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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz . ZOOM Auto. PAGE The Wonderful Wizard of Oz = The Wizard of Oz (Oz #1), L. Frank Baum The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is an American children's novel written by author L. Frank Baum and illustrated by W. W. Denslow, originally published by the George M. Hill Company in Chicago on May 17, 1900. It has since been reprinted on numerous occasions, most often under the. the wonderful wizard of oz page count. by | Oct 16, 2020 | Blog. If anybody has seen the July garland film of this book please tell me if the book is better or worse than the film. Lyman Frank Baum was born in 1856 and she was a famous American journalist, writer and play writer. Dorothy takes Toto in her arms, knocks her heels together three.

Originally published over 115 years ago, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz has captivated readers of all ages with its remarkable narrative and lovable characters. Although incredibly popular after initial publication, part of the book's fame can be attributed to its many popular adaptations, most notably the iconic 1939 musical film starring Judy Garland, which skyrocketed the book to eternal fame The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is an American children's novel written by author L. Frank Baum and illustrated by W. W. Denslow, originally published by the George M. Hill Company in May 1900. It has since seen several reprints, most often under the title The Wizard of Oz, which is the title of the popular 1902 Broadway musical adaptation as well as the iconic 1939 live-action film During a tornado, Dorothy and her dog, Toto, are swept away from Kansas to the land of Oz. She begins her quest to get home and along the way meets the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion. They travel down the yellow-brick road and find the Wizard and the Good Witch of the South who help her find her way home. Explore classroom activities, puzzles, teacher resource

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The Scarecrow waked Dorothy and the Lion and Toto, and told them that the ladder was ready. The Scarecrow climbed up the ladder first, but he was so awkward that Dorothy had to follow close behind and keep him from falling off. When he got his head over the top of the wall the Scarecrow said, Oh, my! Having this thought in mind, the story of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was written solely to please children of today. It aspires to being a modernized fairy tale, in which the wonderment and joy are retained and the heartaches and nightmares are left out. L. Frank Baum. Chicago, April, 1900 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum 401,260 ratings, average rating, 13,685 reviews Open Preview Browse By Tag. love (83576) life (65101) inspirational (62739) humor (38969) philosophy (25371) god (22992) inspirational. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Escape features amazing special FX, Hollywood detail, encounters with the Evil Witch, Wizard, Tin Man, and more. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Escape is by far the best escape room in Myrtle Beach with lifelike CGI FX putting you face to face with the Evil Witch, Munchkins, and the Wizard himself

Page Count: 308: Dimensions: 5 x 8: You might also Like... The Patchwork Girl of Oz. The Magic of Oz. The Peterkin Papers. Wizard of Oz Stickers. The Brownies: Their Book. Little Wizard Stories of Oz. The Denslow Picture Book Treasury. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: Includes Read-and-Listen CDs L. Frank Baum: Author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Greene, Carol. AR Quiz No. 19081 EN. A short biography of the life of the author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. AR Quiz Availability: Reading Practice. ATOS Book Level: 3.6. Interest Level Word Count: 684. Self-Sufficiency. The predominant theme of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is self-sufficiency. The Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, and Cowardly Lion all seek external magic to give them.

Dorothy is a young girl who lives on a Kansas farm with her Uncle Henry, Aunt Em, and little dog Toto. One day the farmhouse, with Dorothy inside, is caught up in a tornado and deposited in a field in the country of the Munchkins. The falling house kills the Wicked Witch of the East We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us IMDb. W hen L. Frank Baum published his children's novel — The Wonderful Wizard of Oz — in 1900, little did he know about the literary and creative empire he had unleashed on the world. Teaching The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz lesson plan contains a variety of teaching materials that cater to all learning styles. Inside you'll find 30 Daily Lessons, 20 Fun Activities, 180 Multiple Choice Questions, 60 Short Essay Questions, 20 Essay Questions, Quizzes/Homework Assignments, Tests, and more The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Author: Lyman Frank Baum. The wonderful Wizard of Oz is a beautiful story and the author himself defined it as a modern fairytale. We have to keep in mind that even though it has been more than hundred years since this book was published it still carries the name of a modern fairytale

