gray in. Juliana pigs are 100% registered breed in the U.S. The Juliana pig is a cross mix between several different breeds of smaller sized pigs. This breed of miniature pigs trace their ancestry all the way back to Europe, where they selectively breed mini sized pigs to optimize their smaller size, temperament, and intelligence Metamora, MI, United States. Registered Breeder Known for producing healthy, quality Juliana's and providing exceptional customer service. Haley's Piggy Village. AMPA Registered Breeder. Sage, CA, USA. Registered Breeder. Three Little Pigs, Mini Pet Pigs. AMPA Registered Breeder. ON-401, Elginburg, ON, Canada

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All piglets can be double registered with The Juliana Pig Association (JPAR) and The American Miniature Pig Association (AMPA). All piglets will come home spayed/neutered, iron booster shot, dewormed, mico chipped, health guarantee, kennel/carrier, blanket, info book and care instructions, scratcher, starter bag of food and a gift from us Our 2018 babies our selling for $1200 plus shipping if you need to ship. We are very competetive when compared to the same quality of piglet. We do not charge extra for blue eyes or different colors, mostly because, at 6 weeks, it is very rare to be able to tell if their eyes are going to stay blue. I once paid $200 extra for a blue eyed baby.

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  1. i pig to get the desire chipmunk hair coat. A pure bred Juliana is completely spotted by breed standard
  2. i pig farm in WA. The woodland park zoo has pigs from us as well as many petting zoos, preschools and programs in the area. Please join our facebook group Mini Pigs in The Pacific Northwest to see pigs from us and how special they are
  3. Miniature Potbellied Pigs for Sale. 6 likes. Juliana piglet. He has a spotted grey silver saddle over a light base coat. He is a cuddler and likes to lay swaddled in blankets. He is vaccinated,..
  4. i pigs should be smaller when fully grown. Ideally standing 12-18 inches tall, with a length of around 20-25 inches long. Weight will vary depending on parent sizes, bone structure, & the pig's diet in his or her new home. As breeders, we do not focus on the weight of the pig. We like to go off of height and.
  5. Chloe is a beautiful chestnut Juliana/American Mini Pig Mix with light chipmunk stripping. She has striking blue eyes. She is gentle and a little shy at first. She is full of energy and loves to play. DOB. 7 - 4. - 2020. Micro Mini Teacup Pigs For Sale 2020 Summer Babies Are Here
  6. iature Juliana pigs in the Midwest. We have the smallest genetics (12-14 inches) and every possible color. We have pigs available pretty much all the time and we have the types of pigs people want

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Dr. Mike Kern 352-835-7997. Advanced Pet Care. 7331 Spring Hill Dr, Spring Hill, FL, United States. AMPA Veterinary Outreach Member 352-835-7997. Airport Animal Hospital. 1274 Indiana 46 Terre Haute, IN 47803. 812-877-3087 Other names: Miniature Painted Pig. Physical Description: Pigs are a genus of even-toed ungulates (hooved) within the family Suidae. Pigs are native to Europe and Asia but are common throughout the world. The Juliana Pig is a small colorful pig originating in Europe through selective breeding of various kinds of pigs Download the free 56 page AMPA Mini Pig Zoning Packet to help you change your city's ordinances to allow pet pigs. AMPA Mini Pig Zoning Packet Mini Pig Zoning Requirements: Pigs still fall into the legal description of livestock according to the USDA and the majority of city governments.It is imperative to check with city government regulations before bringing a pig into your home as a pet A TRUE Juliana pig MUST BE SPOTTED. Mini Julianas have longer straight snouts. They should not have short or pugged snouts like the Kune Kune or Potbelly breeds. This would be an indication of cross breeding. Mini Julianas are lean pigs weighing between 20-69 pounds and are no taller than 17 at the shoulder. The lenth of a Juliana will be.

MINI PIG ADOPTION INFORMATION. When you trust our family to breed your Juliana Pig you can count on quality. We pour everything we have into making sure your piglet is ready for you. Our goal is to have a piglet that is well mannered, cuddly and can transition to your home easily with other pets and children. The first step in being considered. Piggy Parents. We currently have two females and one male that are available for breeding should we have the desire and need to do that. When we have upcoming litters or piglets available, you will find them here. The initial cost of one of these little guys can be extensive in the beginning. Keeping a healthy herd of an exotic breed can be. The same as pot belly pigs, Juliana teacup pigs have a gentle disposition. They are intelligent and they can be trained with different tricks. They are also compared with dogs because of their temperament and laid back personality, friendly and gets along with other animals very easily. A mini Juliana pig costs from $1500 to $3000 The Juliana Pig is a small colorful pig thought to originate in Europe through selective breeding of various kinds of pigs. The Juliana Pig, also known as the Miniature Painted Pig, is small, spotted, and conformationally sound. It should not exhibit a pronounced pot belly or sway back, should have a longer snout, and be slight in frame.

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  1. i pigs, teacup pigs, baby pigs
  2. i pigs. There seems to be so many misconceptions about the amounts of food you should feed your pig. How do you know what to go by? An average rule of thumb is that a pig should be eating 2 to 2.5 % of their weight of food per day
  3. i potbelly pigs they are a very rare breed and are the..
  4. iature pigs that only weigh about 20-30 pounds, and they are so easy to train since they're surprisingly smart too. So if you want one of these adorable

Our Mini / Juliana pigs grow to be about the size of a medium dog up to 14, if given a healthy diet and room for exercise. These piggies are the same as what many may refer to as micro mini, nano or teacup; all designer names created by breeders to accent the fact that their piggies are small Juliana is another small pig breed that is known for it's spotted coat. It looks quite similar to the large hog or feral pig. Like, the whole compacted build, Juliana has small erect ears. The Juliana pigs may have white, silver, rust, red, black, and cream color. The spotting gets less visible as the coat grows longer Our first step with our new pet mini pig is to start bonding with him so he gets use to us so he is not scared and that he feels like part of the family. It. Adorable Juliana Mini Piglets eating and having a good time!More info at www.SwankyPigs.co About Juliana Pigs. The Juliana Pig is a small colorful pig originating in Europe through selective breeding of various kinds of pigs. The Juliana Pig, also known as the Miniature Painted Pig, is small, spotted, and conformationally sound. It should not exhibit a pronounced pot belly or sway back, should have a long snout, and be slight in frame

Mini-Juliana Pig (Sus domesticus) The mini-Juliana pig is a small, colorful domestic breed that originated in Europe. The fur is always spotted but the base color can range from brown to red to silver. Mini-Juliana pigs have outgoing and friendly personalities. Pigs are highly intelligent and very vocal, emitting a variety of squeals and grunts Pricing: All piglets are priced individually based on parents & characteristics of the individual piglet. JPAR registered Juliana's: $1,000-1,500. Juliana/mix litters: $800-1,000. A deposit of $200 must be received to hold your selected special baby within 24hrs. We accept PayPal (add 3.5%), Venmo, Zelle, Walmart MoneyGrams or Western. Juliana Pigs: Occasionally they are mentioned as being mini Juliana or mini painted pigs. This breed should always be spotted, BOTH parents must be spotted and have documented lineage. Pure bred Julianas are fairly rare and the last 5 years, every breeder with a spotted pig has a juliana. Many feral breeds as we all pot bellied pigs have spots This is Jug Head, he is 6 months old, born March 8, 2015. These are only a few of his skills. I fast forwarded the video so its not so long. Show me any o..