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: A BabyLit® Colors Primer (BabyLit Primers) Jennifer Adams. 4.2 out of 5 stars 120. Board book. $9.71. The Wizard of Oz (First Favourite Tales) L. Frank Baum. 4.4 out of 5 stars 41. Hardcover Since it was first published in 1900, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz has enchanted readers of all ages with its lovable characters, gentle humor, and quiet wisdom. This complete and unabridged edition of L. Frank Baum's beloved classic invites a new generation of readers to travel down that Yellow Brick Road with the delightful little girl from Kansas and her unusual friends Accelerated Reader Bookfinder US - Book Detail. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Mann, Roland. AR Quiz No. 151690 EN. This graphic-novel adaptation of L. Frank Baum's classic story follows Dorothy and her unusual friends on their journey to the land of Oz to meet the wizard and request his help The Wizard of Oz was a 1902 musical extravaganza based on the 1900 novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum.Much of the original music was by Paul Tietjens and has been mostly forgotten, although it was still well-remembered and in discussion at MGM in 1939 when the classic film version of the story was made. Although Baum is the credited bookwriter, Glen MacDonough was hired on as.

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Baum's Land of Oz: A Reflection of a Corrupt America. Though regarded by many as a harmless children's tale, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was crafted by L. Frank Baum to convey an allegory of the Populist Party during the 1890s and to illustrate his concerns about the American government. Baum pinpointed the apparently negative direction of. The Wizard of Oz: Directed by Victor Fleming, George Cukor, Mervyn LeRoy, Norman Taurog, Richard Thorpe, King Vidor. With Judy Garland, Frank Morgan, Ray Bolger, Bert Lahr. Dorothy Gale is swept away from her home in Kansas to the magical Land of Oz in a tornado and embarks on a quest with her new friends to see the Wizard who can help her return home and help her friends as well Author. L. Frank Baum. Word Count. 19,000 words. Guess based on page count. Pages. 76 pages. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is a children's novel written by L. Frank Baum and illustrated by W. W. Denslow. Originally published by the George M. Hill Company in Chicago on May 17, 1900, it has since been reprinted numerous times, most often under the.

Book/Printed Material The wonderful Wizard of Oz Page view copy 2. The wonderful Wizard of Oz. Page view copy 2. About this Item. View. Single image List Gallery Grid Slideshow. Image 1 of Page view copy 2. Contributor: Baum, L. Frank (Lyman Frank) - Denslow, W. W. (William Wallace) Date: 1900 Over a century after its initial publication, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is still captivating the hearts of countless readers. Come adventure with Dorothy and her three friends: the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, and the Cowardly Lion, as they follow the Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City for an audience with the Great Oz, the mightiest Wizard in the land, and the only one that can return. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz By L Frank Baum Chapter 5 - The Rescue of the Tin Woodman When Dorothy awoke the sun was shining through the trees and Toto had long been out chasing birds around him and squirrels. She sat up and looked around her. Scarecrow, stil The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, children's book written by L. Frank Baum and first published in 1900. A modern fairy tale with a distinctly American setting, a delightfully levelheaded heroine, and engaging fantasy characters, the story was enormously popular and became a classic of children's literature

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©University of Reading 2007 Page 1 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Special Collections featured item for November 2007 by Pat Hanby, Acquisitions Manager. With technical assistance by Fiona Barnard, Rare Books Librarian. L. Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Chicago : George M. Hill, 1900. Item held in the Wizard of Oz Collection The Wizard of Oz is a classic L. Frank Baum story that has captured the hearts and imaginations of generations. With several film versions, spin-off novels gone Broadway, and a perennial presence in pop culture, this story continues to fascinate both children and adults

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  1. L. Frank Baum was born in New York in 1856. The Wizard ofOz was based on a story he used to tell his own children.It was published in 1900 and became an international bestseller.The Wizard of Oz was made into a stage play in 1902 and a film starring Judy Garland in 1939. Baum wrote 12 more Oz novels and six short stories. After his death in 1919, his publishers carried on producing Oz stories.
  2. The Wizard of Oz: Directed by Ted Eshbaugh. Dorothy is swept in a twister from her boring Kansas farm to the wonderful land of Oz, where she makes some friends and is welcomed in the Emerald City
  3. The Wizard of Oz By L. Frank Baum Chapters 1 - 2 Before you read the chapter: The protagonist in most novels features the main character or good guy. The protagonist of The Wizard of Oz is Dorothy, a feisty young girl who experiences many exciting adventures as the story unfolds. Think back on some of your favorite character
  4. Tales of the Wizard of Oz is a cartoon series, featuring short cartoon skits loosely based on The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. It aired between September to December 1961 although reported to be three seasons with a one-shot comic published in 1962 as Four Color Issue #1308. It was later followed up..
  5. L. Frank Baum (1856-1919) was an American author of children's books, best known for writing The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. He wrote 13 novel sequels, nine other fantasy novels, and a host of other works, totaling 55 novels, 83 short stories, more than 200 poems, and an unknown number of scripts