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  1. The Juliana Pig Association & Registry (JPAR) will strive to provide this service to purebred and percentage Juliana pigs that meet the written standards. If you are interested in registering your pig please click on the links to the left to learn about the process , forms , and fees
  2. is to share with you. We produce very limited litters, and take pride in producing bouncy, happy, healthy puppies. Bred for longevity, good.
  3. They can weigh between 100 and 200 pounds, while farm pigs run about 1,000 pounds. But that's far from the 10 to 12-pound teacup claim many breeders make. Even the smallest pot-bellied pig will weigh between 60 and 80 pounds. They may be considered underweight depending on the pig's stature, activity levels, and the environment. 1
  4. is) up to 24 Kune Kune mixes (Kuninis) up to 24 All of my pigs are measured at the front shoulder to the top of their back. We also have JPAR registered Juliana pigs and unregistered Juliana pigs. My american
  5. i pigs to safe and loving homes with the help of our extensive Adoption Request Application.We take extra care in selecting our adoptive parents to ensure that they are aware of and equipped to handle the responsibilities of owning these unique pets
  6. Juliana/Micro Piglets!! ( (DO NOT EMAIL THESE ARE NOT MY PIGS POSTING FOR MY MOTHER!!)) Father was a full juliana (40lb)..mother is a micro pig... Bunkertown Pennsylvania Pets and Animals 250 $
  7. Mini Pig Care and FAQ: Click HERE; All piggies come with a Training / Care Manual and Mini Pig food. All males are sold as pets unless you are paying for a breeding boar. Females are spayed - if you want breeding rights, there is an extra fee for breeder certificate. All piglets neutered unless you have reserved a breeding mal

Juliana mini pigs are currently the smallest breed of pigs in the mini pig category. Their appearances are very unique due to their colorful spots. Originally bred in Europe, these pigs were specifically made for domestic pet ownership. At Magnolia Lane, we only offer full breed, registered Juliana pigs. Our Purpose. · Rescue mini pigs and other livestock animals from situations that are abusive, endangering or neglectful. · Educate the public on mini pigs and their needs, plus show the many positive qualities as pets. · Promote the importance of spaying/neutering pigs to improve their quality of life and health Babies are 3 weeks old now. www.lespetitespigs.com If you like my videos please don't forget to subscribe

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They are also called micro mini pigs, Juliana pigs, micro pigs, and more! And as you have probably already read, we welcome you to come meet our mini pigs personally! Before you view the baby pigs, we show you the parent pigs and you will be able to view ALL the parent pigs! and judge the sizes for yourself! Your piglet's full-grown size will. Mini Juliana Pigs will do best if fed twice daily an amount totally 7-8 ounces of feed. That amount is for a 40 lbs pig and you should adjust accordingly. Feed your piglet so that his/her stomach is full, but not stretched. Pigs need protein and roughage. Obtain a good quality feed. Do not feed your piglet wheat products Juliana mini pigs. Super healthy and ready to find a new home. Born in early Jun. JuIiana Mini Pigs. $300.00. Newton, UT. Juliana mini pigs. Super healthy and ready to find a new home. Born in early Jun. Mini Pig (2 Available ) $800.00. Orem, UT. Very sweet pets cute and funny! Mini Pigs-SALE !! Itty Bitty Mini Pigs

Piglets and Butcher Pigs ($1/lb) - LOTS OF PIGS, MUST GO. $75 (Marion) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $125. favorite this post. Jun 23 This is a litter of adorable micro mini pigs located in Cullman, Alabama. They have lived in the house with 5 kids. They are working on litter box training and are doing great. With living indoors, they have been exposed to typical household conditions such as slick floors, vacuum cleaners, pets, and people. We have 3 females and 2 males available 2 mini Juliana piglets left for rehoming klawrence1201. 2 male baby Juliana piglets left to find there forever home. There is a rehoming fee of $.. Miniature Pig, North Carolina » Holden Beach. $200. Potbelly pigs for sell Asiahball. There are miniature potbelly 6months-6weeks very people friendly are bottle fed and potty.

Before leaving for their new homes, all South Georgia Miniature Pigs will receive a wellness exam preformed by our vet, be spayed or neutered, micro-chipped, vaccinated up to date for 1 year, be worm and parasite free, socialized, litter box trained and have a health guarantee The Pig Pen breeds mini, teacup, Juliana and micro mini piglets on their farms in Newton Falls, Ohio, and Redding, Calif., and follows a strict breeding program: Lots of TLC, routine veterinary checkups, vaccinations and deworming, and a daily cookie treat.Male piglets are neutered prior to being taken home. Co-owner Caroline Lorimer wants potential pig owners to understand the commitment they.