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The Queen of Quok is a short story by L. Frank Baum, one of his American Fairy Tales first published in 1901. The kingdom of Quok has long been ruled by a spendthrift king, who bankrupted himself and reduced his subjects to poverty with riotous living (Don't ask me to explain what riotous living is, the narrator writes). When this king dies, as kings are apt to do, he leaves his ten. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz deserves its praise because of its creative magical setting and a plot that urges children to explore their own imagination, but the original version of the novel might appear frightening and even downright brutal: the kill count of Dorothy and her fellow travelers includes almost a hundred animals Jun 9, 2021 - Explore Krista Howard's board Wizard of Oz theme, followed by 189 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about wizard of oz, wizard, the wonderful wizard of oz the wonderful wizard of oz cook book by Monica Bayley ‧ RELEASE DATE: Sept. 21, 1981 This is not the scholarly re-creation we had in Barbara Walker's Little House Cookbook (1979)

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Jun 18, 2021 - Wizard of Oz Book Page Art - L. Frank Baum - Framed Wood Sign Wall Art LARGE: 2 feet x 1.5 feet (24x18) MADE TO ORDER. Book excerpt from L. Frank Baums The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. You have plenty of courage, I am sure... What a great gift for the book nerd in your life, or lover of all thing Page Count: 154 Pages. Dorothy thinks she's lost forever when a tornado whirls her and her dog, Toto, into a magical world. To get home, she must find the wonderful wizard in the Emerald City of Oz The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is a quite different story, and not to be missed. It has magic, great characters, tongue-in-cheek humor, a good deal of sturdy American self-reliance, good deeds and kindness rewarded, and a cheerful appreciation of hucksterism. There's some incidental violence (principally when the Tin Woodman and other members of.

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Fan recreation of the English cut of The Wizard of Oz from Toho. Footage remastered from the foreign DVD release This is the complete Wizard of Oz audio collection of the 14 original stories written by L. Frank Baum. The Oz books form a book series that begins with The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900) and relate the fictional history of the Land of Oz. Oz was created by author L. Frank Baum, who went on to write 14 full-length Oz books In the novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, there has been many ideas that are uncertain whether Frank Baum used the novel to illustrate the socio-economic development of the late 1800's. Straight to the point Baum moved to the Midwest in the height of the development and saw a large part of the difficult situations that the farmers had to. Delivery & Pickup Options - 48 reviews of The Wizard of Za First, I will say this. Unless we're talking Lucali in Brooklyn, $25 is a bit much for pizza. That said, it's damn good pizza. Unfortunately, I feel like the social media hype has people feeling let down as they expected the greatest pizza on the face of the earth but if you go in with the right expectations, you'll be incredibly pleased Want students to read more? So does Townsend Press. That's why we created the Townsend Library—a collection of high-interest paperbacks that engage readers. These books feature compelling human stories and include an afterword and author commentary to deepen readers' enjoyment. Acclaimed by educators and readers alike, each Townsend Library book is available to schools for $2

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Listen to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz on Spotify. L. Frank Baum · Album · 2017 · 87 songs. Listen to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz on Spotify. L. Frank Baum · Album · 2017 · 87 songs. These cookies allow us to count visits and traffic sources so we can measure and improve the performance of our services. They help us to know which pages. This is the transcript for Pooh's Adventures of The Wizard of Oz. 1 Opening/Meeting Dorothy 2 Somewhere Over the Rainbow/Miss Gulch 3 Dorothy runs away/Mr. Marvel/Tornado 4 Entering Oz/Meeting Glinda/Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead 5 The Wicked Witch of the West appears/Follow the Yellow Brick Road 6 Meet the Scarecrow/If I only have a Brain 7 Meet the Tin Woodsman/If I only have a Heart 8 Meet.

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Under the Rowan Trees. August 24, 2019 ·. Google The Wizard of Oz. Touch the ruby slippers, ️ then the tornado. You're welcome Figurative language is the use of language to give words meaning beyond their literal definitions. For example, a simile is a comparison of two things using the words like or as. Her heart is as soft as a cloud. is a simile. Other figurative language includes metaphor, personification, hyperbole, and alliteration The Wizard in the White City. L. Frank Baum's long and winding road to Oz, and the Chicago World's Fair that inspired his life's work. Art by Mawhyah Milton. Source photo: Library of. As I was already pushing the word count, I greatly condensed that down. The Cowardly Lion and The Deadly Poppy Field from L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900). Web Source: Wizard of Oz The film's poster. The Wizard of Oz is a 1939 American adventure fantasy film directed by Victor Fleming and written by Noel Langley and Florence Ryerson. It stars Judy Garland as Dorothy Gale, Ray Bolger as Hunk/The Scarecrow, Jack Haley as Hickory/The Tin Man, Bert Lahr as Zeke/The Cowardly Lion, Margaret Hamilton as Miss Gulch/The Wicked Witch of the West and Frank Morgan as Professor.

Title page from The Wonderful Wizard of OZ, by L. Frank Baum, illustrated by W. W. Denslow. Published by George M. Hill Co., New York, 1900. BPA2# 550 Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Image The Wizard; Munchkins; Flying Monkeys; Summary. Dash, Dot and The PBS Kids Characters are having a picnic when a tornado storm picks up and they end up in the Land of Oz where they join Dorothy, The Scarecrow, The Tin Man and The Cowardly Lion on their quest to see the Wonderful Wizard Of Oz. Gallery Transcript. PBS Kids: The Wizard of Oz. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Fantasy. by L. Frank Baum on March 17, 2012. ↔. You must keep your promises to us! exclaimed Dorothy. The Lion thought it might be as well to frighten the Wizard, so he gave a large, loud roar, which was so fierce and dreadful that Toto jumped away from him in alarm and tipped over the screen that stood in a. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is an American children's novel written by L. Frank Baum. Its smoothing story line is filled with beloved characters that are still talked about today in many literature classes. L. Frank Baum was born in New York in 1856, when children's books were merely stories about basic themes and silly characters

Why, it's the center of the Land of Oz, and the biggest town in all the country. I've never been there, myself, but I've heard all about its history. It was built by a mighty and wonderful Wizard named Oz, and everything there is of a green color—just as everything in this Country of the Gillikins is of a purple color The running example throughout is an analysis of the text of L. Frank Baum's novel, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Setup. term count support 1 the 2922 24 2 and 1661 24 3 to 1108 24 4 of 824 24 5 you 489 24 6 in 478 24 7 dorothy 345 24 8 so 307 24 9 with 271 24 10 had 263 24 11 is 260 24 12 at 253 24 13 when 158 24 14 up 106 24 15 again 87. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is one of America's favorite pieces of juvenile literature. Children like it because it is a good story, full of fun characters and exciting adventures. Adults-especially those of us in history and related fields-like it because we can read between L. Frank Baum's lines and see various images of the Unite The Land of Oz located within Storybook Land portrays the well-known characters and settings of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz written by L. Frank Baum. Dorothy's House features a gift shop and offers a simulated tornado experience with special lighting and sound effects The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: Dorothy's on a Kansas farm and she dreams about a place somewhere over the rainbow. The Hobbit: Bilbo Baggins in Hobbiton has the itch to travel, which is abnormal for a Hobbit. Star Wars: Luke Skywalker on Tatooine has an adventurous spirit but feels obligated to stay on the family farm to help his aunt and uncle

The International L. Frank Baum & All Things Oz Historical Foundation board of trustees, in consultation with the Madison County Health Department, State of New York, and CDC guidelines, has decided to have the 2021 Oz-Stravaganza festival be VIRTUAL this year! The festival accounts for nearly 50% of our annual budget and brings OZ fans together for a weekend of fun and camaraderie, but we are. The one we were mocking with a King Krewl wasn't that one, though, it was the 1925 Wizard oz Oz, which, outside of the one character's name, is nothing at all like Scarecrow of Oz, let alone The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. posted by DirtyOldTown at 11:34 AM on May 20, 201 Play multiple escape rooms including Pirate's Curse, Haunted Hotel, Mummy Escape, Cellar Escape and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Escape (based exclusively upon the 1900 L. Frank Baum novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz), with Dracula! coming this fall! Have you ever imagined being a fearless explorer, finding hidden Pirate's gold, solving. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: The Making of a Movie Classic (51 min.; SD): The first of the featurettes and documentaries on this Blu-ray disc is The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, a twenty year old retrospective hosted by Angela Lansbury. The best of its stories are fielded in the audio commentary, but it's a thrill to marry some of those comments.