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Pig Placement Network is an adoption service for Pet Pigs. We strive to bring together potbellied pigs and people in order to improve and enrich the lives of not only deserving pets, but their new owners as well. PPN Main Office is located at Ross Mill Farm in Jamison, Pennsylvania. 215-322-1539 contact@pigplacementnetwork.or Hazel Park Michigan Pets and Animals. View pictures. Juliana Piglets for Sale. Purebred Registered Mini Pigs.... Two male Juliana piglets born June 15th, 2013. They will be 8 weeks old and ready to go August 10th. They are being... Augusta Michigan Pets and Animals 1,500 $. View pictures

Breeders Specializing in Tiny Vietnamese Potbelly Pigs, Micro Teacup Mixed pigs, Juliana s and Micro Mini pigs. To... Pets and Animals Los Angeles 850 $ Pig (Farm) - Pig Family - Large - Adult - Female - Pig Teacup Pigs From Wisconsin Illinouis (SAY U WERE REFFERED... ( CALL OR TEXT LEILANI DIRECTLY TO HER CELL( TELL HER ANDY REFFERED YOU. Full-grown mini pigs can weigh between 150 and 180 pounds and live for more than 20 years. They need outdoor space and of course lots of food. If you're thinking about adopting a mini pet pig. I have 2 micro mini Juliana pigs that are male and female none related breedable pair you can follow us on Stacy's pigs and critters (on facebook) we can meet in fabens in El Paso Texas area both piglets are around eight weeks old I am selling these guys for a very low price take them both for $800.00 or 500.00 each these are pets not for food. Juliana Mini Pigs. I no longer breed, sorry no babies available. December 7, 2020 at 3:26 PM ·. Public. Full Story. Juliana Mini Pigs. My old man with poor genetics. Both his parents were under 55lbs, and under 18 at the shoulder. He's about 21 at the shoulder

The long answer is that we need to take into consideration genetics, environment and terminology A mini pig simply means that they are not a farm pig. Mini pig is a term that is used for ANY pig weighing less than 150 pounds. Anything over 150+ pounds is considered a farm (meat) pig. A pig can grow for up to 3-5 years A 30 pound adult pig could be suffering from dwarfism (which is very rare and causes many health problems), or is being deprived of food! Miniature pigs are GREAT PETS, but any breeder saying they will stay 15 pounds is not being truthful with you. Ask to see adults pigs in person, and know if they are under 3 years old, they are still growing *

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Premium Newsletter Subscribers will receive a monthly newsletter about teacup pigs. Newsletter subscription is $10 a month. We will also be holding a drawing each month for a free teacup piglet. We will hold a live drawing the 20th of every month for the free teacup pig. Rules for free piglet giveaway The History of Mini Pigs. The idea of having a pig as a pet is a relatively new one, although pigs have been domesticated for thousands of years. Many remember the popularity of the Veitnamese Pot-bellied pigs in the 1980's. Unfortunately, this breed grew to 150-200 pounds and Americans realized how difficult a pig of that size was to manage After many years of research and education I decided to focus on breeding micro-mini and purebred Juliana pigs. Our goal here at Little Luna Farms is to raise healthy loving miniature pigs and to provide continuous support throughout the pig's life. We want our pigs to have the best homes possible and the love that they need and deserve. We.

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2 mini Juliana piglets left for rehoming klawrence1201. 2 male baby Juliana piglets left to find there forever home. There is a rehoming fee of $.. Miniature Pig, North Carolina » Holden Beach. $200. Show More The term miniature pig is a misnomer because that word is misapplied when describing the actual size of mini pigs. You will quickly see the variety of sizes, shapes, weights, colors, lengths and disposition of mini pigs in the pictures that will follow and that there is absolutely no way to know how big your pig will get. Keep in mind. Mini Pocket Pig Family At Mini Pocket Pigs, we have implemented an appropriate breeding stock that has created some adorable, TRUE Micro Miniature Juliana and Micro Mini Pet Pigs. Located in lovely Northern Idaho, our pigs are part of our family, but are eager to become part of yours Mini Juliana Pigs for sale in Dandridge, Tennessee. $250. Share it or review it. As of Sept 22 I have 1 mini Juliana pigs left for sale. She is female. True to Julianas, all of my pigs have spots all over their bodies. She is 9 weeks old and 13lbs. The mother is about 25lbs (she stands a little taller than my cocker spaniel) and the daddy is. He has a very thick coat and is a nice lean guy kind of like the Juliana pigs. Frosty is 11 inches tall and we expect him to max out around 13 to 14 inches Ralphy Ralphy is a very sweet boy. He thinks he is head hog around here

Who We Are. We are hobby breeders in Dardanelle, AR that strive to produce quality pets. We breed only purebred Juliana piglets and we do not mass produce. We breed for health and temperment first and then for size. We welcome people to visit with the parents of our piglets so you can see first hand what to expect from your new baby

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The smallest pig breed that you can have as a pet is a Vietnamese Pot-bellied Pig. Pretty much every pig labeled as a mini pig is a mixed breed of mostly a Vietnamese Pot-bellied Pig and some other breed. A healthy Vietnamese pot-bellied pig will grow between 70-150 pounds (usually they are slightly heavier than a German Shepheard but shorter) Mini Pigs - Pets. We raise American Mini Pigs that are also good for house pets, if you don't mind a little more bulk. Our minis grow to about 80-100 pounds as adults. These are what most people think of when they think of mini pigs. Often incorrectly called pot-belly or Juliana. Pot-belly is a breed (Similar to JoJo above There are many breed of pigs sold as mini pigs, including the Kunekune, Juliana and Pot-bellied pig. However, even the smallest breeds of pigs will not remain very small. According to the American Mini Pig Association, a standard mini pig can range from 35 - 50 cm tall and can weigh between 50 - 150 pounds full grown American KuneKune Piglets! We have some boars and gilts available and a barrow, PM us for more information, Barrows (Unregistered) $200, Gilts $500-$800 and boars $450-$600, DNA tested, AKKPS registered and microchipped. Sow linages include Rona, Sally and Boars are Ru & Mahia Love for these litters

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Mini Pocket Pig Family. My husband Jim and I have three children and we live in lovely Sandpoint, Idaho. On our small ranch, we raise cows and, of course, our lovely indoor pet pigs. As an animal lover I quickly fell in love with pigs and have since dedicated the last 13 years to research and learning as much I can about these Juliana and Mini. Miniature Pig: The Micro Mini Pigs are typically in the 20 to 30-pound range full grown. The Micro Mini Pigs come in a variety of colors. Teacup Pigs: Don't Be fooled by the name. They may fit in a teacup as babies, but that's the end of that. You can expect a teacup to be anywhere from 30 to 65 pounds full grown Straw: repels moisture, cheaper, lasts longer. Hay: more efficient as an insulator, can also supplement feeding, can mold, so it will need to be changed (or at least checked) more frequently. The use of heat lamps is highly debated. There are safe ways to incorporate heat lamps into your pigs space, but SAFETY is key Registered Purebred Mini Juliana Pigs. Piglets for sale. Offering exceptionally small piglets at value prices. (68) Operating as usual. 05/29/2021 . A little delayed but please join me in welcoming the Zeta/Boomer babies. 4 beautiful little males arrived on the 16th. Each as perfect as the others Mini Juliana piglets - $150 (Eminence) < image 1 of 8 > QR Code Link to This Post. Seven mini Juliana piglets ready for new homes. Two females and the rest male. Very healthy, nicely preportioned body shape and beautiful markings. Some more red and others more blonde. They are eating and drinking well and males can be nutered if you would like.