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L Frank Baum (1856 - 1919) Lyman Frank Baum (May 15, 1856- May 6, 1919) was an American author, philatelist, and the creator, along with illustrator W. W. Denslow, of one of the most popular books ever written in American children's literature, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Frank was born in Chittenango, New York, into a Protestant family of German origin, the seventh of nine children born to. Scraps. 3 deviations. Disney Wizard of Oz 81. Mickey mouse, Minnie, and every characters in this story belongs to Disney original Wonderful Wizard of Oz from L.F.Baum. Dorothy Witch of the Wind. twisted-wind. 62 Comments. 696 Favourites. Woz69 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz OGL Edition This PDF includes the original story The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, written by Frank Baum, and features additional editing and OGL game statistics designed to help the story read more like an OGL game and to help your game play more like an Oz story —————— !—————— he story of 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz' was written solely to pleasure children of today (Dighe 2002, 42). So wrote L. Frank Baum in the introduction to his popular children's story published in 1900. As fertile as his imagination was, Baum could hardly have conceived that his modernized fairly tale would attain immortality when. Each film is listed in chronological order, from 1939 through 1979. To navigate this page by the relationship between the books and films, use the Movie Index. THE WIZARD OF OZ Release date: 1939, June 6 Description: The classic adaptation of L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Production company: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Producer: Mervyn.

L. Frank Baum's La Jolla: Halfway to Oz. by Bard C. Cosman. The Journal of the San Diego Historical Society, Volume 44, No. 4, Fall 1998, pp. 245-257.. By far the most popular children's writer of the early twentieth century was L. Frank Baum, creator of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and the Oz series. In Baum's books The Sea Fairies, Sky Island, and The Scarecrow of Oz, the young heroine Trot. Happy Wonderful Wizard of OZ Gala!!! Wonderful, it is my favorite film. Of girl always it played that she was Dorothy or Glinda. what a great party! Those ruby slippers are fantastic!! Happy weekend. Magical Hugs. August 22, 2009 at 7:12 A

The Rise and Fall of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz as a 'Parable on Populism. D. B. Parker. Art. 1994. 12. PDF Arr. Greg Gilpin, orchestrated by Pete Schmutte. 2-Part Choral Octavo. For the very first time, all of the wonderful songs from the motion picture classic The Wizard of Oz are brought together in this exquisitely crafted choral revue. Audiences of all ages will be thrilled to hear this delightful choral setting of the timeless music. This 10-minut 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz' by L. Frank Baum If ever there was a trippy children's story that could be reclassified as horror it's Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (and if you want to take things to the next level there are the Wheelers in the film sequel, Return to Oz —holy shit, they give even the monsters of Silent Hill a run for.

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  1. The Wizard Of Oz by Noel Langley Florence Ryerson and Edgar Allen Woolf Cutting Continuity Script Taken From Printer's Dupe Last revised March 15, 1939 FADE IN -- Title: For nearly forty years this story has given faithful service to the Young in Heart; and Time has been powerless to put its kindly philosophy out of fashion
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  3. An Animated Adaptation TV series of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz books and the 1939 MGM film, notable as being the first traditionally animated TV series produced by Rankin/Bass Productions (formerly known as Videocraft International). A total of 125 shorts were produced in 1961 and aired in First-Run Syndication, often with its sister series, the stop-motion New Adventures of Pinocchio
  4. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is the first book in the Oz series by L. Frank Baum. One of the true classics of American literature, it has stirred the imagination of young and old alike for over four generations. Originally published in 1900, it was the first truly American fairy tale, as Baum crafted a wonderful story out of such familiar items.
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Source The Tin Woodman (also known as the Tin Man or the Tin Woodsman) is a man who was turned into a being made entirely of tin and resides in the Land of Oz. He is one of Dorothy Gale's companions in L. Frank Baum's novel . 1 Appearances in Oz media produced by Disney 1.1 Oz the Great and.. Baum's Oz tales have stood the test of time, with the 1939 film now a classic, perennially playing on screens and remaining a solid merchandising performer.Wicked, based on the story, is one of. Hardback US$17.53. Board book US$8.25. An iconic classic, The Wizard of Oz by Frank L. Baum is a must-read for adults and children alike. Follow the yellow brick road! Dorothy thinks she is lost forever when a terrifying tornado crashes through Kansas and whisks her and her dog, Toto, far away to the magical land of Oz Source The Wizard Of Dizz is an episode from the fourth season of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.It is based on The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum and was released on DVD on June 11, 2013, along with two other Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes, The Golden Boo-Boo and Goofy's Gone, ten episodes of Minnie's Bow-Toons and a free download of the Minnie's Bow Maker digital book application